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How to change the battery in a watch yourself, photo video instruction how to change the battery in a watch


A watch is an attribute that exists in almost every person. This is not just a useful thing. It is also a stylish decoration, an addition to your image. In a word, an accessory, the acquisition of which you will not have to regret. But what to do when your battery is dead? How to solve this problem? How to change the battery in a watch yourself if you do not have such an experience? How not to damage the mechanism?

How to change the battery in a watch? Do I need help from a wizard?

So where to start? As a rule, people are used to contacting specialists. Of course, this is the easiest option. Masters know very well how to change the battery in a watch. However, you can cope with this yourself. The main thing is to know which battery was installed by the manufacturer. By setting exactly the same, you guarantee the mechanism a long service life. You need to look at the type of battery. The abbreviation SR means that the battery is silver-zinc. CR is lithium. These batteries are the most durable. Most often they are used by manufacturers.

Knowing how to change the battery in a watch yourself, you can avoid installing a cheap alkaline model, denoted by the letters LR. Unfortunately, unscrupulous masters sometimes do this. Such batteries do not last long. In addition, they weakly hold tension in the mechanism. As a result, the watch begins to lag quite quickly.

Remove the back cover

Of course, battery models are very convenient. They do not need to start. But a battery is not an eternal thing. Therefore, it has to be changed over time. There is absolutely nothing complicated in this procedure.

So how to change the battery in a watch? It all starts with the removal of the back cover. It can be pressed or twisted. In the first case, a special recess is provided on the lid. A small screwdriver is inserted there. The lid is gently hooked and removed. At this moment, the main thing is to hold the watch tight.

If on the back cover there are several recesses in a circle, it must be unscrewed. This is easiest to do with a caliper. The tool is inserted into two recesses, and the cover, turning counterclockwise, is carefully removed.

Change the battery

What next? How to open a watch to change the battery is clear. After this, you need to find the battery, remember how and in what position it is fixed. It is important not to reverse the polarity of the installation.

The battery is removed with a small tweezers, and a new one is inserted in its place. The main thing is that it should be of the same design and specification as the old one.

When installing the battery, do not take it by hand. Using the same tweezers is best used for this. After installation, you must check whether the clock is running. Only after this the cover returns to its place. In a word, nothing complicated.

Put the cover in place

So, the final stage. If the cover is twisted, it must be screwed up using a caliper. Do not forget also that if a gasket was installed in the watch, you need to monitor whether it has become unusable. Otherwise, it must also be replaced. If the exact same gaskets could not be found, you can use a little sealant, applying it to the threaded part.

The pressed-in cover is placed in the watch back on a flat surface. It is necessary to make sure that the groove corresponds to the axis of the wheel of the change in the position of the arrows. After that, a small flat object (preferably wooden) is taken, located on the lid and gently pressed down from above. She should fall into place without any problems.

Thus, knowing all the nuances of how to change the battery in a watch (Casio, Oreintex or any other company), you can easily cope with this task. And, most importantly, do it quickly and correctly.

be careful

It is important not to forget about accuracy. If you damage the mechanism, then you can already not save your watch. For example, when removing the cover, hook it very carefully. The clock must be well fixed, and the tool must be pressed accurately and firmly. By the way, these measures are also necessary in order not to get hurt.

When changing batteries, remove and insert them as carefully as possible. Tweezers should not touch important elements. In a word, caution is needed in everything.

When closing the lid, carefully check the watch for leaks. If it still doesn’t close when you press it with a finger, use, for example, a wooden mallet used to crush berries, potatoes, etc. This way you can immediately apply pressure to the entire surface. As a result, the case will be completed.

However, if you are still not confident in your abilities, you can always easily find a place where you can change the battery in your watch quickly and without problems. Conscientious good masters are sure to be found in every city.

How to change the battery in a watch

Watches with a battery are convenient in that they do not need to be wound up and quartz watches are more accurate. The question is where and how to replace the battery. A replacement in the workshop will cost a lot, except for our workshop IMchasov M. Savelovskaya, Suschevsky Val d. 5 p. 12, shopping center Savelovsky mobile, pavilion L150. Follow our recommendations and replace the battery yourself in your watch. This is usually an SR626SW battery. But keep in mind there are watches where you can open the back cover, and you will have to close it with the help of the press.

