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Repair a broken nail at home step by step


Beautiful manicure is a decoration for every woman. But no one is safe from sudden nail damage. Do not despair and cut off all the manicure at once to even out the length. This situation can be easily corrected. In the article, you can learn simple and affordable ways to save and repair a broken nail at home.

Emergency fix

How to fix a broken nail at home without glue and other tools? In this case, it can be patched up a bit with adhesive tape. But such a fix will have a temporary effect and the procedure should be continued in the near future.

It is necessary to cut out a piece of duct tape a little more crack and stick a nail on it. Next, the tape is smoothed in the direction of the gap, the excess is cut off. In this way, you can prevent a complete breakdown of the nail for several hours.

How to fix a nail at home using nail tips

For the procedure, transparent or translucent products in the form of a square are used. To fix the nail you need to take: special glue, a nail file, nail polish remover and scissors. It is necessary to degrease the surface in order to get rid of all roughness in the area of ​​damage. To do this, take nail polish remover. Next, special glue is applied to the nail and the inside of the tips. The product is applied to the nail plate, it is important that the limiter coincides with the edge. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry, and cut the tips to the size of a broken nail, leaving a little length for correction. In the end, you need to process the surface with a nail file and coat the joints with glue.

How to fix a broken nail at home with a tea bag

This method is suitable if the manicure began to break at the level of "smile". It is necessary to take:

  • small abrasive file
  • buff for polishing, nail glue,
  • a piece of tea bag
  • disinfectant,
  • orange nail file.

It is necessary to disinfect the surface of the plate, so as not to infect. Next, clean the nail with a nail file until the plate becomes smooth. To fix, you need to cut 2 pieces of material in advance. One will cover the area of ​​the crack and the place around it, and the second - the surface of the entire nail. Before fixing a broken nail at home with a tea bag, a special glue is applied in a thin layer to the damaged area and the first piece of material is applied on top. Then they press it with an orange stick and glue the patch with special glue. Further, the surface is slowly polished with a buff. In this way, you need to repair a broken nail at home, both without PVA glue and other aggressive agents. To strengthen the entire nail, do the same procedure using a second piece of material for the entire surface of the plate.

Gel or acrylic coating repair

How to repair a nail at home, if a crack formed under this coating, then first of all it must be removed using special tools. If they are not, then you need to apply a "patch" on top of the gel. The nail is repaired by the same methods as in the repair of a natural plate, but at the end they change the coating and dry it under an ultraviolet lamp. How to fix a broken nail at home with gel polish if a crack appears across the nail? In this case, it is cut off and re-built using a special mold or foil. At the final stage, they are coated with a protective gel and dried under an ultraviolet lamp. If there are no special materials, then contact a specialist.

Acrylic nail is also subject to restoration. This type of material can be glued using synthetic glue - “Moment”, “Superglue” or products that are used for plastic. Patches are applied in the same way as on natural nails. If a tip is used, then it changes to a new one.

Vitamin Fortification

If the breakdown of the nails becomes regular, while they begin to delaminate, then you should look for the cause in the state of the body. Such "incidents" in most cases, become a signal of the presence of certain diseases. This may be: a decrease in immunity, hematological disorders, as well as problems with the endocrine system. You should visit the hospital for a detailed examination.

Long nails are most prone to injury. But the breakdown is not always associated with physical impact, sometimes the reason lies deeper. Lack of vitamins and minerals often affects the condition of nails. To restore the strength of the plate, you need to use vitamins A and B - they affect the condition of hair, nails, as well as the formation of new cells. They are contained in such products: liver, egg whites, butter. They can be found in red, green and yellow vegetables. A lack of calcium also leads to brittle nails. You can make up for it by eating foods such as bread, potatoes, onions, beets, and seafood.

Folk remedies

Inadequate care and external influences also negatively affect the condition of the nails and increase their fragility. Therefore, you should additionally moisturize the skin around the plate. You can use a variety of creams and oils of natural origin. Particular attention is paid to the cuticle, since it is this area that is most susceptible to drying out and cracks. The use of nail trays is a great way to soften the skin and improve blood circulation under the plate. A weekly procedure for 10-15 minutes will significantly improve the condition of the manicure. The most effective are baths using essential oils. To prepare them, take warm water, about 40-45 degrees, and add a few drops of the product. You can use any oils that are at home, or purchase them at a pharmacy.

First aid for deep damage

How to fix a nail at home if it is deeply injured and part is torn from the bed? You need to remove it before healing the wound. To do this, you can use nail scissors and tweezers to hold it. Having cleaned the wound from the nail, there is wide access to the damaged surface, which helps to process it enough. Thus, the risk of infection is significantly reduced. But you can leave the separated area, then you need to clean the area around it. In this case, the broken fragment will fall off itself when a new nail grows.

