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How to get rich quick from scratch in Russia - methods and examples of rich people


Yes. Get rich from scratch is possible. But for this, you will have to find a unique way to solve the problems of other people and work hard to succeed.

Nationality, gender, marital status, occupation do not matter:

  • Bill Gates, Eugene Kaspersky and Mark Zuckerburg were born in average families, but were able to reach incredible heights in IT technology.
  • Steve Jobs was adopted by an Armenian family.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger went a long way from an immigrant to a governor.
  • Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov was born in a clogged mining village.
  • Igor Kolomoisky made his first steps in business in the era of socialism.

All these people got rich from scratch thanks to hard work, brains and perseverance. Why are you worse?

I want to get rich fast

There are not many ways to get rich quick. All of them come down to a fortunate combination of circumstances.

Win the lottery money. The complexity of this method is that you have to buy a lot of tickets, not miss a single draw and have a game strategy. Even the fulfillment of all these conditions does not guarantee a jackpot win.

Get an inheritance. It is not only about wealthy relatives. Elderly people who do not have relatives sometimes agree to a certain deal: to arrange an inheritance for an outsider in exchange for receiving care.

Successful marriage. More often, girls are engaged in the search for a wealthy gentleman. Not every woman agrees to contain Alphonse

What you can get rich on

On anything. Even on sale of old things. U.S. resident Mary Anderson sold an eBay cane for $ 65,000. The success of the transaction was that the woman in the description of the goods assured the buyer that the cane was guarded by a spirit that helps to heal people. This is not the only example of an original marketing move. The auction also successfully sold cookies on which a person’s face is visible, and a can of bees.

Man is greedy for everything supernatural. American Diana Daiser earned $ 28 thousand on this, selling at a auction a sandwich prepared 10 years ago. It seemed to her that the face of the Virgin Mary appeared on the sandwich. And they believed her.

Wealth tips

  • Spend less than you earn. After receiving a salary, do not rush headlong into the store for the next purchase. It is better to put aside the "unnecessary amount" in the piggy bank. Open a savings account in a bank and transfer from it at least 10% of your income.
  • Invest wisely. Some people invest in jewelry, others in real estate, and still others in securities. And it is right. It does not matter which investment direction you have chosen. The main thing is that it be relevant and in demand.
  • Use creativity. Tighten your brains! Try to create something creative. There is a buyer for each product.
  • Do charity work. Even John Rockefeller taught his children that from every receipt of funds at least 10% must be given to the universe as a thank you.
  • Believe in yourself!

Using the internet

Properly using the World Wide Web, anyone can earn extra money or create a permanent and high source of income. However, it should be remembered that making money on the Internet is most often associated with unjustified risk.

Online Games

The earnings scheme looks like this: invest funds - develop your strategy - make a profit - withdraw money. You can earn money without investing by participating in contests. That is, you need to choose between investing time and money. The advantage of such projects is that the participant does not need to “play” to earn money. In simulators, the game model is automated. The participant needs to periodically go to the site and make decisions.

At first glance, this pattern is similar to a soap bubble, but it is not. The reason lies in the mentality. For some people, making money on online games is associated with luck and luck, while for others it is a well-thought-out economic strategy. Among the players there are those who, having earned a decent amount, do not withdraw it from the project, but continue the game for the sake of pleasure and self-affirmation in the game world.

Anyone can trade on the currency and binary options exchange. To work, just download the application with the platform and have access to the Internet. It is also necessary to issue a trading account. You need to take broker training courses (approximately $ 500), develop your own trading strategy, and test it on a real account (from $ 100). A successful trader should have a couple of dozen working strategies for different assets (goods, currency, stocks). The most important rule that a beginner should remember: trading with binary options is always a game against the exchange. Broker's income is the loss of traders. Therefore, the network has so many negative reviews about the work of each broker. However, one can understand how the currency and stock markets function without risking large capital, precisely on options. If you want to engage in trading, you should switch to professional markets.

