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Is it worth investing in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies? How to start?


The appearance of cryptocurrencies gave hope that you can spit on the ceiling and become a millionaire: “Today I’ll buy 1 bitcoin for 10,000 dollars and tomorrow he will grow to 50,000 dollars . I will sell and earn almost an apartment! ”

Such thoughts led novice investors to a standstill: there were those who in December 2017 - January 2018 took a “Cue Ball” of 20,000 each, and in February they went gray, seeing a rate of 7,000 (that is, they lost 3 times in the short term). How to invest money in bitcoins at interest without risking losing money? Instructions with step-by-step descriptions will help you figure it out!

“No, don't invest! The soap bubble will burst, and you will lose everything! ”Shout some“ sofa analysts. ” Others will say to them: “The bitcoin cryptocurrency is a blockchain, modern technologies, high demand, anonymity of operations, mining opportunities ... Most likely, the Bitcoin rate will rise to 30,000, 40,000, 45,000, 70,000 dollars !».

You need to understand the simple law of trading: the higher the value of any currency, the greater the "headache". The second problem faced by cryptocurrencies (including the “cue ball”) is the prohibitions at the level of individual countries.

Authorities look at anonymous operations as a breeding ground for terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, people and other crime. Finally, Bitcoin is worth 10,000 dollars (conditionally), and people simply do not have money to buy "digital currency".

If there are "free" 5,000 dollars , it is better to diversify "put them in different baskets" (bank deposit, PAMM account, purchase of euro / dollars, coins and art objects - in general, there are dozens of ways).

ATTENTION! Throw in $ 10,000 . Bitcoin is scary. It is better to choose cryptocurrencies cheaper. And certainly you don’t need to go into debt and loans to buy Bitcoins!

Is it worth investing in bitcoins?

For example, take 2018, the cryptocurrency began with a serious fall, although it grew by leaps and bounds (from 900-950 dollars in January 2017 to 18,000 in December 2017). You decide whether to invest. A cold head does not hurt. No need to succumb to general panic and flee: “Wow! The cue ball grew by 1,000 bucks per day. Urgently need to be purchased! I don’t have time to invest! ”

Firmly decided to throw money and try to make money on rate fluctuations? Need to figure out the ways. In the instructions you will find answers to all questions!

5 tips for those who are going to invest in BTC

  1. Do not “pour” all the money into 1 cryptocurrency. Consider at least 2-3 “spares”.
  2. Invest for the long term (at least 1 year). It makes no sense today to buy a pair of satoshi in order to pull them out of circulation in a month!

Example : those who at the beginning of January 2018 could buy the “Cue Ball” almost for 20,000 dollars , and in February would be sold for 7 000 . In the short term, they would be at a loss.

  1. Remember the aggressiveness of investments. Predicting the movement of the "crypt" is not so simple. Today they turned out to be + 300% in profit, and tomorrow - in the red by -100%.
  2. Stop monitoring quotes every minute. Yes, investors should be aware of prices and facilities. But this does not mean that you need to faint from every pip.
  3. Refuse to invest if you do not understand anything in cryptocurrencies and trading. If you are covered in cold sweat from the terms “ICO”, ​​“blockchain”, “hashrate”, “trading volume”, “market capitalization”, “investment portfolio”, “diversification”, you better study our articles first and then plunge into the pool. .

7 Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

  • Purchase. There are 2 options here: a) stick to the Buy and Hold strategy, i.e. take the “cue ball” and store it on your wallet or on the exchange, b) buy BTC and exchange it for other cryptocurrencies (trade, follow quotes).
  • CFD You do not become the owner of Satoshi or Bitcoin, but will work with contracts for a difference in price. In essence, CFD implies speculation. The option is suitable for experienced traders, and beginners can "drain money".
  • HYIPs. There is one rule: to enter and exit on time. The organizers will tell you that they have a balanced system without the risk of "merging", they will pay% 5 times a day. But all this is a high-risk undertaking. Hype at any moment can "deflate", but you will not have time to earn.
  • Mining In a separate instruction, we already wrote about how to assemble a farm (rig). It is useless to use "vidyuhi" to mine bitcoins. Modern and powerful Asiks are needed (they will ruin you on your electricity bills).
  • Funds. In the Russian Federation there are none, but abroad they are common. To put it simply, you seem to be making a deposit to the bank. But among the funds there are many “dummies” that collect clients' money and “collapse”. Read the reviews before investing!
  • DU (trust management). Open a Bitcoin account on one of the exchanges and transfer it to the trader for further transactions. You must understand that the coolest and most experienced master "merges". There is also a risk that an unscrupulous trader will “wash off” with your money.
  • You’re mining Bitcoin for investments in cloud mining, but you don’t need to buy Asiki for this. The cost will have to lay the cost of the contract + daily "subscription fee". In a separate instruction, we described cloud mining in detail.