If there is bleeding, then it must be stopped with gauze or cotton pads. To do this, place the fabric under the injured place and press on it for several minutes, the force should be distributed evenly. Gauze and cotton pad can be replaced with a towel or napkin. People with peripheral arterial disease, a weak immune system and diabetes need to see their doctor after treating the wound. This should be done, since trauma can lead to a decrease in blood flow activity and, as a result, the sensitivity of the limbs decreases.

Why do nails break?

A natural nail, as well as coated with gel polish or shellac, can break.

In the first case, the reasons may be:

  • excessive mechanical stress on the nail plates,
  • excessive polishing of exfoliating nails,
  • increased fragility due to lack of individual vitamins,
  • health problems (disorders in the digestive tract, endocrine system and others),
  • frequent contact with household chemicals and water, which is why the nail plates become thinner and often break.

The main reason why a nail may break with an artificial coating is a mechanical effect.

With a strong impact on an object on the nail plate coated with gel polish or shellac, a crack may appear or a piece may break off altogether.

If there is a constant mechanical load on the nails (typing on the keyboard and other factors), often the coating begins to peel off.

Due to a strong impact, such as a blow, a crack may appear even at the base or in the middle of the nail plate.
But sometimes it happens that the appearance of cracks and chips on the artificial surface is to blame for the lack of professionalism of the master: with improper construction of the nail architecture or excessive removal of the upper layer.

Particular attention should be paid to caring for manicure on the first day after building up or coating with gel polish: you should not experience sharp temperature changes on it, and also do not get too carried away with water procedures.

How to fix a broken nail

First, it is worth noting that a nail broken by more than 1/3 is not suitable for repair.

Correcting the case is possible only with minor damage. But even after fixing it’s not worth hoping that the effect will last a long time - such a nail can last only 2-3 days, if you handle it very carefully - a week.

Caution: if the nail plate is broken so that soft tissue is damaged, it is better not to repair.

The fact is that in such cases, the risk of getting into the wound of the infection is high.

The only right decision is to cut all the nails to the length of the broken one to provide the hands with an aesthetic appearance. The damaged area should be regularly treated and the condition of the phalanx tissues should be monitored.
If the option of cutting all under one categorically does not fit into a broken nail, you can try to save the manicure.

Natural Nail Repair

To begin repairing the nail, you must have the following tools and tools:
1. Means for degreasing the nail plate. If this is not possible, you can replace it with ordinary medical alcohol.

2. Silk with a self-adhesive base.
3. Special glue for nails. Replacing it with “Moment” or similar means is unacceptable, since such compositions aggressively affect even healthy nail plates. If there is no special at hand, medical glue will do.
4. File or buff for nails with low abrasiveness (to less injure a damaged nail).
5. Acrylic Pudra for fixing a layer of glue, giving a natural shade to the surface of the nail, as well as masking the borders of the fabric.
All of the above is sold with a special kit, which is convenient to use both at home and on a trip.

Stages of repairing a natural nail:

1. First follows clean the surface of the nail with a soft buff. They need to move up from the base of the nail.
2. The nail plate ofat free special liquid or alcohol.

3. Remove the film from a piece of cloth (silk) and stick so that the crack is completely covered. Then on the overlay layer apply a drop of glue and lower the nail plate into powder. After the glue dries a little, the excess powder is removed. If necessary, the actions are repeated. If the glue got on the skin, remove it with an orange stick.

4. After the linings are completely dry, the surface of the nail polished with a nail file. This is necessary to remove the adhesive layer, so that the nail plate becomes as smooth as possible.

Polishing is done with gentle, gentle movements so as not to provoke a new crack. Then, oil is applied to the surface of the nail and cuticle, buffing is performed. This is necessary in order to maximally hide the boundary of the breakage.

5. After this, 2 layers of opaque varnish are applied. These manipulations will completely hide the crack.

If a piece of nail breaks off, you can try to build it with gel polish.

Tools that will be needed to repair gel polish:

  1. Ultraviolet lamp
  2. Base, topcoat, gel polish, natural color or transparent
  3. Means for degreasing the nail surface
  4. Foil (a small piece, for one nail)
  5. Adhesive tape or adhesive tape
  6. Nail file, scissors for manicure.

Stages of the procedure:
one . Slightly polish the nail plate in the fracture area.
2. Fold the foil four times for rigidity, cut a long strip wider than the nail plate.