To replace the battery in the watch, the first thing you need to do is open the back of the watch. The cover can be twisted and pressed in. Take a close look: if the cover is pressed in, there is a recess in the watch case and you need to pick up the cover either with a screwdriver or a knife. Take a small knife or small screwdriver, insert into the recess and peel off the cover. The clock must be held tightly, and pressed firmly and gently so as not to break the clock and get hurt.

If there are special recesses in the case on the back of the watch, six or eight pieces — then it is unscrewed. Of the tools that a home master can have, a caliper or a small rubber ball is best. Spread it across the width of the marks and tighten the bolt. Insert the caliper into the two recesses and unscrew the cover. You can also open the lid with a small rubber ball. Press the ball to the cover of the watch and start twisting and the cover unscrews. Unscrew to the left.

You removed the cover, see how and what the battery is, how it is attached, usually it is SR626SW. Carefully remove the battery, in no case touch the watch mechanism coil, if you scratch it, the watch can be thrown out.

When inserting a battery, try not to take it with your fingers - preferably with tweezers or around the edges. When the battery is inserted, make sure that the watch is running, then you can close the lid. If the clock does not work, then most likely it will be magnetized and you will have to go to the nearest workshop or to us at M. Savelovskaya, 5 Suschevsky Val, building 12, Savelovsky shopping center (Mobile), pavilion L-150. Tel: 8 (495) 796-44-56

Before closing the clock, you need to check the gasket, and if it has become unusable, you need to lightly grease with silicone.

If you want to close the lid, which is pressed in, you can try to close it by hand. Be careful, you can easily push glass. The lid should close without much difficulty. If this did not work out for you, then the watch closes with the help of a special press and then we are waiting for you at the address: M. Savelovskaya, Suschevsky Val d.5, p. 12, Savelovsky shopping center (Mobile), pavilion L-150. Tel: 8 (495) 796-44-56, Shop IMchasov.Ru

Pocket and watches - time of quartz devices

Mechanical watches - prestige and status. And often also the memory of those beloved relatives to whom they belonged. Modern quartz watches are, of course, an elegant accessory, but also the need to constantly be in the flow of time and monitor it. To get a mechanical watch is a beautiful procedure, a kind of ritual. Replacing the battery in a watch is an important routine. Let's find out what is needed for this.

What do you need to open and remove the cover? Determine the type of protection

So, let's say that you needed to insert a battery from your nose into your watch yourself - the mechanism is on, the time-measuring device will come in handy soon, a spare battery is present. In a good watch, the battery and mechanism are reliably protected by a cover, which can be attached in at least three ways:

  • screwed down
  • closed by a screw mechanism
  • closed on a collapsing mechanism.

It depends on these methods how to properly and accurately remove the cover of a wrist or pocket watch without damaging the valuable device and precious nerves.

Pocket and wristwatch covers - reliable protection

Method No. 1. How to open a watch with a snap-on lid with a fingernail?

It is not difficult to change the battery in a quartz wrist watch with a cover of this type. Examine carefully the back of your accessory and feel for something like a recess or indentation. Then, grab this place with your fingernail and pull the watch cover toward you. The threat to spoil a manicure, no doubt, is the place to be.

If you have handy little scissors, a knife or something similar - flat and solid, use this

And leave the damage to the nails in a completely hopeless situation. Be careful if the back cover of the watch does not open in any way, no matter how pull it is. Stop spoiling the property. You may be dealing with a screw cap.

Method number 2. How to unscrew the screwed back cover with a rubber ball?

Ideally for this type of cover you should have a vernier caliper on hand. It is better to use it like this:

  1. Spread the tool across the width of the marks and tighten the bolt firmly.
  2. Insert the vernier caliper into the two recesses and gently start unscrewing the cover to the left.

But a caliper is not always an affordable tool. It’s somehow easier to find a rubber ball. To do this, surely press the watch lid without deepening with a rubber ball (little by little!) To arrange its reliable grip on the surface.

Keep the watch in one place, and rotate the ball counterclockwise without tearing off the lid. During the rotation of the ball, the defense must also move. If everything worked out, then carefully unscrew the cover to the end with your fingertips.

In an extreme case, experts recommend using scissors:

  1. Open the scissors.
  2. Install their tips in the two opposite grooves of the cover.
  3. Lock with a little force and start turning the scissors counterclockwise.
  4. Did the lid give in? Unscrew with your fingers to the end.