Below we will talk about each of the methods in more detail. The easiest way to invest in bitcoin «for dummies ”- go to the stock exchange and buy coins for dollars, euros, Russian rubles. If there are no transactions with fiat money on the exchange, you will first have to take the “cue ball” in the exchanger, and then send it to the exchange.

To withdraw cryptocurrency to a bank card, you will have to go to the exchanger. If you work through WebMoney, you can use WMX (= 0.001 BTC). Keep in mind that the commission for transactions in WMX is 0.8%, and the operation is called “storage” (0.0005 BTC will be removed upon return). Of course, there should be a bitcoin wallet.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital currency that can be used as a legitimate means of payment - for example, to pay off debts or to buy goods and services. You can think of cryptocurrencies as a cross between a regular fiat currency (like the US dollar) and an asset like Amazon shares.

There are already more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies, among which the very first and most famous is Bitcoin.

Purchase and sale of bitcoins on exchanges or exchangers

So, you firmly decided to buy a “cue ball” to earn. But how to exchange dollars or Russian rubles for BTC? There are 4 ways to do this:

  • Exchangers online. For example, Coinmama,, Indacoin, as well as AlfaCashier or Paxful.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitfinex, Bitstamp, GDAX, CEX.IO, itBit, Bitinka and others. You will find a more detailed list at You do not need to go to the exchanger. It is enough to register on the exchange, throw money and buy the right amount of “Cue Ball”. Exmo has a BTC / RUB currency pair. You can work with Russian rubles on the GetBTC site.
  • Terminals and ATMs. In the Russian Federation, according to, there are 11 “points”. 4 terminals in Krasnodar, 1 in Krasnoyarsk and 6 in Novosibirsk. On the site you can see exactly where you are. Not only the Russian Federation is available (there are France, the USA, Great Britain, Japan, China, Spain and others).
  • Exchange between people, gift vouchers and other ways. There are services like LocalBitcoins, where you "negotiate" with the seller (a kind of analogue of "Avito" or "Yula"). The reviews are normal, but there is a risk of running into a scammer.

The way to buy BTC profitablyCommissionsprosdisadvantages
Online Exchangers10 to 12% and more!Course monitoring.

Automatic currency exchange.

Large selection of payment systems (cards, e-wallets and others).Limited reserve.

Courses below average (as a rule). ExchangesUp to 10% depending on the chosen currencyThe ability to work with cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Large selection of tools for trading.

A good course (you can place orders yourself with an increased price tag).The risk of verification.

Lack of registration (some exchanges are forced to suspend the registration of new users due to high demand).

A limited number of payment methods (compared to exchangers). Terminals and ATMsAccording to, they charge 6% + there are additional commissions.Simplicity and clarity of the procedure.

The speed of operations.Lack of ATM in your city can be a serious problem.

The exchange rate is not the most profitable (and running every 5 minutes and monitoring quotes is difficult). Direct transfersHow to negotiate with the seller or buyerFavorable course (if you agree).

The ability to choose a payment system that will be convenient.Fraud and deception (read reviews!).

Costs of negotiating and searching for deals.

So you have already bought bitcoin and stored on the exchange. This is a risky business, so take care of security and at least enable two-factor authorization. Then you select 1 of 4 options:

  • withdraw to a digital wallet and "hold for a rainy day",
  • pay with a cue ball or transfer to a bookmaker (foreign 1hbet, Marathon and Parimatch are happy to accept),
  • leave on the exchange and exchange for other cryptocurrencies,
  • cash Satoshi on a bank card or electronic wallet.

Can cryptocurrencies be considered a serious investment? Or is it just pure speculation?

