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Is it possible to freeze a watermelon for the winter? Frozen watermelon pulp: reviews


The big sweet berry is always associated with summer warmth. And every time, with impatience, we are waiting for the melon season to come. Therefore, one can increasingly hear the question: "Is it possible to freeze a watermelon in a freezer?" The answer to this question is positive, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the watermelon loses its pristine structure and part of the sweetness when frozen. We will talk about how to properly approach the issue of freezing this berry in this article.

Freeze preparation

Before freezing, peel the berries thoroughly washed with soap. Then wipe dry with towels.

At least 1 hour before putting food into the freezer, the “Super frost” mode must be set on the freezer, as the finicky pulp of the watermelon needs to be frozen quickly.

Method number 1: Freeze whole watermelon

Some ask: “Is it possible to freeze a whole watermelon for the winter?”. The report is obvious - it is possible, but there is little sense in such a freeze. After defrosting, the watermelon will completely lose its shape, the texture of the pulp and become very watery.

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Method number 2: Freeze slices of watermelon pulp

You can freeze slices of watermelon for the winter. For this, the peel is cut from the watermelon, and the pulp is cut in an arbitrary way. During processing, if possible, all bones are removed.

Then the pieces are laid out on a chopping board covered with cellophane. It is important to place the cubes at some distance from each other so that they do not stick together. The board is sent to the freezer for 12 hours.

After that, pieces of watermelon are poured into one bag and again sent to the chamber for storage.

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Method number 3: How to freeze watermelon with sugar

For such freezing, the pieces, pitted, are laid out in containers and sprinkled with sugar. The ratio of pulp and sugar is 1: 5.

The containers are tightly closed with a lid and cleaned in a freezer.

Method number 4: How to freeze watermelon in syrup

For this preparation, both ready-made fruit syrup and self-prepared from sugar and water in a ratio of 1: 2 are suitable.

To prepare the syrup, sugar is placed in boiling water and boiled for 2 minutes. Then the syrup is cooled. It is advisable to withstand it for some time in the refrigerator.

Pour containers filled with slices of peeled watermelon with cold syrup. It is important that the syrup covers them completely. The containers are corked with lids and sent to the freezer.

TIP: Line the container with cling film inside. After the products are completely frozen, the ice briquette can be removed from the container and, tightly packed with the edges of the film, stored separately.

Method number 5: Frozen pulp in fruit juice

Cubes of watermelon are placed in plastic containers, after removing the seeds from them. The pulp is poured with chilled juice. Juice for this preparation can be anything: pineapple, orange or apple.

Next, the filled containers are sent to the freezer for storage.

Method number 6: Freezing watermelon puree with sugar

To make mashed potatoes, the pulp of watermelon is punched with a blender, and mixed with sugar to taste. The workpiece is laid out in plastic cups or ice molds.

After the puree completely freezes, the cubes are removed from the molds and placed in a separate bag, and the cups on top are sealed with cling film.

Method number 7: How to freeze watermelon juice for the winter

Frozen watermelon juice is used in cosmetology or as ice for cocktails. To make ice cubes from watermelon juice, you need to squeeze the pulp of watermelon crushed by a blender through cheesecloth. Ready juice is poured into molds and frozen.

Storage and thawing watermelon

A frozen watermelon is stored in the freezer, at a temperature of -18ºС from 10 to 12 months.

Defrosting melons should be slow: first in the main compartment of the refrigerator, and then at room temperature. In no case should you use a microwave to defrost.

Frozen Watermelon: Reviews

Can a watermelon be frozen? After all, not every berry is easily amenable to this process. That is why frozen watermelon can hardly be found in supermarkets. But the desire to enjoy the wonderful taste of the berry did not stop enthusiasts. There are a lot of people who tried to freeze a watermelon. Their reviews can be divided into two groups: positive and negative.

Those who could enjoy the frozen watermelon rushed to brag about it on the Internet. They demonstrated frozen berry wedges and provided many recipes. All of them say that in a frozen state the watermelon retained its juiciness and taste. Unfortunately, enthusiastic reviews did not always contain important rules for freezing, so not everyone was able to repeat a successful experience.

The second group consists of negative reviews. Not knowing all the features of freezing, people just ruined the watermelon. After thawing, it was very different from the original form. Watermelon resembled a jelly-like mass that quickly melted and turned into either water or jelly. Seeds spoiled the whole impression even more. The product was almost impossible to use for confectionery purposes: as a water with a small characteristic aroma, watermelon was practically not used. Unfortunately, the number of people who left their negative reviews is greater than the number of those who speak positively about the result. It is with this that the prevailing opinion is that watermelon should not be frozen. But this is not so. It is important to do everything right.