You can earn on advertising through your own site. Each site owner (from 2 pages) and with good content (average traffic from 100 people per day) can earn money by placing banners on other sites on it. Depending on the conditions of the exchange, funds are paid either for clicking on the link or for placing the banner itself. At the same time, customers have the opportunity to independently choose the type of advertising (contextual or banner) and the size of the banner.

The main advantage of Internet marketing is that the seller does not have to have his own production in order to start a business. You can offer products from another online store and earn money on it. Such a scheme is called affiliate marketing. The store hires partners who advertise its products on its website, blog, forum, page on social networks. The partner will receive income only after registering a new member in the system or after the customer buys the goods in the online store. In the first case, a fixed income is paid per person involved, and in the second, a percentage of the amount sold.

The best ways to get rich without much investment

In this case, we are not talking about investing money, but our time in the development and implementation of ideas.

Invent and patent something new

You can monetize intellectual property rights in these ways.

1. To launch a unique invention into production, having “earned” a name for itself.

2. Sell ​​the license to use the patent to third parties and receive income for the use of technology.

3. Sell ​​the patent itself and get the entire estimated value of the patent immediately in full.

Write and publish a book

Earning a writer is not a transparent indicator. The spread of income depends not so much on the talent of the writer as on the relevance of the topic. You can write about anything: about sports, cooking, business. The main thing is to disclose in detail in the book a way to solve a specific problem or achieve a goal. If you specialize well in a particular field and know how to solve a problem, just share it with other people.

You can promote the book through a major publisher. In this case, the author’s income will be minimal. The publication will pay all expenses from the layout of the material to the distribution of the book at its own expense. It should cover its costs and get a minimum profit.

Draw paintings and earn money at exhibitions

An artist can make money by selling his paintings, as well as organizing exhibitions. You can, for example, exhibit the works of your students, other artists in your workshop or in a rented room and take money for this. If there are a lot of willing people, then the earnings will be good. Exhibition organizers often gain audience by inviting famous artists to exhibitions. People are willing to pay money for the opportunity to chat with a person who creates masterpieces or inspires them.

Work exclusively for yourself

You need to choose a business in which you are well versed, and offer other people your services to resolve a specific issue. All stages of the business will have to be taken over: from the production (purchase) of goods to the development of distribution channels. At first, you will have to work hard to earn a name for yourself. With the increase in the volume of orders, you can hire assistants and develop the following stages of business development.

Investments and Rates

By participating in online lotteries, casinos, you can earn money on bets. You must have a game strategy, invest in betting and participate in the draws as often as possible. It is better to choose large casinos. They have higher stakes, but the initial deposit bonus is also high.

People buy sightseeing tours in the city to learn something new and interesting. The more legends and incredible stories known about a particular place, the more there will be people who want to see it. To do this, it is not necessary to use the services of a travel agency. It is enough to independently study the history and arrange excursions for your friends and acquaintances for a minimal fee. If the story is really interesting, and the trip is memorable, then they will definitely advise you to their friends. With the advent of customers, the cost of services needs to be increased.

Tutoring or coaching

Graduate students often take sub-courses or study at home with tutors before passing exams. To do tutoring it is not necessary to have a teacher’s diploma. You need to be able to tell the student material from a textbook in a simple language and teach a person how to solve problems from examination tickets. You can engage with students in their home in comfortable conditions.

The fastest and easiest way to get rich is not to spend too much and learn how to save

The main recommendation of rich people is to learn how to save money. We are not talking about the fact that you need to deny yourself all material wealth and eat only bread and water. You need to learn how to properly distribute family budget funds. At least 10% of each receipt of funds should be put aside in a piggy bank.

The remaining amount of funds can be distributed as follows:

  • 50% - for monthly expenses (food, communications, utilities, transportation).
  • 30% - clothing, household chemicals, medicines and other equally important items.
  • 10% - entertainment.

To once again not to buy a blouse for sale, you can install an application on your phone, for example, Spendee, which not only draws up a budget, displays expense statistics, but also signals when a certain expense item exceeds the permissible value.