Yes, cryptocurrencies can be a serious investment. However, there are some key differences between investing in cryptocurrencies and conventional investments. Here are some of them:

Cryptocurrencies are completely digital, so they don’t exist in the form of paper money,

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not insured at the state level, for example, as they do with banks. If someone hacks your account or your exchange closes, the government is not obligated to refund your lost funds,

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. This means that they are not tied to any country or government body, which allows cryptocurrency owners to make transactions without government supervision. On the one hand, it’s an advantage, but on the other hand, you don’t have the opportunity to cancel unauthorized transactions,

The history of volatility (instability) of cryptocurrency prices is not that big, and therefore, traditional technical analysis may not work until the market itself has “matured”,

If you consider cryptocurrencies as an asset, then you are betting on the blockchain technology on which these digital currencies are built. However, the fundamental analysis for cryptocurrencies will be very different from the fundamental analysis of traditional assets.

About the myths of investing in cryptocurrencies

Now one may ask, can traditional investors consider adding cryptocurrencies to their investment portfolios? The answer will depend on the person you are asking. Here are some myths about investing in cryptocurrencies:

1. "Warren Buffett believes that bitcoin is a fraud, and therefore I should not invest in it."

More recently, Warren Buffett compared bitcoin with a button on his jacket, saying that the value of bitcoin is actually not higher.

However, one can also talk about gold and a $ 100 bill, which people use to trade. Still, Buffett is investing in gold, right?

On the other hand, Warren Buffett encourages people to invest only in those things that they know and understand well. He himself still uses a flip phone. He probably does not understand how cryptocurrencies can be used for the benefit of the “non-banking” population of the world, which, using smartphones, could do perfectly well without banks.

Even JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who called Bitcoin “fraud” back in 2017, did not refuse to introduce digital currency into his company. And Buffett did not say anything about the other 2000 altcoins, against which, perhaps, he does not mind!

It seems that now everyone is inclined to think that cryptocurrencies (not only Bitcoin) are the future. Perhaps you should invest in them, although for this you need to understand them well and be able to choose the right time for buying and selling coins.

2. “I should not invest in cryptocurrencies because the government or the central bank does not support them.”

The whole point of cryptocurrencies is that these are assets not supported by the government.

Imagine you have a business, money in a bank and a lot of property. And suddenly the government was overthrown, and the country begins to live according to completely different rules and laws. Most likely, the new government will freeze your bank accounts, take away property. These things will no longer belong to you, because they are easy to grab and say that they are no longer yours.

What past wealth can you pass on to children? Almost nothing. But if at least part of your money was then in bitcoins, which no government can reach, then another thing!

For example, US citizens are in some way lagging behind in the adoption of crypto compared to other countries. The reason is a higher level of confidence in the government, as a result of which they are not afraid that the government may freeze their assets tomorrow. This is why they do not appreciate the opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency and get rubles / dollars?

We do everything that is indicated above, but only vice versa. We go to the exchanger / exchange with cryptocurrency, request an exchange for Russian rubles, euros, dollars, hryvnias + payment to a bank card, electronic wallet or in another way.

For example, we went to and saw that the exchange offers different ways and commissions:

  • ADV Cash - 1%.
  • Alfa Bank - 3%.
  • Perfect Money - 1%.
  • Cryptocapital - 1%.
  • WebMoney - 3%.
  • QIWI - 1%.
  • Another Bank - 5%.

Bitcoin - when withdrawing, the client chooses the amount himself (by default they recommend 0.0035). You can apply for in your account. There are no difficulties with either replenishment or withdrawal. But before registering, carefully study the "Help" section and the specified restrictions.

ATTENTION! Buying coins on the exchange - lottery. You must take Bitcoin at the lowest price in order to sell it later. You may have to wait more than one week. Ready to invest?

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

Now that we have dispelled some of the basic myths about investing in cryptocurrencies, let's look at some of the reasons why you JUST NEED to invest in cryptocurrencies!

1. Haters turn into active supporters. As we already said, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon called bitcoin fraud back in 2017. However, now his company is creating its own cryptocurrency.

Even the US government is beginning to realize that it will not be able to resist the global recognition of cryptocurrencies and is currently actively looking for ways to regulate the crypto industry.

