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How to draw a clover?


Four-leaf clover has long been a symbol of fabulous luck, happiness, good health and other positive things. Finding it in real life is very, very difficult. If you manage to find him, then you really are the owner of fabulous luck.

Prepare green pencils, an eraser and a large sheet. Those who have not yet found this flower, we will teach you to draw clover. And those who found can sketch from nature. We will look at three different examples and you can sketch from the one you like best.

First example

So, in the first example, you will learn how to draw a clover in stages in just five steps. The drawing will be quite simple and will not take you more than 10 minutes. Let's get started!

The first step is to draw an uneven plus sign with slightly curved tips.

From the center we draw a heart. It is not necessary that it be symmetrical. Even more likely, on the contrary, it needs to be asymmetric, since wildlife does not like symmetry very much.

Now draw three more hearts. Pay attention to their edges, they slightly cover each other.

And at this stage we paint on the stalk.

The last step will be coloring. To achieve the effect of volume, we need to circle all the lines with a dark green marker, and paint the main part of the leaves with a light pencil.

Detailed pencil example

The second example, in which you learn how to draw a clover with a pencil, is as simple as the first, but the drawing process is discussed in a bit more detail. This method is perfect for beginners who have poor pencil skills, as this method uses auxiliary lines.

First, draw a symmetrical square and divide it in half vertically, horizontally and two diagonals with straight lines. Do not press too hard, as these are auxiliary lines, which we will delete in the future.

In the upper left square we need to depict a leaf as in the picture below.

Add three more leaves. It’s not scary if they turn out to be different from each other. As we said at the beginning of the article, everything is possible in nature, but the general similarities of the leaves should still be preserved.

From the center we paint the stem.

With a pencil, we make all the contours more accurate. Then we erase the excess with the eraser.

We outline the contours with a marker and color our four leaf. To create volume, the near parts to the center can be painted over a little darker.

Last example

The last example of a four-leaf clover is slightly different in style from the previous two.

First we draw a cross.

From the upper two strips we make a leaf.

Add three more leaves.

The final step will be to draw the stalk and colorize it. If something you read seemed incomprehensible, then you can watch the video tutorial below, in which you will see the clover drawing on a real example.