The process of freezing watermelon

In order to get a product whose taste can be enjoyed in any season, you need to know how to freeze a watermelon. The process is simple, but it is important to follow each stage. So, is it possible to freeze a watermelon? Yes. To do this, do the following:

  • Watermelon is cut into familiar pieces.
  • A whole crust is cut from a fresh product, including the entire dense part.
  • All seeds are removed.
  • The pulp is cut into small pieces (preferably in the form of cubes).
  • The baking sheet is covered with foil or parchment paper.
  • Cubes are laid out on it so that they do not touch each other. It is not necessary to cover the pieces.
  • The sheet is placed in the freezer.
  • Once the watermelon is completely frozen, it neatly unfolds in sachets or small containers.
  • Bags and containers are sealed tightly and put back into the freezer.

Secrets of Freezing Watermelon

How to freeze a watermelon? At first glance, it seems that the process is very simple, but there are secrets here.

  1. It is important to do everything quickly, since the berry releases water, which can significantly complicate the cooking process.
  2. If a container is selected as a storage container, then you do not need to completely fill it with berry. It is worth leaving a free place. In the process of freezing, the watermelon begins to expand.
  3. The plastic bag must be airtight, before laying the pieces of the berry, air is completely removed from it. The tightness of the package is due to the fact that the watermelon, like any other liquid-rich product, absorbs odors well. In order to feel a characteristic aroma after defrosting, and not the smell of another product, this feature should not be neglected.
  4. Packaging should only be plastic. Glass will not withstand sudden changes in temperature.

Features of freezing watermelon for the winter

Is it possible to freeze a watermelon for the winter, and what is its shelf life? The fruit in the frozen state can be stored for no longer than twelve months. But the features of this particular berry are that the longer the product is stored, the more taste it loses. Watermelon will be much sweeter if eaten within a month after storage. For long-term freezing, it is better to choose varieties where the flesh is loose and sweet. As a rule, Krasnodar berry varieties possess such features.

In order for the storage duration not to affect the taste of the watermelon, the housewives resort to various tricks. Sugar or syrup is often added to the recipe. This can be done both before and after freezing.

The berry should be frozen at minus temperature (from eighteen to twenty-three degrees). The berry is stored better if the temperature is not higher than eighteen degrees. After thawing the fruit will be valid for four days. It is impossible to freeze it a second time.

It is easy to get a quality product if there is a quick freeze function in the freezer. It is for the structure of watermelon that this feature is very important. It is important to adhere to a certain technology, so that you have a delicious frozen watermelon in the winter. Recipes will be presented to your attention below.

How to freeze a watermelon? Everyone knows that sugar crystallizes well and helps retain water. Due to this property, a watermelon after defrosting remains as sweet as fresh. If you sprinkle five kilograms of pulp with sugar (half a kilogram), you can get not only the desired taste, but also help to retain aroma and water. By the way, sugar on the surface of the watermelon does not dissolve.

If the watermelon is not very sweet, then the amount of sugar can be increased to four hundred grams per two kilograms of pulp.

In addition to sugar, syrup is required. Both ingredients are added to taste, but too many can ruin everything. Syrup is prepared separately. It can be a classic combination of water and sugar. Instead of water, watermelon juice or orange juice is suitable.

The freezing process does not differ from the previous recipe. After a day, the watermelon is taken out of the freezer. Already frozen berries cubes are poured with syrup and placed in a container. After two days, it opens. Warm water pours into it, which rinses off the syrup a little. Each cube is wrapped with a film and placed in the freezer.

Instead of sugar and syrup, you must choose sweet fruit or berry juice. Pineapple and orange juices are best. Instead, you can choose ginger ale. Too sweet or sour juices should be avoided, as they will not be combined to taste with watermelon.

Cubes of the fetus are cut in the usual way. They are placed in a container and completely poured with juice. Pieces should not rise above the juice level. For these purposes, wax paper is placed on their surface. After that, the container is closed and placed in the freezer. But the resulting fruit ice is stored for no more than six months.

Watermelon Juice Freeze Recipe

If you need to freeze a very juicy watermelon containing a large amount of water, then this will not work in the usual way. The liquid will constantly flow out of the fruit, and the frozen pulp will resemble tasteless ice. In this case, it is better to freeze watermelon juice. It is poured into a container for freezing ice and placed in a freezer. Then the cubes are transferred to the container.

To improve the taste, juice of grapefruit or orange is often added to watermelon juice. Their flesh crystallizes well, which allows you to keep the water in the form of cubes.