Once steal and get rich, is it worth it

The desire to get rich makes people commit crimes. But the game is not worth the candle. Especially when it comes to the theft of an expensive and unique item. Quickly and inconspicuously sell them will not work.

Most often, criminals are found and forced to answer according to the law for a crime:

  • "Scream" is a painting by the artist Edward Munch with the image of a screaming human figure. Over the past 20 years, the painting was stolen 3 times, but each time they found the criminals and returned the canvas back to the museum.
  • Vincent van Gogh created more than 2100 paintings that cost fabulous money. For the theft of two of them, "Sea View" and "Exit from the Church", worth $ 30 million, the thieves were given a life sentence.
  • In 1994, in France, three men robbed a jewelry store at the Carlton Hotel. They stole diamonds of £ 30 million. Jewelry was never found. During the investigation, it turned out that the abductors had blank cartridges.

People rich from scratch - role model and motivation

Jan Kum - an emigrant from Ukraine. When his family moved to the United States 20 years ago, he ate, exchanging grocery cards for food. In 2009, Ian and his friend Brian Acton launched an application for real-time communication between people. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $ 19 billion.

Jack ma repeatedly tried to get a job in fast food establishments, but he was constantly refused. In 1995, after moving to the United States, he discovered the Internet. Ma launched China Pages. The project failed, but Jack did not give up and in 1999 created the Alibaba store, which brought him $ 20.2 billion.

What prevents each person from getting rich

Many people try to get rich, but few get it. Let's see together why this happens.

  1. Weak motivation and lack of a specific goal. Losers at the same time want and are afraid to change their lives. They give up at the first setbacks.
  2. Lack of knowledge on how to make money and the ability to start and successfully develop a business idea. Illiterate, from a financial point of view, a person will never be successful.
  3. Lack of a clear action plan. People who want to be financially independent, grab onto everything at once in the end do not finish what they started.
  4. Wrong attitude to money.
  5. Wrong distribution of their time.
  6. Fear of failure and defeat. Any failure should be treated philosophically, and draw appropriate conclusions.

How do you feel about money

What distinguishes a rich person from a poor person? They have a different attitude to money. A wealthy person perceives money as a tool for earning. He does not spend them on trifles, but does not store them in a stocking. A successful businessman knows the value of money and understands that a bill is just a piece of paper that can be exchanged for products, services or something else.

People with financial difficulties fall asleep and wake up thinking about money, while doing nothing to change their lives. In order to get rich, you need to change your attitude towards money. People should be the owners of money, and not dictate how to live.

The habits of rich people

Everyone knows the expression “The rich also cry,” but it seems to poor people that these can only be tears of happiness. In fact, in order to earn impressive capital, regularly increase it and remain a healthy and happy person, as well as a loving family man, it is necessary to acquire the habits of rich people.

Learn to be responsible for your own actions

A wealthy person is used to relying only on himself and is responsible for his actions. He chooses a goal and tries to achieve it, no matter what. He is responsible for any business, assignment or duties. In case of failure, he does not blame someone, but draws the right conclusions and considers any misses to be a good hardening. Successful people know how to prioritize and optimally use their talents and skills. A rich man is constantly improving. For example, he goes to the gym, not because it is fashionable, but because it is useful for his body.

Constantly increase your intellectual level

Investing in education is one of the good habits of millionaires. People of high affluence will never say that they know a lot and are well versed in a particular industry. They try to improve and gain new knowledge throughout life. A rich man, unlike the poor, is not ashamed to learn and does it with great pleasure.

Improve your knowledge of finance

Most people cannot earn even the minimum starting capital because of their financial illiteracy. Rich people know how to distribute money correctly, without denying anything to themselves. They understand that part of the money earned must be accumulated, the rest of the funds must be reasonably distributed and not neglected the rules of economy. Saving does not mean limiting oneself. It’s enough just to properly manage your budget.

Where to start a new life

In order to get rich from scratch in Russia, you need to change your mindset and reconsider your lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you start a new life.

