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Ways to Improve Your Video on YouTube


It is not by chance that I postpone the story of how the video lesson is created. I want you to thoroughly approach this issue and clearly understand: whether you should deal with it or it is better to give in to doubts and abandon the venture.

Have you decided what you will do with your lessons? Let's say they are beautiful, high-quality, everything in them is beautiful. To get started, they should be tested on YouTube. In general, administrators of this social network connect monetization to a good channel. You don’t even have to do anything. You create amazing videos, you have regular readers and one day money starts to drip from the channel (free video course “5 Secrets of a Successful YouTube Channel”).

These videos can also be displayed on your own site. Without Youtube, adding videos is, by the way, a little more difficult. Plus, this significantly increases the conversion, it comes from two sources at once!

Over time, you can structure your lessons and turn them into solid courses, or record something exclusive and sell it. You just have to consider that you have to seriously invest in this venture: create a sales page and conduct an advertising campaign. It is for this that you will need to first lay out the lessons for free in order to understand whether people like what you do.

To all the previous paragraphs (obsession with the topic, basic knowledge, time to prepare and obtain additional information), we also add time for promotion and testing.

However, do not get upset and set very long deadlines. While you are engaged in your channel, you can do advertisements and videos for others! You already know how to do this, it remains only to find a client!

Three steps to perfect video

Now you can go to the technical part. First you need to understand the basics of the video. I recommend you this free course: It is great if you don’t even know a foot about the video.

Honestly, I generally love courses. Reading is long and tiring, and instead of a mediocre action movie on TV, watching a video lesson that will present new knowledge for developing your own business is useful and therefore more pleasant.

Just imagine, you are lying on a sofa and instead of flipping a Vkontakte tape, you are approaching a cherished dream. You do nothing, but you can declare with all responsibility that you are working. You communicate with smart people (even though it is a monologue) and develop.

I believe that is just fine.

After you master the basic material you need to find a program that will help you record lessons. I would like to tell you right away that free versions of applications for recording video from the screen (screencasts) will automatically add their own logo (watermark), which you can’t get rid of. This distracts the viewer. According to statistics, it closes the link in a few seconds.

This is the smallest of all evils in free programs - where the sound quality is poor, where the video slows down, where there are no additional features. Tormented by testing. As a result, even if you save on recordings, you will have to splurge on Adobe Premier, which is used on television and fool around with the study of this horror in order to edit and stretch poor quality at least to an average level.

I recommend that you immediately buy a Camtasia studio for $ 300 and save a ton of time. You can download it here. Well, or, as an option, you can find on the Internet an old hacked version of this program in Russian, but recently it has become more and more complicated.

Camtasia is a very powerful and functional thing, it can work with scaling, sound, adjust the effects of the cursor and transitions, create titles, polls, tests, menus.

Learning to use the coolest things on it, collecting information from the Internet bit by bit, is quite difficult. Somewhere catch and understand, somewhere not. I studied on this course: There are 90 lessons, one costs 16 rubles, and in total the course costs in 1990. As for me, it is much better, easier and more effective than spending a lot of time reading books, searching the Internet and more. Personally, I do not have a free century to prepare for the project.

I understand that you can not trust: what if the course will be useless? You can endlessly doubt. The desire to save money moves you away from your cherished goal. If you don’t know anything at all now, then doubting the effectiveness is simply stupid!

I really hope that this article was useful to you. If so, subscribe to my blog newsletter. Learn, develop and give yourself the chance to do something really cool! New knowledge gained will not allow you to sit still. You will want to try everything in practice, and there it is not far from success.

View setting

You need to open the edited video and click on the button, in the form of a gear, which is located in the lower corner of the video player, on the right. A menu will open where the user can make some settings. In the item "Video Quality" you need to choose the best "hd 1080". After that, the picture quality will improve within a couple of seconds. If you have a slow Internet connection, we recommend choosing a lower quality, as this will ensure a quick download of the video, and it will not “slow down”.

Account Settings

The YouTube service allows users to set a function due to which, each time a video is played, the quality will be maximized automatically. Just log in to your account, click on the profile and in the menu window that opens, click on the gear icon. After the settings open, select the "Playback" section, and then click on the item "Improve the quality ...". Next, check the "Always enable video at maximum quality" task. If you have a slow Internet connection, we recommend that you select the second task. Save changes and enjoy great quality.

Windows Studio

The old name for this program is Movie Maker, since Windows XP. Now this program has a little more functionality and is suitable for amateur video processing. The program is built into the operating system, and where it does not exist, you can easily download it from the Internet.