2. Cryptocurrencies are recognized more and more. Every day we hear about new trading companies that accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as payment. Here are some examples:

  • Mastercard creates a debit card with bitcoins,
  • Fidelity is committed to offering crypto trading,
  • The United States aims to optimally regulate this industry.
  • More and more people are learning about cryptocurrencies through the media and the Internet,
  • More and more women in the world are involved in the crypto industry. This is the half of the Earth’s population who likes to spend money, and now cryptocurrencies.

CFDs as a way to earn money on BTC

Work with price difference contracts. Classic investment (as well as classic purchase) is not here. To earn, you need to see the movement of cryptocurrency, possible corrections. If there are no trading skills, then you should not try.

If you have experience trading, the strong volatility of the cue ball will bring significant profits within the day. Search for CFD-contacts is necessary not at exchanges, but at brokerage companies (to find a proven one is another task).

Investing: start

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Find out how risk tolerant you are. The first thing you need to do is figure out how much you want to invest. Cryptocurrencies are unsustainable investments. This is still a relatively new market in which assets can make huge fluctuations in a day. Depending on their risk tolerance, the amount of investment for different people may vary. Perhaps cryptocurrencies can make up 15% of the total amount of your investment portfolio.

Learn. Before you start investing / taking risks, you should have a good understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as a good understanding of what your every step means and what it is aimed at. You need just general knowledge about cryptocurrencies, markets and trading, and not what marketers push certain coins.

Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that you can trust. Examine the information on cryptocurrency exchanges, and choose the one that is really worth trusting. This is a kind of research work, which should lead you to certain conclusions about these platforms. It can be Coinbase, Binance, Kraken and others. When it comes to exchanges, you should also resort to some diversification, because there are many cases of hacks, and even there are cases when exchange owners die by taking away passwords from wallets.

Create a diversified portfolio. Next, you should decide which cryptocurrency you will invest in. Хотя биткоин и является одним из самых известных цифровых активов, существует ещё более 2000 криптовалют, также известных как альткоины, которые также стоит изучить. Рынок криптовалют похож на рынок эпохи доткомов. В долгосрочной перспективе некоторые из этих криптовалют преуспеют, а другие могут исчезнуть.Perhaps, along with the “dying” coin, you will find a couple of those tokens in your hands that will make you significantly rich in the long run.

Hypas - a dubious way to invest in cryptocurrency and make money

HYIPs have always been. If earlier the founders offered to invest Russian rubles and dollars, now they have switched to cryptocurrencies. If the hype has just been created, you can try (but you will have to monitor the situation in order to exit on time).

Not a single hype project will call itself a “deceiver” and a “scam”. “Investors” will be told about “stable payments”, “special anti-drain technology”, “increase of money by + 300% per month”. If you are going to invest, then you must understand the risks.

There are 2 tips: a) to invest a "trifle" that you will not mind losing, b) to throw money only into new projects (if the pyramid is unwound on almost every site, there is a risk of "wasting").

Investing in Bitcoin mining

We described in detail the creation of a farm and making money on it in a separate instruction. You buy "Asiki" for the "extraction" of Satoshi. The problem is that at the initial stage you will have to give a ton of money: the equipment will get into 1 0003,000 dollars + 50-100 dollars a month is spent on electricity.

Complexities are supplemented by a low bitcoin exchange rate (if quotes fall to 5,000 - 7,000, mining will be unprofitable) and high competition (the Chinese people have powerful farms and electricity is cheap). The more “earners”, the less profit for everyone.

You don’t need to buy video cards! This is the last century, and it is impossible to mine “cue ball" on them. But GPUs are suitable for “mining” Ethereum and forks like Ethereum, as well as other crypts.

Investment in funds

A risky option, because a "vaunted" fund may turn out to be a banal hype. There are no Russian-language sites, so you have to look for foreign ones. In 90% of cases, they offer "diversification": invest in dollars, euros, cryptocurrencies - in general, a complete set. How it works? Throw money and “earn on the machine” (as the founders promise). Simply put, the funds resemble a deposit in a bank (you only make it in BTC).

There are sites that offer up to + 3% of the deposit per day. "Tariff" seems like a dream: invested in the amount of 100 dollars , and you get $ 3 a day (i.e. 90 bucks a month!). But such "honey" conditions may indicate hype. A stable income of 600% per year without risks is a fairy tale.

