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How to become a tough girl?


Oh, that teenage age. A couple of years ago, you were enthusiastic about the new doll, and now you are leafing through youth magazines with interest, trying to find yourself a fashionable image. This is not surprising, because the most important question that bothers you right now is how to become a tough girl.

find yourself

Do not try to imitate, develop personality. It’s very good if you have an idol - your favorite singer or actress - and you want to be like her. But remember, imitating someone, you can lose yourself. Choose your own style in which you will be comfortable, and support it. And in no case do not try to clone the wardrobe of a friend or classmate, even if her style seems very attractive to you. According to the unspoken rule of girls, the same things can only be worn by best friends and only by mutual agreement. So, most likely, she will not be delighted to see her favorite blouse on you. Want to know how to become a tough girl? The answer is simple: find yourself!

Every girl wants to look attractive, this is our essence. And no matter how the proverbs convince us that it’s not the clothes that color the person, but the character, they pay attention to the visual image in the first place. So, if you don’t have beautiful things in your wardrobe, get ready to shop!

Now there are no certain canons of fashion: lace dress and ripped jeans will look equally attractive. So you just have to choose something to your taste. But do not forget that when choosing clothes, it is worth considering the features of the figure and age. If you want to know how to become a tough girl at the age of 8, then forget about short skirts, cosmetics and high-heeled shoes. All this will be, but in a few years. Do not try to look older, even if it seems to you that this is the only way to a cool image. For each age, there is a representation of beauty, and at 8-10 years old, the most attractive image is natural.

Personal care

At the age of 11-13 years, pimples begin to appear on the face - the most unpleasant moment in growing up. This is due to the restructuring of the body and hormonal failure.

How to become a tough girl at age 11, if the skin on the face is prone to rashes of acne? Of course, this complicates the task a little, but does not make its execution impossible. Your skin needs special care, which means you need to choose effective benzoyl-based products for topical use, wipe your face with antibacterial infusions and wash your face twice a day with soft gels.

Hair must also be kept clean, because greasy curls with split ends are unlikely to add credibility to you.

Also, in adolescence, profuse sweating begins, so be sure to use an antiperspirant so that the smell of sweat does not spoil the impression of your image.

No complexes!

The jeans your friend got into are shaking you a little, and you are already refusing dinner, closing in your room and crying into the pillow. Remember, all complexes related to appearance are far-fetched. We always admire someone and hate something in ourselves. Even Angelina Jolie probably finds some flaws in herself, and this despite the multimillion-dollar admiration for her beauty. The pursuit of self-improvement is a laudable trait. But do not overdo it.

In fact, understanding how to become a tough girl is very simple. You need to love yourself in the form in which you are. You will be surprised, but the attitude of others will also change. Stop twisting your nose because of every pimple, complaining about your short stature and wailing about dry hair. No one likes grunts. Smile and wave your hand at the flaws. You're beautiful! Even serious flaws in appearance can be turned into advantages, so it’s definitely not worth worrying about a couple of extra pounds. Your body is still growing, the figure is only being formed, and in a year or two you will see a completely different reflection in the mirror, and it will be beautiful. So do not worry about your appearance.

How to become a tough girl in 10 years at school? Right. Love yourself, say goodbye to complexes and confidently step over all troubles.

First love

If you are head over heels in love with a boy, and he is in no hurry to reciprocate, do not rush to shed tears. Perhaps he also likes you, he just does not know how to express it. Sometimes boys are too timid to take the first step. They are much more afraid of failures than girls. So hint to him about your feelings: smile, ask for help with the task, try to find common themes with him. If you are interested in him, he will gladly help you with the "home" and support the conversation. And if not, then this is not a disaster. Life is just beginning! Just imagine how many love you have yet to come!

Peer Interaction

In adolescence, we are led by a desire to surpass peers, and we only dream about how to become a tough girl. At 9, the unspoken war for popularity at school begins. In fact, this is a very important stage, because the winner receives recognition of his authority, attention and the right to vote, and in the future, the most popular guy in the school. Not bad, right? Who is Miss School?

To become popular, you must be not only attractive, but also interesting. Even if you are a super-duper beauty, but you cannot combine two words into one sentence, no one will communicate with you. Read more, not only VKontakte statuses, but also modern fiction. Watch the latest movies, take an interest in different musical directions, sign up for dancing or acting, and you will definitely have something to tell about in the company. Train in wit. The ability to insert a funny phrase in time can make you the soul of the company.

Spend more time in companies, make new acquaintances, conquering an increasing number of peers with your charm and wit. Attend important school events, take the initiative in organizing them - and consider success in your hands!

How to become a cool girl?

So, the first thing to do is to look at yourself from the side. It is simply necessary to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, do not make a common mistake, do not go to extremes, do not overpower yourself too much, but do not persist in the opinion that there is nothing attractive in you.

You can make a list with your pluses and minuses, then to analyze everything and try to objectively look at yourself from the outside.

In the analysis, it is necessary to distinguish several components, one should separately consider the advantages and disadvantages of appearance, education, self-behavior and personality traits. This is the first step with which you can both become a tough girl and make new friends and fans thanks to self-confidence and proper self-esteem.

After the lists of advantages and disadvantages are compiled, it is necessary to highlight what needs to be changed in the first place. For example, if a girl is embarrassed to communicate with people because of an “imperfect” figure, then she must learn to choose the “right” clothes, go in for sports, and read literature on the art of communication and overcoming embarrassment in a company. Perseverance and work, that’s what will help both to become a tough girl at school and to gain self-confidence. It will not be easy along this path, it is necessary to tune in to the fact that you will have to work long and hard.

How to become the coolest girl?

When the girl has already begun to deal with herself, it is necessary to proceed to the next step, it is necessary to begin to communicate with people. Look around and you will realize that those people who know how to be interesting interlocutors can empathize with people and share their interests, are usually popular. If a person does not know how to do this, then no matter how beautiful he is, becoming the coolest, no matter how you say it, will fail.

In order to become a pleasant conversationalist, you should remember and learn to apply several rules.

  1. Learn to listen to people. And this is not only about not interrupting the interlocutor, it is necessary to ask questions to a person, to listen to his news and experiences with a lively, not simulated interest.
  2. Find out what topics your friends are interested in and try to explore them. There is nothing worse than when the other person does not like to listen and talk about some things that really excite a person. Therefore, for live communication it will be necessary to study topics of interest to your buddies.
  3. Learn to overcome constraint yourself and be sure to tell something about yourself and your interests. Remember the “golden” rule of communication - 30% of the conversation you need to talk about yourself, 70% of the time to listen to the interlocutor.

Be sure to read the literature on the topic of practical psychology, for example, you can start with the same Dale Carnegie. It describes in detail what techniques are used to maintain the interest of the interlocutor, how to learn to ask questions and like people. Most importantly, remember that no book can help you until you overcome yourself and begin to apply the knowledge you have gained in practice.