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Colds and cold sores on the lips - we treat outside and inside


Herpesvirus carriers are about 90% of the world's population. To prevent the virus from manifesting itself, prevention of herpes is important. People who care about their health can live their whole lives with herpesvirus in the body and not even know about it. In some people, on the contrary, unpleasant vesicles appear every year, and no treatment helps to get rid of them. How can you prevent herpesvirus infection or prevent its manifestation?

Oral herpes

Many are familiar with the problem of “colds” on the lips. The cause of rashes around the lips is the manifestation of the herpes simplex virus type 1. Usually, vesicles appear in the same places. In some people, rashes rarely appear, others they bother every season. Frequent manifestation of the virus indicates that the body's immune system is weak. Often in such cases, herpes becomes chronic and entails serious consequences for the body. If the vesicles appear 2-3 times a year or less, then the virus does not cause serious harm to health. However, it is worth minimizing the occurrence of the virus.

To prevent cold sores on the lips, it is important to know the causes of its appearance. These include:

  • weakening of immunity,
  • body hypothermia,
  • colds,
  • stressful situations
  • food poisoning,
  • excessive consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages,
  • unbalanced nutrition
  • overwork,
  • menstruation period in women.

Prevention of herpes includes the restriction of all contact with a sick person or carrier of the virus. Do not use other people's personal care products. Toothbrush, towel, soap, cosmetics - these items must be individual. If the family has a carrier of the virus, then it is worth choosing an individual dish for it.

In order to prevent relapse, if the vesicles have already appeared on the lips, and also in order to prevent the spread of the “cold” to other parts of the skin, it is important to follow the rules of hygiene. The herpes remedy is applied to the vesicles with a disposable cotton swab, and not with a finger. It is better not to touch the bubbles at all, and if contact with the affected area has occurred, wash your hands with soap.

Body hygiene is one of the main measures for the prevention of herpes.

Strong immunity is the best way to avoid unpleasant rashes. You can not supercool or overheat, but for this you need to choose clothes according to season. Exercise and a balanced diet will help strengthen immunity. The diet must include products containing lysine. These are vegetables, fruits, poultry, dairy products. Useful amino acids include nuts, mushrooms, fish, meat, fruits and berries. Sweet and flour products, on the contrary, provoke the occurrence of a “cold” on the lips. Especially the correct regimen of the day and a healthy diet are important during exacerbations, when, after the first rash, the risk of secondary infection increases.

Genital herpes

The culprit of the appearance of unpleasant rashes in intimate places is the herpes type 2 virus. Infection occurs through bodily contact with the carrier of the infection during a kiss or sexual intercourse. However, the infection is also transmitted by airborne droplets. A small child is most often infected by contact with a mother who carries the virus.

By localization, genital herpes is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Infection affects the external genitalia.
  2. Infection affects the walls of the vagina, urethra, cervix.
  3. The infection affects such internal organs as the bladder, uterus, prostate, appendages.

Of course, to prevent the emergence and spread of vesicles is easiest at an early stage. Genital herpes of stages 2 and 3 refers to a recurring form of the disease. It usually develops in people who have undergone primary genital herpes. Therefore, it is so important to make sure that the virus, if it penetrates the body, manifests itself as rarely as possible or does not occur at all.

To prevent the virus from manifesting itself, prevention of herpes is important. People who care about their health can live their whole lives with herpesvirus in the body and not even know about it.

First of all, it is important to take care of genital hygiene. To do this, use individual hygiene items, regularly take a shower, and when using the toilet, they treat the seat with an antiseptic. It is easy to get herpes with a frequent change of sexual partner. But even with a regular partner, you should use a condom. If infection has occurred, then sexual relations must be stopped during treatment, so as not to provoke a relapse. In contact with a sick person, handshakes, kisses and hugs should be avoided.

Herpesvirus manifests itself when the immune system weakens. In order for the body's defenses to successfully fight the causative agent of the disease, you need to eat well, lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid overheating, hypothermia and other situations that can weaken the immune system.

Herpes Zoster

Another common type of herpes virus is herpes zoster, or herpes zoster. This type of herpes infection is characterized not only by the extensive localization of rashes, but also by painful symptoms. The cause of shingles, like other types of virus, is weakened immunity against an unhealthy lifestyle or the presence of serious diseases.

To prevent the manifestation of this type of herpes, prevention should begin with lifestyle changes. Refusal of bad habits, proper sleep and wakefulness regimen, healthy nutrition, prevention of stressful situations are the first measures to strengthen the body's defenses. In the cold season, you need to dress warmly, treat colds in time and strengthen your immune system with vitamins.