Today, 100500 funds have appeared from the UK, Japan, Iceland, Gibraltar, New Zealand ... Check reviews, read comments, study history, and not beautiful words: “The founders decided to change the world of finance! The project is 100% clean and profitable. Come in, fill it in! ”

Bitcoin investment in remote control (trust)

It guarantees a yield of 1-3% of the deposit per day. It works the same way as with remote control for dollars, Russian rubles, euros and so on. You transfer money, the trader trades on the exchange. When his deals close in plus, you get paid%. If a trader chooses the wrong strategy / tactics, everything goes into minus. You are losing.

There are a bunch of risks: the exchange may close, they may choose the wrong strategy, they may hack into their account and "withdraw" money. Finally, there is a risk of “starting a collaboration” with “yesterday’s schoolchild.”

You must understand: today the trader brought + 20% profit, and tomorrow - will fly at minus -60%. The main thing is profit in the long run. As a rule, experienced players work not only with BTC, but also with ETH, XEM, XLM.

Some experts say: it is better to go through training and trade yourself than to give money to trust.

Cloud Mining Investments

Not a classic “bitcoin investing”, but it has a chance to exist. What it is? You buy "virtual power", get cryptocurrency and get a reward. There are sites where not only cloud mining is available, but there are other functions (purchase and sale, exchange). The instructions wrote about cloud mining and implementation features. If you are a green beginner, start with the clouds. Verified sites - Cointellect, or EOBOT.


ATTENTION! Before the "immersion" in the world of money we start a wallet!

Independent trading attempts (speculation and playing on currency quotes are fraught). The “Teapot” does not understand how to “read” charts, use technical or fundamental analysis. The Buy & Hold strategy also seems dubious. It is important here to remain calm, and not to run "pass the currency" at the first rollback or at the first correction. There were examples of those who "on the wave" took BTC for 14,000 dollars and then sold for 9 000 . It remains to wish. so that the chosen method makes a profit

What do you think about investing in popular cryptocurrency?

Increase mining power

Good news for miners who own a PC with dedicated graphics cards: you can run both cpuminer and cgminer at the same time. To do this, add the argument “- threads n” to the minerd command. Here N denotes the Number of processor cores that you want to use for mining.

However, be sure to leave one or two cores free for GPU control. Setting minerd to use all CPU cores will mean that the CPU will be too busy to send data to the GPU for processing. For example, if you have a quad-core processor, try setting the "-threads" argument to "2" or "3".

Mining with GPUs and CPUs simultaneously shows how much better GPUs in mining than CPUs. Compare the hash rates shown in the terminal windows for each of your data mining programs, and you should see at least a fivefold difference in hash speed.

While Bitcoin remains the most famous cryptocurrency, and most other digital currencies are only interesting to speculators, investors should be aware of the existence of some promising alternatives.

Before plunging into the variety of modern digital investments, try to decide for yourself whether you are ready to take risks, and if the answer is yes, feel free to explore this new, emerging market.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

How to invest in Bitcoin

How to make money on investments in Bitcoin. You decide on the amount that you will invest. Now let's look at the basic rules of investing in Bitcoin. The first and most important thing is diversification. The more sources of income, the better. It is recommended to have from five independent sources of income. Projects and exchanges are closed, keeping all the money in one place is very risky. Distribute all your investment capital and invest in several sources, so the risk of losing money will be minimized. Indeed, if one source ceases to pay, the profit from the remaining ones will block part of the losses that you will receive as a result of closing this source.

Another important question “When to buy Bitcoin?”. The main task of the investor is to buy Bitcoin as cheaply as possible and sell it as expensive as possible. That is, you need to know the entry and exit points of the market. You need to buy Bitcoin at relative drops. What are relative drops? From mid-November to mid-December 2017, Bitcoin grew from $ 7,000 to $ 20,000. Then, in early 2018, the price dropped to $ 16,000. Agree, against the background of an increase of more than two and a half times, the subsequent fall of 20% is insignificant and is considered relative.On such falls, you need to buy Bitcoin. The optimal time to enter the market is when the price of Bitcoin falls. If you wait and buy Bitcoin at the lowest price for a certain period (for example, a month), you will very quickly get your first profit with the first wave of growth. Pay particular attention to this. The success of your investment depends on how well you enter the market.