  1. Learn how to allocate costs and spend less than usual.
  2. Find passive sources of income or learn how to earn money online.
  3. Try to communicate with rich and wealthy people and learn from their habits. Examples of successful people will motivate you.
  4. Try to save 10-30% on any savings account with any cash receipts. It will be your savings.
  5. Invest savings.
  6. Never take loans.
  7. Set real goals and do everything to achieve them.
  8. Communicate more with optimistic people and do not listen to those who do not believe in your success.
  9. Despite everything, believe in yourself and your strength.

A few simple ways to get rich without making any effort

Some people are chasing "easy" money, and believe that their chosen method can bring treasured millions. Let's look at a few earning options for lazy people.

Lottery. There are many lotteries in Russia, the winnings in which may amount to several million rubles. But in order to become a winner in this game, you must be a "favorite of fate." A real chance to disrupt the main prize is scanty. You may have to buy lottery tickets throughout your life, spend all your savings on them, and you won’t get the desired winnings.

There are still lucky ones who nevertheless managed to grab the bird of luck by the tail. Одна американка стала обладателем главного приза лотереи дважды, правда с разницей в 20 лет. По статистике большинство людей, которые разбогатели таким образом, в течение первых 5 лет «спускают» свое состояние.

Криминал.You can acquire wealth by the illegal method, taking possession of other people's property. Some people decide to take such a step, because they believe that their actions will go unpunished. But you have to pay for everything in life. Maybe due to someone else’s money, you will feel like a rich person for a while, but this condition does not last long. Sooner or later, you will have to say goodbye to this wealth, as well as to your freedom.

Successful marriage. Many girls, having good external data, from a young age dream of a rich and wealthy husband. They spend all their money on self-care procedures, attend social events and the most popular nightclubs, hoping to meet the prince. Some of them still manage to become the wife of a rich and famous person, but such units are not known for certain how happy they are.

Trying to arrange a comfortable life for themselves can not only girls, but also guys, having found a rich lady who agrees to support them. True, few people withstand Alphonse for long.

Greed. There are people who deny themselves everything and save their pennies. With no goal or dream, they put aside every penny in a stocking under the mattress. Bright representatives of such people are the literary heroes Plyushkin and Gobsek. The wealth earned in this way almost never makes people's lives happy. More often than not, hoarders never manage to take advantage of the accumulated capital.

Inheritance. Another way to get rich is to get a big inheritance. In this case, you must at least have a wealthy relative or a close person who agrees after death to rewrite all your property and savings on you.

Gambling You can earn by playing gambling, making bets at the bookmakers or visiting the casino. But this type of earnings, like the lottery, does not guarantee enrichment for everyone. Using this method, it is very easy to lose all honestly earned savings.

Do not be alarmed by the crisis

The crisis is only terrible for poor people. If you decide to get rich, then you must learn to overcome all obstacles in your path. Translated from Chinese, "crisis" means "new opportunities." Therefore, try to perceive all difficulties with optimism. To find out what opportunities the crisis provides, the article will help: which business to open in a crisis - 15 relevant business ideas.

Self education

Read books written by famous financiers, watch motivating films. So you will improve, and learn the world of finance from the inside. They will help change your thinking, and will come across clever thoughts.

Here are some literary and cinematic masterpieces that you are advised to familiarize yourself with.

  1. The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People is a book written by Stephen Covey.
  2. The book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is by Robert Kiyosaki. A well-known financier talks about the benefits of self-education, improvement and self-employment.
  3. The Secret Book by Ronda Byrne. It reveals the secrets of positive thinking and the secrets of the materialization of our thinking. And also on this work a film of the same name was shot.
  4. The book "My Neighbor Millionaire" by Thomas Stanley and William Danko.
  5. The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was a favorite work of successful people who independently made their fortune.
  6. The film "Teenager in a Million" directed by Singios Sugmakanan.
  7. The books “Reaching the Maximum” and “Out of the Comfort Zone” by Brian Tracy talk about ways to change lives.

Psychology of wealth

It's no secret that our thoughts are material. Therefore, if you want to get rich, then you really need to believe in it. It is better to set a specific (but real) goal, where you should indicate the period for which you plan to change your life.