For prevention, a proper diet is also important. The diet should include foods high in fiber. Basically, this is food of plant origin: vegetables, fruits, greens. Eating fatty, fried and spicy foods should be minimized.


In the question of how not to get infected with herpesvirus, medicines will also help. As preventive agents, vitamin complexes that are taken in courses are excellent. If the virus has already entered the body, then it is impossible to cure it with medication. It remains only to suppress the synthesis of the virus during the period of exacerbation. To do this, use antiviral drugs in the form of ointments and tablets. The most effective are based on acyclovir.

Ointments are used at an early stage of the manifestation of the virus. This stage of the development of the disease is characterized by symptoms such as mild burning and tingling in the affected area. It is necessary to immediately treat the area with ointment in order to prevent the appearance of vesicles. If the rashes have already “decorated” the skin, then the ointment will help stop the spread of the infectious “cold” and protect against recurrent forms of the virus.

Contraceptives will help prevent genital herpes. It is best to use them for both sexual partners.

Many are skeptical of pills against herpes. However, it is these drugs that help prevent the activity of herpes virus in the body. The mechanism of action of the tablets is such that the active substance of the drug, entering the body, spreads through the cells and blocks the virus. The sooner you start a course of taking medications, the more effective the therapy will be.

Pills are especially effective for genital herpes, as ointments in some parts of the human body simply can not be used. People taking the medicine do not get herpes. And if infection has already occurred, then the virus will not appear.

An effective prophylactic against herpes viruses is vaccination. However, it is not always effective, since preventing herpes on the lips, for example, vaccination will not help. The most effective vaccine in the fight against shingles. Today, there are two vaccines for this disease. In childhood, a chickenpox vaccine is given, which also stops shingles, since the same virus is the causative agent of the disease. In old age, you can be vaccinated directly from shingles.

The genital herpes vaccine does not give a guaranteed result, but it helps to reduce the risk of infection and reduce the frequency of rashes. The vaccine is introduced into the body by a course, which consists of 5-10 injections.

How to cure a cold on the lips forever?

Herpes simplex on the lips is popularly called a “cold” - the peak incidence occurs in the cold season, when the human body is attacked by influenza and SARS pathogens. Immunity, which previously successfully kept the virus in a “sleeping" state, is forced to fight on several fronts in the autumn-winter season.

It is at this moment, taking advantage of the weakening of the body's defenses, herpes is activated. He demonstrates his presence through painful vesicles and sores on the lips - a favorite area for the localization of herpetic eruptions.

However, with the same success, “fever” appears in the heat. Holidays at sea takes the second place in the frequency of relapses of herpes after the "cold" season. It would seem that what could be more beneficial for the body than the sun and healing sea air?

Nevertheless, both a change in the climatic zone and excessive insolation (tanning) temporarily undermine resistance, and exacerbation does not take long to wait.

Factors provoking the reproduction of the virus

Any factors that negatively affect the protective system can provoke the multiplication of the virus:

  • stress
  • lack of sleep,
  • overwork,
  • heavy physical exertion,
  • pregnancy,
  • vitamin deficiency
  • unbalanced diet
  • bad habits,
  • hypothermia, etc.

Within the normal range, up to 10 exacerbations per year are considered if they occur in a mild form and without complications in symptomatic treatment. During his life, a person can get sick hundreds of times - the body is not able to cope with the herpes virus, but only puts it in an inactive state.

Primary infection

At the initial infection, the immune system gives battle to the pathogen, accompanied by a painful condition: fever, weakness, aching, headaches and intense rashes.

But it is not possible to defeat the "invader" to the end: its DNA is introduced into the genetic code of nerve cells, after which it is impossible to remove herpes from the body. Over time, antibodies cease to react violently to the virus, and relapses pass without pronounced symptoms, with the exception of unpleasant ulcers and mild ailment.

The only way to keep cold and cold sores on the lips "in check" is to strengthen the immune system. In practice, the treatment of colds on the lips boils down to suppressing the active viral foci and preventing complications. What means are more effectively treated, and will help get rid of a cold on the lips?

Pharmacy and folk methods

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All modern medications against herpes contain antiviral components. The goal of their treatment is to stop the multiplication of the herpes virus pathogen in the cells of the skin epithelium and mucous membranes.