3. Put a strip of foil under the nail, bend it from the inside, giving it a curved shape, fix it with adhesive plaster.

4. Degrease the surface of the nail plate, apply the base layer on the part of the nail closer to the break, apply a thicker layer on the foil, farther than the border of the future nail, try not to get on the adhesive plaster. Place your finger under the lamp, increasing the holding time by 2 times.
5. Similarly, apply a layer of gel polish, on the foil - thicker. Also hold in the lamp 2 times longer. Apply a second coat of varnish and lighten as usual.
6. Apply a top coat, hold under the lamp and remove the sticky layer.
7. Carefully separate the foil and adhesive tape.

8. Using nail scissors to cut off the excess part of the grown edge, to grind and file it, giving it the desired shape.
9. To file the nail surface with a nail file at the junction of the natural and varnish layers, moving from the base of the nail to its tip.

10. Polish the nail.
If a broken artificial nail breaks down, it makes sense to fix it, only by removing gel polish or shellac or artificial nail. Repair methods in this case do not differ from the above.

It is worth noting that repairing a broken nail is absolutely not an expensive option. using a tea bag.

This method is also possible if soft tissue is not damaged. The material of the tea bag is quite suitable, as it is thin, but durable, it will not be visible on the nail. The procedure is the same as when fixing with silk.

An ideal option would be to contact the salon in case of a broken or cracked nail.

If a natural nail is cracked and soft tissues are touched, the master will process and disinfect the affected area.

After that, glue it with silk, apply a special fastening agent.

The crack does not grow together, but painless nail growth will be guaranteed.

In the cabin, biogel can be applied to the damaged nail, which, in addition to gluing, will strengthen the nail plate.

Measures for the prevention of a broken nail

! Restoration of the nail can only be performed with a one-time breaking off.

If the nails break and crack regularly, it is better to trim them and begin the recovery procedure. To do this, find the cause of the problem and fix it. No one is better than a specialist here - you should contact a dermatologist.

Prevention measures to combat brittle nails are:

1. Timely contact a specialist and solve health problems.
2. Proper care: the use of high-quality products for nails, the use of various baths, oils to strengthen the nail plates, moisturize the cuticle.
3. Compliance with the drinking regime: fragility and delamination of the nail plates are directly dependent on the dehydration of the body.
4. Performing housework with gloves - restricting contact between hands and household chemicals.
5. Careful handling of nails: they should be protected from mechanical stress.
6. The use of nail polish remover without acetone in the composition.
7. Proper manicure: filed nails at a right angle, cutting, rather than tearing off burrs, using a glass or ceramic nail file, etc.
8. Periodic rest of nails from manicure.
9. The correct sleep regimen (at least 8 hours) and good nutrition: foods rich in vitamins A, E, D, calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements.
You need to monitor the health of your nails, not forgetting about the state of the body as a whole. Do not despair if the nail is broken by negligence: a manicure can be saved using these simple repair methods, which will not take much time, while preserving the beauty and impeccability of your hands!

What methods will help speed up the healing process?

How to fix at home a nail that remains? To do this, you need to cut it with sharp scissors or nippers to remove uneven and sharp edges. You can use a nail file for this purpose. Then place your hand or foot in cool water for 20 minutes. In this way, blood flow is regulated and the affected area is carried out in tone. Then you can go to the baths with warm salted water. To do this, mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 1 liter of liquid. The procedure should last for 20 minutes, repeat 2-3 times in the first 3 days. Such a bath will help to avoid infection.

To accelerate wound healing, you can use an antibiotic ointment. The nail bed must be regularly bandaged until a new nail grows at least 2.5 mm. You can use a bandage or gauze for this purpose. Change the bandage every time after applying the ointment to the affected area. It is important to monitor the condition of the wound, especially the first 72 hours, since it is during this period that the risk of developing an infection is highest. It can manifest itself with the following symptoms: fever, increased heat in the wound area, pain, swelling, or cyst. If these signs appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What you should not do

  • Do not glue with synthetic glue (such as Superglue, Moment and others) natural nails. Компоненты, которые входят в их состав, способны повредить натуральный маникюр. Такое средство используют только для ремонта наращенных акриловых ногтей. Следует применять исключительно специальный клей.
  • If the nail is broken to “meat”, then acetone or nail polish remover should not be used to treat the plate. The aggressive components that make up these drugs can adversely affect the state of the wound.
  • If there is a crack on the nail, then do not delay the repair. It is necessary to repair the plate as soon as possible before it comes off completely.

A spoiled manicure can spoil the mood of any woman for a long time. But this is if she does not know what to do and how to fix a broken nail at home. Fortunately, there are many ways to solve this problem. But we should not forget about strengthening the body and folk remedies, especially if a nail breakdown happens often.

The nail broke: what to do

Further actions with a broken nail depend on how it broke: slightly cracked or completely detached. An uneven edge or crack will cause trouble - scratch and cling to clothes.