How to make 100% profit on investments in Bitcoin. But buying Bitcoin at a relative drop is only half the battle. It is also important to sell Bitcoin at the peak of its value before a relative fall. Buying Bitcoin at recessions and selling at peaks, you will increase its quantity and, accordingly, your earnings will grow. This is one of the main strategies for investing in Bitcoin.

If you want to earn full liabilities, then buy Bitcoin in a relative fall and keep it for several months. After the price of Bitcoin rises, sell it and take profit. 100% profit is far from the limit, you can get 200%, 300%, and even 1000% profit by investing in Bitcoin. Examples of such earnings are many. I myself bought the Ether cryptocurrency for $ 10 per coin, and two months later I sold it for $ 77, thereby earning 770% of the profit.

Invest in bitcoin

Where to invest in bitcoin. For long-term investment, and just for storing coins, you need to open a Bitcoin wallet. How to do this, read the article “Registering a Bitcoin wallet on Blockchain”. On the Blockchain wallet, you can store, exchange and transfer Bitcoins to other users. Since the price of Bitcoin is very volatile (constant and sharp jumps in growth and fall), it is recommended to store Bitcoins not on a specialized wallet, but on a cryptocurrency exchange. On the exchange, you can easily sell Bitcoin with a sharp drop in the rate or quickly buy with growth. Storing BTC on Blockchain, you won’t be able to quickly sell or buy a coin, as transactions on the network are very slow, and commissions are quite large. That is, on the Blockchain wallet, store only that part of Bitcoins that you have invested in the long term. All other Bitcoins are best stored on a reliable exchange.

I recommend investing in Bitcoin through the Binance exchange. On this trading platform, Bitcoin is sold and bought within a few seconds, and Satoshi is instantly credited to your balance. The transaction fee is only 0.2%. If necessary, Bitcoins can be exchanged for rubles, hryvnias, dollars or euros and withdraw to a bank card, which is very convenient. If you invest in Bitcoin and transfer it to Blockchain, all of the above benefits will not be available.

How to buy Bitcoin. On our blog there is a detailed article “How and where to buy Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin”, be sure to read. From it you will learn how to buy Bitcoin at the most favorable rate. BestChange service will help you find reliable exchangers for buying Bitcoin. Moreover, the price of Bitka on these exchangers will be very favorable for us, buyers. Go to the BestChange service and purchase Bitcoin at the best price on the market:

Where to invest Bitcoin

We figured out how, when and where to buy Bitcoin. Now let's look at all the ways to earn money on investing in Bitcoin and figure out where to invest Bitcoin.

1) Investments in Bitcoin according to the Buy and Hold strategy. Most crypto investors simply keep Bitcoin on cold wallets or exchanges. This type of investment involves a long waiting period for profits of several months. There are practically no risks, in the long run, Bitcoin has always risen in price, therefore, in my opinion, the Buy and Hold investment strategy is the most profitable and reliable way to invest in Bitcoin. To all my readers, I recommend that most of Bitcoins be invested in the long term, that is, bought and forgotten for six months. Six months later, they sold and made good profit.

2) Trading Bitcoins on a cryptocurrency exchange. If you want to get a quick return on investment, then you need to start trading Bitcoin on the exchange. Binance is the best exchange for trading Bitcoins. How to trade cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is described in detail in the article “Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange step by step”. The main task: to buy Bitcoin cheaper and sell more expensive. The more often this task is carried out, the more it will turn out to earn. Given the constant change in the Bitcoin exchange rate, such transactions can be made several times a day. Profit is unlimited and can reach up to 50% per day! Registration on the Binance exchange:Remember, trading bitcoins is risky. If you enter the market incorrectly and the price goes against you, the trader will inevitably fix a losing trade. Therefore, analyze the market and take a responsible approach to trading. This method of investing in Bitcoin is the most profitable. I myself trade Bitcoin on the Binance exchange. Of course, like everyone else, unprofitable transactions happen, but in general it is possible to earn from 20% of net profit per month. Now let's talk about how to invest Bitcoin at interest through various projects on the Internet.