Outwardly, the lesion site looks like a cluster of vesicles filled with a clear liquid, against the background of a hyperemic skin area. A person at this time feels burning, pain, itching in the affected area, often a general malaise and poses a danger to others as a peddler of infection.

When the bubbles burst, an ulcer forms in their place - from that moment the recovery phase begins. Symptoms of the disease are reduced, the sore dries up and falls off within a few days.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine is actively used in the treatment of colds on the lips. You should not expect a miraculous effect from them: they cannot kill the virus, but completely help to recover faster.

Many recipes have an antiseptic, drying effect, due to which they allow you to quickly get rid of sores and cleanse the skin of the formed scabs.

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The most famous external remedies for colds on the lips:

  • propolis alcohol tincture,
  • Fresh Kalanchoe juice
  • aloe juice
  • fir oil,
  • onion juice, garlic,
  • lemon,
  • hot tea compress,
  • Corvalol
  • honey,
  • Toothpaste.

These "medicines" are recommended to be applied to sores, updating every 2-3 hours until the affected areas are completely cleansed. However, alternative methods should be used only as an addition to the medication.

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When treating colds and cold sores on the lips, it is important to “catch” an exacerbation at the very beginning. As soon as the first signs of relapse appear - swelling, redness, tingling, itching - you must immediately apply an antiviral ointment. By suppressing the multiplication of the virus in time, the formation of bubbles can be prevented.

Antiherpetic ointments are made mainly on the basis of acyclovir:

  • Acyclovir
  • Zovirax
  • Herpevir
  • Kagocel,
  • Famciclovir and other analogues.

Treatment with ointments begins with the onset of symptoms of the disease and continues until the crusts completely disappear at the site of the lesion. This may take 3 to 5 or more days.

If it was not possible to stop the disease at the very beginning, the bubbles that appeared should in no case be punctured and touched with hands - there is a risk of self-infection and the further spread of the virus. It is necessary to continue treatment with ointment. This will help localize herpes within the existing focus and prevent the development of ulcers.

When the bubbles begin to burst, acyclovir will contribute to the early formation of crusts - it is important that the scabs fall off on their own, do not “help” them with your hands - this will complicate the healing process.

Antiviral drugs

Since herpes constantly lives in the body, the question arises: is it not better to act on it systemically, and not fight external symptoms? It's about taking antiviral drugs inside of herpes and colds on the lips.

Indeed, there are pills for herpes (Zovirax, Acyclovir, Valtrex and others), but their use in uncomplicated cases is not justified.

Tablets are taken strictly as directed by a doctor:

  • with multiple rashes,
  • for the prevention of frequent relapses,
  • with a risk of complications (herpetic meningitis, encephalitis, conjunctivitis, stomatitis),
  • with immunodeficiency states (HIV, after transplantation, chemotherapy),
  • with the development of shingles, chicken pox.

The standard course of treatment for colds on the lips is 5 days, 5 tablets per day, for prophylactic purposes - 4 tablets.

What is dangerous herpes on the lips

Often herpes brings its owner only cosmetic inconvenience, but if the person’s immunity is weakened, the presence of the virus can turn into a serious problem. So, in cancer patients, patients with HIV or those who have recently survived an organ transplant, the infection can infect the entire body. The most severe cases are damage to the nervous system with the simultaneous development of encephalitis and meningitis. In addition, herpes is not harmless for children, since the virus can cause complications. Therefore, it is very important to immediately treat the disease.

Can the virus be cured completely

Many people with chronic herpes are interested in how to cure herpes quickly at home. They know that it is impossible to completely suppress the infection in their body. The herpes virus lives on gene cells and passes on to its “neighbors” when dividing, so it is impossible to suppress it to the end, however, it is not so difficult to deal with foci of infection, preventing its further reproduction.

A person who felt the primary symptoms of a cold on the lips (tingling, itching) should immediately see a specialist. The doctor will determine the degree of infection and prescribe medications suitable for the treatment of herpes. Early-stage therapy can prevent further rashes, and the problem will resolve itself. However, in order to cure cold sores on the lips, you need to know what remedies are allowed to be used.