And please, be very very careful with the scissors! Do not accidentally injure yourself or others.

Caliper - a safe tool to open the watch lid

Method number 3. How to unscrew a tight back cover or a cover on screws?

Open the watch to change the battery with a fingernail only if a couple of conditions are met:

  1. The nail is strong and long enough.
  2. The screws are not tightened too much.

But for a more successful result, it is more convenient to use scissors, a knife or a screwdriver of the appropriate size. Just place one end of the tool in the groove on the head of one of the screws. Be sure to firmly press the end of the tool to the grooves and do not miss the grip when you turn them. Unscrew all the screws in sequence, carefully fold them in one place. They are small and instantly lost.

Watch Battery Replacement

This service does not take a lot of time, and also does not require much experience in this field. If you need to replace an outdated battery, the wizard will carry out all the necessary work directly with you, within two minutes.

In most cases, you can change the battery yourself. For example: wall clocks usually use ordinary finger batteries, and replacing them is easy.
If you need a replacement battery in a Swiss or any other expensive watch, then you should contact the masters.

Replacing batteries in a Swiss watch (in an expensive watch)

Replacing a battery in a Swiss (in any other expensive watch) requires experience in the field of minor repair services. The fact is that not every Swiss watch model has a standard clockwork mechanism, very often Swiss or other expensive watches use their own mechanisms, which reflect the uniqueness of a particular watch model.

In our workshop we will perform battery replacement work for any watch brand: Casio (Casio), Swatch (Swatch), Fossil (Fossil), Tissot (Tissot) and many others. Only the most popular watch brands are listed above, the owners of which apply with a replacement battery.

The exact price is difficult to name. It all depends on the model of the watch and the battery itself, which must be changed.

Price for replacing batteries for the most popular watch brands:

  • Casio (Casio) - from 200 to 400 rubles.
  • Swatch (Swatch) - from 200 to 500 rubles.
  • Fossil (Fossil) - from 200 to 400 rubles.
  • Tissot (Tissot) - from 200 to 450 rubles.
  • Other models and brands of watches - from 150 to 600 rubles.

Start to open

The founders of the brand thought out the system of operation of all accessories, because any of their watch models works exclusively on battery power. What is characteristic of all the accessories of this company is a single dismantling and assembly scheme.

The reasons why you need to disassemble this or that watch are enough, but most often this procedure is required to replace the battery. There is one disassembly scheme, and for starters you need to turn the clock back panel, as you have to work only on this side.

Then you will need to use a small Phillips screwdriver, as it is required to unscrew the four screws.

It is important to note that any watch of this company has one assembly and modeling principle, which means that regardless of the chosen model (classic, shockproof, sports, waterproof), the first thing to do is to unscrew the back bolts and carefully fold them together so that they not drove off.

Second phase

The next stage of development is the removal of the back panel (Casio watch). Battery replacement in these models should be done carefully and leisurely, as there are parts in the accessories that cannot be damaged. When the case is open, you will see a piece of paper on the back panel.

In no case should it be touched, it should remain in the same position, since it protects the mechanism from damage against the metal wall of the case. After removing the cover, you will see another rubber panel, it also needs to be carefully removed. Now the area where the battery is located is visible to the naked eye.

Watch Battery Replacement

Now you need to get the module, and for this you need a small flat screwdriver. As will be seen, the battery is held by clamps. They need to be bent so that a slight click is heard. But how do further battery replacements take place? There are many nuances in the watches of this brand, which should be taken into account so as not to damage the mechanism of work.

At this stage, the module cannot be scratched, so it is recommended to use plastic tools to expand the modules. As for further actions, it remains to turn the lever that holds the battery in the intended place. Carefully removing the old power source, do not allow debris or dust to get inside the mechanism.

Now, in place of the old battery, you put a new one and start collecting watches.

Final actions

It doesn’t matter which model is in hand, they are all assembled from this brand according to the same principle. Replacing the batteries in the watch is completed, it remains only to restore the appearance of the device.

  • First you need to turn the lever holding the power source to a stable position.
  • Now, using a flat screwdriver, you need to fix the battery by bending the clamps.
  • It remains only to put the rear protection panel in place and screw the case with the 4 screws that you previously set aside in a visible place so as not to lose.
  • By tightening the bolts tightly, you have completed the assembly process, which means you know how to open the watch. To change the battery on the models of this brand, it will take no more than 10 minutes.

