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How to restart a frozen iPad


The iOS operating system, which is used on the iPad and other Apple mobile devices, is stable and rarely freezes. However, this sometimes happens.

Faced with the iPad freezing, many users do not know how to restart it. After all, the device does not have a Reset button, like on a desktop computer, and a long press on the power button does not help.

In this article, we will talk about how to restart the iPad if it freezes or simply does not work. The material will be relevant for all models, including iPad 2, 3, 4, mini, air, pro.

Reboot iPad using shutdown

If it seems to you that your iPad does not work stably, but it has not yet completely frozen, it is best to perform a reboot using the power on / off procedure. This method is the safest and if it works, then you need to use it.

In order to restart the iPad in this way, press the Power button, which is located on the upper edge of the device, and hold it until a slider appears on the screen with a suggestion to turn off the device.

After the slider appears, move it from left to right to confirm shutdown.

After that, iPad will turn off. After that, you need to wait 10 seconds, so that all programs complete their work, and iPad can be turned on again. To do this, press the Power button and hold it for a few seconds. If the Apple logo appears on the screen, this means that the iPad is turning on, you need to wait a few more seconds and it can be used.

Force reboot iPad

Unfortunately, rebooting by turning the device off and on does not always work. Sometimes the iPad freezes so seriously that it stops responding to any user actions. In such a situation, only a forced reboot of the device can help.

In order to forcefully restart the iPad, you must simultaneously press the power button and the Home button and hold them until the screen goes blank.

After such a reboot, iPad will shut down and immediately start downloading (the Apple logo will appear on the screen). If the download does not start, then you can click on the power button in order to turn on the device manually. You can also turn on the iPad by connecting it to the charger.

Additional iPad Restart Information

In addition, we will tell you some tricks related to rebooting the iPad.

  • You can turn off and on the iPad even if the Power button has broken on it. To do this, go to "Settings - Basic - Universal Access" and enable the "Assistive Touch" function there. After that, a floating button will appear on the screen, with which you can perform various actions. In order to turn off the iPad, select “Device - Screen Lock” and hold your finger until the iPad turns off. In order to turn on the iPad without using the button, just connect it to the charger.
  • You can restart the iPad by activating bold. To do this, go to "Settings - Basic - Universal Access", activate the "Bold Font" function there and confirm the device reboot.
  • Resetting the network also causes the iPad to reboot. To take advantage of this opportunity, go to "Settings - General - Reset" and activate the "Reset Network Settings" function there.
  • In extreme cases, the iPad can be turned off by discharging its battery to zero, and then connect it to charging so that it turns on.

IPad hard reset

A hard reset is the only effective way to get your iPad back on if it doesn't respond to any of your actions. To make such a reboot is quite simple. For this:

  • We take the tablet in our hands and hold down the “Power” button located on the upper edge of the case simultaneously with the “Home” button (on the front side at the bottom of the iPad screen).
  • Hold the buttons until the device turns off and on again, that is, until the Apple logo appears on the monitor

Standard tablet reboot

If you just need to restart your apple tablet, for example, if it starts to slow down, then just press the power off button until the slider appears on the monitor with the words “Turn off”. All that remains is to make one movement with your finger and the device will turn off.

It is worth noting that turning off the iPad so that it does not hang at the most inopportune time and functions normally needs to be done regularly. The fact is that during such a procedure, the gadget's RAM is cleared, which can become clogged during operation of the device.

Reload iPad with a non-standard method

The tablet does not freeze, but it is impossible to reboot it using the Power button. Sometimes such a situation may arise, and in this case it is necessary to resort to the use of some atypical methods. Among them:

  • bold activation
  • reset wireless settings.

These two procedures initiate a complete reboot of iOS, so they also need to be armed. They will help to cope with the task of rebooting the device in the event of a hardware malfunction with the power button.

Now you know what you need to do if the iPad freezes or you need to turn it off and on for another reason. Therefore, the question of how to restart the iPad will no longer be difficult for you.

Note that the described actions are equally true for both Aplle-tablets and iPhone, so it will be useful for every adherent of apple mobile gadgets to know about them.