How to get rid of herpes on the lips: treatment regimen

  1. If there are primary signs of herpes on the lips (itching, slight tingling), a special ointment should be used. People with a chronic disease, such a tool must be constantly kept in a home medicine cabinet. Such ointments have a common component - acyclovir. This substance is an analogue of the element of human DNA, embedded in the cell of the virus and destroyed it. Ointments are treated with rashes with a cotton swab. When the product is absorbed, brush your lips again. A quick reaction and the use of the drug will prevent the appearance of bubbles.
  2. If the time of the initial stage of the virus is missed, bubbles appear, and later ulcers in the corners of the mouth and on the lips. It will not be possible to cure them in 1 day, since the process of tissue destruction was launched. During this period, tablets based on acyclovir or external agents (creams, ointments) should be used. Плюсом местных препаратов является их щадящее для организма человека действие, поскольку лекарство не проникает в кровь. Мази или крема допускается использовать даже беременным либо кормящим женщинам.However, tablets are considered more effective - they suppress the virus from the inside.
  3. After opening the cold vesicles, the virus cannot be cured quickly, since it has already reached its apotheosis. Not a rare consequence of advanced herpes are scars on the lips. The patient's task will be to help his body, including the immune system. Take vitamins and immunoglobulin along with herpes ointments. The latter are necessary to prevent the spread of infection to people around. In addition, it is worth using folk remedies that dry the skin, for example, alcohol tinctures of calendula or celandine.

What drugs should be used

Tablets, ointments, gels and creams affect the speed and intensity of infection within the human body. Such drugs slow down the reproduction of the virus and reduce the severity of symptoms. Treatment with pills for cold sores on the lips is allowed from the age of two, however, side effects of such agents should be taken into account. Sometimes their intake leads to a slowdown in the withdrawal of fluid from the body, so only the doctor must decide whether it is advisable to undergo treatment with tablets.


The drug penetrates into viral cells and destroys them from the inside. The dosage for adult patients is approximately 0.25-2 grams, with the frequency of taking the tablets and the duration of the course of treatment prescribed by the doctor, depending on the degree of herpes on the lips. For people with impaired renal or hepatic function, the dose is adjusted in a special way. Elderly people while taking pills for herpes on the lips should increase the amount of fluid consumed.

After taking the tablets by a person who is sick with herpes, the active substance famciclovir is rapidly absorbed into the blood, transforming into active penciclovir. It effectively fights the pathogenic herpes cells in the body. The drug is drunk regardless of the meal. The average dose is 0.25 g three times a day for a week. Depending on the severity of the viral lesion, the doctor may change the treatment regimen.

Once inside, Acyclovir integrates into the chain of viral DNA, blocking its synthesis. The drug penetrates perfectly into all tissues and organs of a person, including the skin and brain. A five-day course of treatment with tablets for adults and children from the age of 2 years is prescribed at 0.2 g 5 times a day with a four-hour interval. With more advanced forms of herpes, the course of treatment can be extended by the doctor until the patient recovers.

Zovirax ointment

A topical preparation prevents the synthesis of viral DNA cells without damaging healthy human cells. Children and adults are prescribed the use of an ointment in the form of a 1 cm strip, which is placed on the affected area of ​​the lips. Zovirax is used up to five times a day with a time interval of 4 hours. Treatment should continue for another three days after the patient's recovery. The doctor may prescribe a remedy for a pregnant woman who has become infected with the virus, if she considers that the threat to the fetus will be minimal.

Panavir gel

It is an antiviral drug of plant origin. It is used as a component of complex therapy for various types of herpes, including the genital strain. Injections are performed slowly, at 200 mcg. The number of injections per day and the duration of treatment with Panavir is determined by the doctor. During pregnancy and herpes, the drug is used in limited doses, during lactation it is contraindicated.

