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How to wake up in the morning: 19 effective tips


We all know - the mood for the whole day is set in the morning. That is why you should spend your first hours after waking up as productively and positively as possible in order to fill yourself with strength and energy for subsequent work. And if for you the morning usually goes in a hurry and grunt, then it's time to radically change your own approach.

Everyone has their own tricks, how to wake up and start the day in a good mood. Let's try to offer you something new.


Why morning mood is so important

Morning at sea. Each of us independently chooses how to meet him on a new day. Waking up, we can smile at the world around us, and we can suffer from a deliberately spoiled mood.

But the fact is that a good morning is the basis for a successful day. A week depends on each such day, and a month depends on it. Well, years come from successful and unsuccessful months.

It seems to us that we allowed ourselves quite a bit of a bad mood. But, if you take a closer look, it turns out that in sadness and despondency a large part of our lives passes.

That is why it is so important in the morning to tune in to positive. And if possible, and share a good mood with your family and friends.

10 ways to start your day well

  1. Get up immediately when the alarm rings Wake up right away. Do not postpone the moment you wake up, neither for 10 nor for 20 minutes, but get up immediately when the alarm rings. This will make you feel less overwhelmed throughout the day. In addition, waking up on time, you will rush to work and hurry to take a moment to do household chores and chat with family. And this already guarantees a good mood.
  2. Salutation to the sun. Waking up in the morning, look out the window and mentally say hello to the world. A new day begins, and it is full of opportunities and prospects. And this day is sure to bring you a lot of good.
  3. Warm up. By the way, the well-known complex of yoga exercises - Suryanamaskar is also called a greeting to the sun. These exercises are performed traditionally at dawn facing the rising sun. Like all other assans, they allow not only to strengthen the body, but also to put in order thoughts and emotions. If you are far from yoga, then just do morning exercises. Its main task is to let your body wake up and start functioning.
  4. Cold and hot shower. If you still feel sleepy and frustrated, then it's time for a contrast shower. The change of hot and cold water will instantly cheer you up, make you feel like a completely different person. By the way, a contrast shower is an excellent tool for hardening the body, which will avoid numerous health problems.
  5. Energy breakfast. Make yourself something more healthy than scrambled eggs with coffee. Doctors and nutritionists recommend starting the morning with cereals, which for several hours after breakfast will energize you. Add fresh fruits and nuts to any porridge you cooked; be sure to make the dish beautifully. The very realization that you care for yourself and monitor your own health will instantly lift your spirits.
  6. Favourite song. Start your morning by listening to any music. You can do this without completely distracting from your usual affairs. Most importantly, your household tastes should also be shared by your household.
  7. Make plans. By the way, according to statistics, that is how all successful people begin their days. Write down everything you need to do today - from important work projects to simple household chores. The feeling that you are in control will give you strength.
  8. Do the trick. After you have compiled a list of tasks for the day, select the most difficult of them and complete it first. Psychologists consider this method the most effective in dealing with stress. As soon as you cope with a difficult task, which otherwise would be postponed for a long time, your mood will immediately improve.
  9. Please your home. When we do business to our relatives and friends, we ourselves begin to feel more joyful and happy. Put a note on the refrigerator with the wish of a good day, prepare a delicious breakfast for your household. When seeing your relatives to work or school, be sure to wish them a good day and success.
  10. Take a photo. Take the habit of photographing yourself every morning. On the one hand, your sleepy appearance will amuse you a little. On the other hand, you will immediately feel the incentive to cheer up and tidy yourself up. Well, one day the collection of morning photos will be a pleasant and funny memory for you.

How not to lose a positive attitude during the day

Observe the regime of work and rest! Of course, a productive morning does not guarantee that your day will be as smooth and efficient. That is why the morning hours should be taken solely as a start that sets a certain pace, which you will have to adhere to. It will probably be difficult at first, but over time you will still develop the strategy that will allow you to remain in a good mood from the morning to the end of the day.

Psychologists believe that the main guarantee of a successful day is the competent alternation of work and rest. If you want to achieve significant results in your work, include mandatory breaks in your schedule. If you are engaged exclusively in mental activity, then periodically find time for physical workouts.

Alternate mental activity with relaxation. In addition, do not forget about communicating with your colleagues, friends, acquaintances. Sometimes it is just a moment of emotional conversation that can relieve fatigue and raise a fallen mood.

Thus, starting your day in a good mood is not at all difficult. It is enough to make a little effort at first, and soon the perfect morning will become a pleasant norm for you.

Good morning to you and good mood!

3. Set aside time for an evening charge.

The complex can include several simple yoga asanas (cat, cobra or horseman posture), warm-up exercises, or a complex with dumbbells weighing 1-2 kilograms.

The optimal duration of an evening charge is a quarter of an hour, the frequency is 4 times a week. Exercise should be done 20 minutes before dinner, by no means just before bedtime.

3. In the morning you can meditate

The simplest meditation that Eckhart Tolle mentions in his book “The Power of the Moment Now”: immediately after waking up, in bed, without opening your eyes - go mentally through your body from feet to the top of your head. Keep your attention on the body for 10-15 seconds and move higher, not forgetting about breathing. This is your body, feel it.

This simple meditation will bring you back full of energy and grateful to your body.

4. Do not lie down on a full stomach

Secondly, the body focuses on digesting food, which makes it much more difficult to fall asleep. Especially if your dinner was rich in protein and fat.