I want to say that the program is very clear and suitable for a beginner, the interface is quite simple.

Unfortunately, the program is not suitable for professionals, since the functionality is limited, the video can only be saved in wmv format. But the format can be converted to any other using special software.

You can see the workspace of the program in the screenshots. To explain that, I think, is not worth it, since everything is extremely clear.

Movavi video editor

This editor is already more powerful than the previous one. Its advantage is in more functions and formats, including even mobile ones. There are cool effects filters and transitions. The program can also capture video, for example, from the desktop screen, any program or camera. It is possible to embed sound. There are formats for YouTube.

The program interface is also very simple. It is clear what the button is responsible for. You can figure out the software on your own in 20 minutes.

At the moment, the official website has a version 15 program that supports all versions of the Windows operating system, as well as Mac OS.

Movavi Video Editor can be downloaded from the official website. There are two versions - free and paid, in which there are much more features. Which ones? Go to the site and see a comparison of the paid and free versions.

Sony Vegas Pro

This is strength and power. One of the professional editors that can do a lot. It is used in various areas of life, for example, in television, as well as in films and series. If you look at the interface of the program, then it will obviously be difficult for a beginner to look, but you can get used to it over time. On the Internet, a bunch of video tutorials on the video editor, I advise you to watch a couple.

What is available Vegas Pro? Many things. A huge number of effects, work with sound, support for a large number of video formats. With the video you can carry out many different manipulations, you can see for yourself.

Unfortunately, the program is not free, but costs from 20 to 48 thousand rubles, but there is also a trial version for 30 days, the functionality in it is not trimmed.

Video editing program

And again, a simple program for video processing. For amateur editing, there is everything you need. The Russian-language interface and the presence of an assistant is a very good addition to the program, so for a beginner it is what you need.

All that needs to be done is to add a video clip, crop, correct, add effects, sound and save.

And the program is not free and it costs 990 rubles, but this is not so much compared to Sony Vegas Pro. She can be used for 10 days for free.

I also want to note that in the free version of the program, the company logo is superimposed on the video, fortunately, the solution to this problem could be to purchase a license.

A nimble program that will suit even a little more than for amateur processing, it has already become quite popular. Avidemux supports many formats and works with codecs such as Xvid, x264 and others.

All actions in the program are performed quickly, and you can also interact with mobile devices. The interface in Russian.

VideoPad Video Editor

Here is another free video utility. The functionality, of course, is better than that of the Windows Movie Studio, since it supports all kinds of formats and the ability to shoot video from devices and the monitor screen.

A clear workspace where you can perform all the manipulations with videos, you can also configure the necessary settings for mobile devices. In the program you can even work with sound, that is, change it in every way and even create your own sound series.

The finished video can be uploaded directly to YouTube using this program.


The program supports many formats, including AVI, MP4 and others. Video can be glued, transcoded, overlaid many different effects and adjust the sound.

The utility supports frame-by-frame operation, that is, you can access each frame of the video with which you can work.


The Lightworks program is already more professional, because it is used as an addition to professional programs in the cinema. There is not much to say about it, as I will repeat myself. It has all the same effects, settings, the ability to convert to various formats. The program is not free and the trial version is slightly cut. In the free version you can download videos only in MPEG-4 format.

Adobe Premiere Pro

A program from Adobe, which created such cool products like Photoshop and After Effects. It is used when creating films, series, cartoons. In Hollywood, they use it too.

The interface is a bit similar to the After Effects interface, but if you are not familiar with either one or the other, then it will be difficult for you to navigate, as there is a lot of functionality. Supports almost all video formats. You can download the video, as the worst quality, there and 4K video. Supports XDCAM EX and RED formats.

All that can be said about the program - it is almost perfect. You can do whatever you like with the video. Hundreds of effects and settings will help you with this. In addition, there is a service called Creative Cloud from where you can download new features for the program.

Like all Adobe products, there is a paid subscription for a month or a year, see the official website for details.

Pinnacle studio

This program has a large number of effects, of which there are more than 1,500 pieces. You can work with several videos, combine them, crop and much more. The computer must not be weak in order to work with this program.

I am ready to offer a version of the article from the pc-helpp website, where the best video editors for the computer are reviewed. There you will find descriptions of other editors:

On this, I think, it is worth finishing this article, and it has turned out quite large already. The video editors described in this article are just a small part of what exists. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages, choose according to your taste, as well as financial opportunities.

If you want me to write a detailed review on a video editor, then you can write about it in the comments, or by mail.

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