3) Investments in Bitcoin projects. Investment projects in which you can earn Bitcoins with investments are sites of the so-called cloud mining. Such sites are engaged in real mining of Bitcoin. We conclude a contract and invest Bitcoin, buying power from the site. That is, we rent mining equipment from the company, making money on it. In fact, cloud mining is an investment in bitcoins at interest.

At the moment, there are two reliable cloud mining sites that pay, and which have real equipment for making money on investments in Bitcoin. These are HashFlare and EoBot. We strongly recommend that all our readers and subscribers participate in only these two projects. Sites work and pay for many years. The network has fairly good reviews about these projects and there is evidence that the companies are actually engaged in mining. Registration in cloud mining projects:

99.9% of cloud mining projects are fraudulent sites that only pretend to be real companies, be careful. Investing in Bitcoin cloud mining sites is quite a risky business, almost all of these projects are financial pyramids. As soon as the flow of money ends, the sites are closed and stop paying. If you are new to investing in Bitcoin, I do not recommend starting with investing in cloud mining projects. You will come to this a little later, as you learn to distinguish real cloud mining services from ordinary hype projects.

4) Investments in other cryptocurrencies andICO As a rule, an investor buys Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange, and then buys other altcoins for it. That is, by investing in Bitcoin, you have the opportunity to quickly and with a minimum commission exchange it for other cryptocurrencies. Like Bitcoin, top cryptocurrencies always rise in price in the long run. Therefore, in my opinion, investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the most profitable ways to invest in Bitcoin. After the cryptocurrency you bought grows in price, you can buy, for example, dollars and take profits for it, or you can buy Bitcoin, thereby increasing its amount.

As for investments in ICOs, this is a very controversial topic. On the one hand, at the ICO you can increase your capital several times or even several tens of times. During the ICO, developers attract investments for the development of the coin. If you recognize and buy a really high-quality coin during its initial placement, you can earn very well. But on the other hand, any ICO may turn out to be a dummy created to raise money, and you will lose all the funds invested in the ICO.

5) Investments in mining Bitcoins. Bitcoins can be mined using the so-called mining. All investments are aimed at the purchase of equipment with which Bitcoins will be mined. Mining is not very profitable today. The complexity of mining is becoming more complicated every year, the block reward is decreasing, equipment is becoming more expensive, and so on. In addition, equipment already purchased may break. I would not recommend starting mining today. Break-even period (without taking into account various force majeure circumstances) is more than a year.

6) Give to the trader on the remote control (trust management). You need to find a trader to whom you will transfer money, and he will trade Bitcoins for a certain percentage of profit. In this case, the profit will go on a full liability. But DU Rather risky way of investing. A trader can steal your money, because he has unlimited access to it. Also, the trader may not be competent, which will lead to a complete or partial drain of the deposit. Give money to trust only if you are 100% sure of the trader.

So we examined the main ways of investing in Bitcoin. Always remember the golden rule of the investor, which says: "Do not store all the eggs in one basket." What does it mean? Do not invest all your Bitcoins in any one of the ways! Distribute your investment capital evenly across all investment instruments.

How am i doing About 30% of all my Bitcoins I store for the long term, that is, I bought and forgot. About 30% to 40% are traded on a cryptocurrency exchange. 20% is an investment in other cryptocurrencies. From 10% to 15% is an investment in Bitcoin projects. Thus, I insure my investments, because if, for example, I go negative on the exchange, the profit from long-term investments and Bitcoin projects will block possible losses on the exchanges. I think you get the point. Diversify risks, invest in several areas.

How to withdraw Bitcoin to a card. Return on investment must be cashed. The main task of the investor is to cash Bitcoin with a minimum commission. Здесь нам на помощь обратно приходит сервис BestChange. С его помощью вы сможете легко и быстро обналичить Биткоин на любую, удобную именно вам платежную систему или банковскую карту. Более подробно про выгодную обналичку Биткоина читай в статье «Обмен и вывод Биткоина».If, on our recommendation, you store Bitcoin on the Exmo exchange, Bitcoin withdrawal is possible in rubles and dollars to all popular payment systems and bank cards inside the exchange itself. I hope after reading this article you understand how to invest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is really profitable. During the year, you can increase the initial deposit several times. Not a single bank, nor any other investment tool in life will give such a profit. Investing in Bitcoin is most profitable on the Binance exchange:Posted in Bitcoin how to make money from scratch step by step instructions
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