It is much nicer to plan how to start the morning with a tasty, mouth-watering breakfast. So getting out of bed will be much easier. If you wait in the morning completely unbearable, drink a glass of 1% kefir or a little bran.

6. Start the day with sports

Another good habit that will preserve your health and energize you for the whole day is sports. It’s better to plan a trip to the gym in the morning. Physical activity is better tolerated in the first half of the day. If you are not already practicing sports in the morning, then we advise you to try this set of exercises from the video. Do it just a week and you will notice the result that you will like. The complex takes only 15 minutes. I advise with all my heart!

6. Aromatherapy? Why not!

The most effective odors for sound sleep: chamomile, neroli, lavender. If you cannot fall asleep due to excitement, bergamot, coriander, lemon balm, benzoin or marjoram oils will come to the rescue.

Do not overdo it with concentration: the smell should not be asphyxiating. 2-3 drops, diluted in warm water, will be enough.

It is very important to ensure fire safety: use only specialized aroma lamps. Place on a flat surface (for example, a metal tray) away from the bed, so as not to accidentally brush away in a dream. Make sure that there are no flammable objects near the aroma lamp.

1. Wake up according to the “five minutes rule”

  • 1 minute. You just woke up from a dream. Think about your beloved people, memorable events, beautiful places - in a word, about something good and joyful.
  • 2 minutes Gently stretch, breathe deeply to wake the body and supply it with enough oxygen.
  • 3 minutes Gently massage your temples, nape, earlobes and eyebrows to improve the flow of blood to the brain.
  • 4 minutes Rub your palms against each other, gently rub your hands, feet, stomach, back, chest. So you improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • 5 minutes Gently take a sitting position. Drink a glass of water (it is advisable to leave it next to the bed in the evening). Slowly climb forward towards a new day.

5. Use modern technology

The mobile app market can offer plenty of opportunities for a pleasant awakening.

A person’s sleep is divided into two phases: deep and fast. Awakening in the fast phase is much easier. Smart alarm clocks for mobiles track your activity during sleep and calculate which phase you are in. You just need to set the awakening interval (for example, from 8:00 to 8:30), and the sleep tracker will wake you up at the most convenient moment. The most popular apps of this kind: Sleep as Andro>

A lot of the AppStore and Google Market have original alarms that require you to take any action. For example, go to the mirror and smile (Smile Alarm Clock) or solve a math problem (Math Alarm Plus, Alarm Clock Extreme).

Test robotic alarm clocks: a running alarm clock on wheels, a clock flying around the room or a piggy bank alarm clock that will be disgusting to squeak until a coin is thrown into it. Athletes will appreciate the dumbbell alarm, which will turn off only after 30 lifts.

9. Take a contrast shower

Take a contrast shower correctly in three stages. Each stage: 1-2 minutes of hot (but not scorching) water, then 30 seconds of cold. At stages 2 and 3, try to slightly increase the "cold" period. After completing the procedure in cold water, rub yourself well with a bath towel.

Do not rush into the pool of hardening with your head. The optimal temperature difference of the contrast shower: 25-30 degrees. Ideally: hot water - 42-43 degrees, cold - 14-15. But it’s worth starting with 40 degrees hot and 25 degrees cold, gradually increasing the gap.

If you have heart problems, be sure to consult your healthcare provider about contrast showers.

10. Wake up on time

Accustom yourself to wake up at the same time. If this is difficult for you, just like me, try this trick: every evening, shift the alarm time 10 minutes ago. So, in about a week you will already get up 1 hour earlier). Of course, at the same time, you should go to bed early to get enough sleep and look good.

11. Iron breakfast

Remember, no matter what diet you are on, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Studies show that a lack of iron in the blood makes us irritable, lethargic, unable to concentrate. Does such a woman need your beloved? I think no. In addition, a lack of iron affects the amount of oxygen that our body can receive.

Therefore, make sure your breakfast menu includes foods such as eggs, herbs, peanut butter, legumes, or tofu.

14. Cleanliness = mood

Take care that when leaving home for work, or if you work at home, before you start your work day, you have order and cleanliness everywhere. Having spent a little time cleaning in the morning, you will be glad to come home in the evening to a clean apartment. And, of course, working in a clean apartment is more productive!

15. Be thankful

You can start your day with another interesting exercise. Write down on a piece of paper everything you could say thanks for. At a minimum, after reading this entry, you will realize that your pressing problems are completely solvable. You are in a good mood and fighting spirit. We devoted an entire article to the practice of gratitude, 12 steps of gratitude. How to recognize true happiness.

16. Water is an energy source

Before running to the refrigerator, drink a glass of water. This will be enough to fill the moisture deficit and feel you will become much better. Water with a slice of lemon or lemon juice will help trigger processes in the stomach, and will aid digestion.

We highly recommend that you read our article Living and Dead Water Properties and Applications. Water quality affects our health greatly, so I advise you to take the time to read this article. By the way, there is another article on the site about water and its properties: Method Zelanda Glass of Water for the fulfillment of desires!

Having saved yourself from unnecessary fuss in the morning and correctly planning the beginning of the day, in the evening you will be pleasantly surprised. The whole day will be extremely productive: all the planned things will be done, while you feel not wild fatigue, but satisfaction. And this means that you still have the strength for your family and hobbies. Do you like this kind of life? In this case, accustom yourself to the main thing: to start the day in the early morning. Well, our tips on how best to start the morning will only help you!