To make it easier to do, create a wish poster. Take a blank sheet of paper, write on it all your dreams, cut out from the magazines pictures that characterize each of them as much as possible and glue them nearby (for example, if you want to relax in Hawaii, then find a picture of this place). Place the poster in a conspicuous place. It is advisable that when you fall asleep and wake up, he was before your eyes.

Many who have experienced this method on their own say that 90% of their desires really come true. The main thing is to believe and act.


To believe or not to believe popular signs is everyone’s business. I do not believe) Most often they help people who take them seriously and believe that magic and wealth are connected. Therefore, if you are considering how to become rich, no matter what, then you should know some of them.

  • After sunset, do not give anyone money. If this really needs to be done, then put the bills on the floor, and let the other person take them themselves.
  • Do not spend money on Mondays, but only receive. To do this, leave a certain amount on the card and remove a small part of it every week on this day.
  • Pay and give money with your right hand, and take change with your left.
  • Do not whistle in the apartment.
  • Once a month, give alms or help those in need. In life, everything comes back, both good and bad. Having donated their savings for a good deed, they will definitely return to you in an increased volume, so do not forget about charity.
  • You can not throw a trifle in a bag and the whole wallet. Put your purse in order. The bill should lie one to one in ascending order.
  • Plant a money tree and place it in the southeastern part of the room. So the plant will attract wealth.
  • Keep your savings in a red envelope or bag, located in the southeastern part of the housing. Red is the color of wealth and it will help increase your capital. A jewelry box is best placed in the northwestern part of the room.
  • Buy a few amulets in the form of frogs with coins in their mouths, they also attract wealth.
  • Perform the following ritual. Put a mirror on the windowsill and scatter a handful of coins in front of it so that they are reflected in the mirror. They say that after this, family finances begin to multiply.
  • Do not talk about the size of your income to people with less income, or to those who can envy.
  • Design your workplace according to the advice of Feng Shui experts. This will help to make a profit.
  • Put in your wallet Chinese coins (round with a square hole in the center). They can also be laid out throughout the apartment and in the office.
  • Some magicians claim that money comes to those who love them. Therefore, constantly talk with them and welcome when you get paid.
  • Sometimes people use conspiracies and spells to attract money. Words also have power. So try this method too.

Examples of successful people

Millionaires and wealthy people are not only born, they become thanks to painstaking work. If you do not believe it, then you definitely need to find out how many people born in ordinary average families got rich.

  1. Albert Popkov in 2006 created and launched an online project called At first, for a gifted young man, it was just a hobby that over time made him one of the wealthiest people in Russia.
  2. Pavel Durov became a billionaire thanks to the social network VKontakte. He was one of the founders of this site and could not miss his chance. But he did not stop there and continues to work in this direction, generating new ideas and putting them into practice.
  3. Olga Kursanova – Nazarova became rich by selling GPS navigators for agricultural machinery.
  4. Dmitry Yurchenko created the “Life Button” project, which made him a millionaire. This is a medical alarm used by people with health problems. By pressing it, a signal is sent to the call center, whose workers call an ambulance, advise, and come to the aid of the patient.
  5. Oleg Tinkov earned his first money by reselling various goods. After that, he opened several stores, did dumplings business, became the founder of a brewing company and an extensive restaurant chain. Today, this person is the owner of Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank.
  6. Peter Daniels is from a dysfunctional family. Many did not believe that something would come out of this guy. He could not read, write and had no education. He started a lot of things, and often went broke. But that did not stop him. Peter still managed to get rich by creating a real estate business.
  7. Eugene Kaspersky and Bill Gates had average parents without great material wealth, but managed to get rich with the help of IT technologies.
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger, being a poor illegal immigrant, managed to become a Hollywood star and governor of California.
  9. Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Balashov, born in ordinary Soviet families. They were able to become oligarchs, taking the first steps under socialism.

Look at all these people. They are the same as you. Therefore, do not fall into despair and do not sit back. You, too, can be rich and happy, the main thing is to want it, to believe in your strength and go to the set goal no matter what.