Effective folk remedies

  • Aloe juice. To treat the disease on the lips, dilute 1 teaspoon of aloe juice (Kalanchoe juice is also suitable) with 0.5 teaspoon of honey and take it once a day before meals. In addition, the plant itself helps to stop the herpes virus. Cut a piece of aloe, peel the skin and place on the wound, securing it with a band-aid for 20-30 minutes. After 3-4 days, the virus will recede.
  • Earwax. Lubricate herpes sores with earwax twice a day, a positive treatment result will be noticeable on the second day.
  • Ice cubes. Apply ice to affected skin for 20 seconds 2-3 times a day. Since the virus is afraid of low temperature, ice cubes will help cure cold sores on the lips by drying the wounds.
  • Fine salt. Salt is often used to get rid of herpes. Apply small table salt to your lips 3-4 times a day. At night, make a salt compress by dissolving a spoonful of salt in 1/3 cup of water and moistening gauze in the solution. You can fix the compress with a band-aid.
  • Toothpaste. Apply a thin layer of paste on the affected area of ​​the lip, wait until it dries and rinse. Along with toothpaste, sores gradually dry out. Repeat procedure until recovery. If you start applying the paste before the bubbles appear, they will not appear.
  • Chamomile broth. Infusion should be drunk during herpes and lubricate the affected skin of the lips with it. Pour a tablespoon of herbs with a glass of boiling water, cover and let it brew for at least 30 minutes. Strain the broth, add to it a tablespoon of propolis alcohol tincture. With this infusion, soak the ulcers on the lips and drink it twice a day in a tablespoon.
  • Freshly brewed tea. Black tea is effective in the treatment of cold sores on the lips. Brew a drink, dip a cotton swab into it and attach to viral sores or bubbles. Perform the procedure 3-4 times a day until complete recovery.
  • Ash from burnt paper. Prepare an ointment for cold sores on the lips, mixing ½ tablespoon of honey, chopped 3 cloves of garlic and a tablespoon of ash from burnt paper. With the ointment, lubricate the skin affected by the virus twice or thrice a day.
  • Onion or clove of garlic. Cut the onion or clove of garlic and rub the vesicles or sores on the lips with the side of the slice. It is better to do the procedure before bedtime to avoid an unpleasant odor. After this, it is recommended to lubricate the lips with honey or zinc ointment.
  • A mixture of honey, instant coffee and flour.Oint to eliminate cold sores: 5 grams of coffee, 10 grams of flour and honey, 50 grams of kefir and 2 cloves of garlic passed through the press. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply to the sores, leaving the ointment to dry. Then cover your lips with a second layer of ointment and after half an hour rinse with warm water. Herpes will pass after several procedures.
  • Burning bubbles with a heated spoon. How to cure herpes on the lips for 1 day at home? This can be done with the help of such an effective remedy: heat an ordinary teaspoon (you can use a cup with boiling water) and apply 3-5 times a day. The next day, the symptoms of the virus will disappear.

How to cure a cold on the lips during pregnancy and lactation

In women, the risk of contracting herpes during pregnancy increases, since immunity is weakened during this period. To treat the virus, girls are not recommended to take any drugs in the position, however, it is still necessary to fight the infection. To do this, you must follow a diet (exclude baking, increase the amount of protein products), sleep more, take vitamins for pregnant women. During pregnancy and lactation, it is possible to use ointments against herpes, which should be prescribed by a doctor. Apply them to the lips only according to the instructions.

What to do to heal the skin after an illness

With the right treatment, the period of the disease is on average 3-4 days. After that, a wound remains in the corner or on the lip itself. To accelerate its healing, it is necessary to use aloe juice or Kalanchoe, sea buckthorn or fir oil. As a rule, the sore lasts for a week. And the whole process of recovery from herpes is 10-18 days, depending on the effectiveness of the treatment. If you manage to suppress the infectious virus at the first stage of development, herpes recedes quickly and without external manifestations.

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A cold on the lip is a viral disease that affects millions of people from all over the world. For its treatment, one should equally actively fight both external and internal symptoms. There are many effective drugs and folk remedies for herpes, which provide an opportunity to quickly overcome the infection. However, pharmaceuticals should be used exclusively as directed by a doctor. With the help of the video you will learn how to cure herpes on the lips and protect yourself from relapses.

Feedback on the results

Anastasia, 20 years old, Saratov: I have a cold sore, as long as I remember. As a rule, bubbles pop up twice a year - in autumn and summer. I'm used to treating the virus at the very initial stage. If the lip swells and itching begins, immediately lubricate it with Herpevir or toothpaste. On the second day, the symptoms go away. Another treatment method I have tested is lotions with Corvalol. Cauterize sores it hurts them, but then the lips then without ugly sores.

Nikolay, 31 years old, Kazan: Often I suffer from herpes on the lips and nose. If you manage to "catch" the first stage, then cauterization with a hot spoon always helps. I heat it with boiling water or hold it over the burner. A little painful, but the effect is guaranteed. If herpes has manifested itself as vesicles, then for treatment it is necessary to smear with agents such as Acyclovir. After 3-4 days, the sores begin to heal.

Natalia, 28 years old, Belaya Kalitva: I have herpes - a constant companion of the flu or the common cold. The temperature rises immediately, the throat begins to hurt, rashes appear on the lips. Helps Interferon, Vivorax and folk remedies. My grandmother taught me to smear sores with earwax; I have not yet found a more effective method. For convenience, I use an ear stick. The virus leaves on the third day, but the cold has to be treated longer.