Afraid of ruining your watch? Take them to a service center

Naturally, not everyone figured out how to open the watch. To change the battery, you need to have a number of miniature tools in hand.

First you will need a thin Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 4 bolts holding the back panel, and for further actions you will need a flat screwdriver to bend the levers and move the module.

As noted by buyers who have encountered this problem, this entire procedure is short-lived, and if you give accessories to a service center, you may have to wait a couple of hours (turn and other factors). This instruction will help absolutely everyone quickly and, most importantly, correctly, without harm to the mechanism to adjust the watch.

No matter what Casio watch model you have, you'll have to change the battery anyway. It is the only source of nutrition, and it cannot last forever.

Даже если при покупке устройство работает, следует помнить, что продавец не уточняет, сколько по времени находился данный товар на прилавках, а значит, любая неисправность (не работают те или иные функции) может возникнуть даже через неделю с момента приобретения.

Why not replace the watch battery yourself?

Opening the watch case with your own hands is not difficult. It is much more difficult to do this without damaging the mechanism and electronics, as well as without hitting the sealed protective circuit. True to close the lid is also not easy, but in the end to leave the case leaking and vulnerable to moisture - a couple of trifles.

In addition, when replacing with your own hands, there is a high risk of running into a cheap low-quality battery that will leak and damage the mechanism in a matter of days.

At the same time, it is really not difficult for an experienced watchmaker to replace a battery in a quartz watch reliably and efficiently.

The cost of replacing the battery in hours:

Service namePrices
Watch Battery ReplacementFrom 600 rub.
Replacing the battery in a complex watch (chronograph, Navigator)From 700 rub.

You can look at the cost of replacing the battery in hours in the price section or check the cost of the service with our specialist.

Diseases of quartz Swiss watches

“And the battery in our village’s love ...”

Yes, the heart of a quartz watch - a dead battery is the most common reason for a quartz watch to stop.

The clock signals this in different ways: sometimes the second hand starts to jump over the division, less often, the clock starts to lag, or immediately get up.

The main thing here is not to tighten, but to change the battery in an authorized service center, with a guarantee on the battery and tightness. In general, if the battery just died in the watch and it was qualitatively replaced, then the owner, as they say, has no problems.

After measuring the battery capacity, in a good workshop, the second step is to check the power consumption of the quartz movement board. Unfortunately, sometimes in a quartz Swiss watch the board crashes and starts to “devour” the battery.

Typically, such a breakdown occurs in two cases: either moisture got into the watch and corrosion formed on the board, or a Chinese battery flowed (or the dead battery was in the watch for too long). To begin with, the masters try to get by with "little blood" and make a complete prevention of the mechanism. It rarely helps, most often, a replacement board is required.

If we take into account that for several years the factory of Swiss mechanisms ETA has not supplied boards separately from the mechanism, in some cases a complete replacement of the mechanism is required. Expensive, but the owner gets almost new watches and the same valuable experience. Of course, it is better to read this article in advance and not get into this situation.

There are so many craftsmen who are eager to revitalize their beloved Swiss watches on their own, so many woeful “watchmakers” who are located “close to home”, “in a shoe shop”, etc., with an unprofessional tool in their hands.

No matter how much the watch manufacturers recommend contacting an authorized watch repair shop, the flow of Swiss watches with torn coils after a negligent battery change will not run out.

If the master is not able to give a clear reason for the breakdown of the watch after a series of manipulations and sends you to another workshop, the matter is dirty. But in a good authorized service center, the original mechanism coil can be replaced.

  • This common symptom usually indicates the need for routine prophylaxis: the watch needs to be disassembled, cleaned, greased with new oil, and the used wheels replaced.
  • The fact is that Swiss quartz watches consist not only of an electronic quartz block, but also of a mechanical analog with a wheel system.
  • Less often than in mechanical watches, oil is also triggered in quartz watches, the wheels wear out, and any mote can cause a periodic stop of the watch. Routine maintenance at an authorized service center will easily solve this problem. After prevention, we give a one-year warranty.

Swiss quartz watches endure small strokes quite steadily, but still you should not drop them. A third of calls to the service with a broken clock are caused by blows. Either the legs of the dial broke off, then the quartz, even the teeth of the wheels are broken.

The symptoms here are very different: often the dial shifts from the impact and pushes the hands - the watch starts to stop, as the hands cling to the glass.