Possible actions if the nail is broken, the following:

Broken off the edge of the nail

  • Trim nail or gash.
  • Glue crack by yourself.
  • Ask for help to a specialist.

If you want to solve the problem yourself and save a broken nail yourself at home, then you need to choose the right gluing technology. It depends on where the crack went: in the overhanging part of the nail or in the middle of it. The size of the crack is also important.

  • If breakdown smallthen it is possible stick up the problem area with a special patch of natural fabric or paper patch. Such repairs are addressed for any cracks on the side of the nail, along the line of the "smile" or along it.
  • At completely breaking off nail on top impose acrylic artificial material - tipsu.
  • Tips is also applied when a crack appears along the axis of the finger, in the middle.

Repairing a broken nail makes sense if it is cracked no more than 1/3 of its length. Otherwise, the repair will be short-lived.

Sometimes the crack goes so deep that it injures the finger under the nail. In this case, treatment and recovery is best done in the cabin.

What can not do:

Do not apply superglue to natural nails without coating

  • To glue living natural nail on superglue. The synthetic composition corrodes the living cells of the nail plate. Synthetics can only repair extended acrylic plates.
  • It is impossible treat the nail with acetone or other liquid to remove the varnish when breaking off it to "meat". Aggressive chemical solutions should not get into the wound.
  • It is impossible tighten with repair nails if you have a crack. The nail may crack further and break off completely. The faster you start repairing the problem area of ​​the nail, the smaller the crack that needs to be glued.

Tools and materials for repairing nails

Often materials for gluing damaged nails are sold as a professional kit for repairing nail plates. It includes:

The main materials for nail repair are silk and special glue

  • Silk for repairing nails on a sticky basis.
  • Glue for natural and artificial nails.
  • File and buff for natural and artificial nails.
  • Any disinfector: hydrogen peroxide, medical alcohol, and even better - a professional manicure.
  • Orange sticks for a manicure.

All these tools and materials can be selected individually depending on the availability in the store and personal preferences. It is worth noting that, despite the fact that the special silk for repairing nails is self-adhesive, its adhesive base is not enough to glue the crack, glue for nails is required.

In the absence of silk for nails, it can be replaced with a piece of natural or synthetic silk, a paper towel, a tea bag, filter paper or a paper patch - all that is at hand.

Gel Crack

In order to glue the nail under gel polish, it is necessary to remove the varnish. You can not remove it from all fingers, limit yourself to a broken off fingernail, and do not touch the rest. For removal, special means for removing Shellac or biogel are used - depending on the coating of the nail. If you can’t remove the gel polish, you can glue the patch over the old coating.

A “patch” is applied to the place of nail failure

The technique for applying gel patch to the gel polish is the same as for a natural nail, and it is covered with a new varnish, which is dried under a UV lamp. For home repairs using gel technology, you need a UV lamp and gel polish.

If the crack is located along the edge of the nail, then it can be cut and grow with biogel again. To do this, use a special form or foil, which is substituted under the nail and used as a support for applying biogel. After the biogel has solidified under the UV lamp, the foil is carefully removed.

How to build up a broken nail with biogel or a rubber-based base coat, see the video tutorial:

Repair extended nail

Build up do acrylic tips. They do not have a living structure, so when breaking off, you can glue with synthetic glue for plastic (superglue, "Moment"). The fastening materials are the same - filter paper, silk strips, paper plaster.

The bonding technology of the extended plate is as follows:

If repairing the extended nail is not possible, you can replace it with a new one.

  • Drip on the nail glue and attach carved over it paper strip.

Drip on top of the strip glue again. Third layer of glue apply over the dried second.

  • Process place of repair nail file.
  • Apply top varnish.
  • Another repair option is to replace the broken-off tipsu with a new one.

    What to do if the nail breaks off to meat

    To restore a nail broken off to blood, it is better to consult a specialist

    If the nail breaks off very badly, you must immediately handle him any antiseptic: hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, miramistin and others. It is very difficult to glue such a crack on your own. It is better to contact a competent and experienced specialist in the salon.

    Repair procedure is done after removal of inflammatory symptoms and complete healing of open wounds of the nail plate.

    Professional restoration of such a breakdown involves the use of special biogels. They contain proteins to restore the nail structure, and also protect the cleavage site from infection.

    Some biogels dissolve upon contact with detergents and acetone. Therefore, after such treatment when washing the floor, dishes, it is necessary to wear rubber gloves.

    A broken nail is a big nuisance. However, you can return it to its previous form: glue the crack and cover it with varnish. If you can not perform the repair yourself, then seek help from a professional nail service master.