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How to promote your site yourself


Today, in the age of automatic promotion services (link purchasing), there is no need to contact a third-party SEO company and outsource the optimization and promotion of your site. Spend a little time learning how to quickly promote a site yourself, and you will save a lot of money.

I have been promoting websites in search engines since 2005, I started with my resources, then I started working as a client, worked for 2 years in a SEO company, then I left and continued to work for myself. At the moment, I give priority to my own projects and portals. Because over the years I have promoted in the TOP10 more than a dozen sites, I decided to share my experience.

The SEO market has actually changed a lot over the last 5-7 years. Earlier, companies engaged in website promotion hired link managers who sat and stupidly exchanged links with other resources, but today the need for such works has disappeared thanks to the evolution of search algorithms (search engines have begun to take into account reciprocal links much less). And today, to replace the link mass exchange, its purchase takes place. Buying on so-called link exchanges.

So is it worth giving the site to promote a third-party company?

No, not worth it. I’ll clarify. Do you know how the work goes there? The site is working on internal optimization, then links are purchased and everything, nothing else is done, and you pay on a monthly basis. For example, pay 30,000 every month, of which 10,000 the SEO company forwards to the aggregator to pay for links, and takes 20,000 for itself. So why would you pay this company 30,000 every month if you can pay directly to the link aggregator 10,000? This is what people who do not save money at all and do not want to at least a little understanding of this matter do. All these figures are of course conditional, but the approximate picture looks exactly like that.

Thus, if you want to save a lot of money and decide to raise the site in a search engine yourself, then pay for links directly to the aggregator, and not through a seo-office. The only obstacle is the initial internal optimization of the site. Without it, it’s better not to buy links, otherwise the budget can fly into the pipe. Below I will describe all the stages and tell you how to promote the site myself, including how to get around this obstacle.

Of course, there are complex cases, voluminous sites, online stores, for example, with curves to the same engines. There can not do without a specialist. But again, a specialist is required only at the initial stage to work on the site and prepare it for promotion, in the future its services, for the most part, are not needed. Only occasionally you can resort to them in emergency situations, and just pay for the links and keep track of the budget. In my practice, in most cases, internal optimization of a client’s site takes 1-3 days.

So, what are the main work to promote a site on the Internet? This is an internal optimization and purchase of links, the text of which contains promoted phrases. You can do all this yourself without any problems! There really is nothing complicated. Spending time and effort on optimization, you will save huge amounts of money later on, because you just have to pay for the purchased links and all. You’ll just pay, as I said, several times less already directly to the exchange, and not to SEO companies.

Remember that purchasing links is not the main thing. The main thing is to optimize the site well first, I do not advise you to promote an unoptimized resource in search engines, spend your money in vain.

Stage 1 - Selection of the semantic core

First of all, you need to pick up key phrases on which you will advance. To do this, go to the service from Yandex - Choose your region and enter any phrase related to your business, for example, "interior doors":

We see the service showed all phrases that are associated with the dialed and which users also request. The numbers are the number of impressions, i.e. how many times a user saw Yandex ads on a search page when he typed that phrase. Those. a person dialed a request - this is one impression, went to the second page of the issuance of this key - this is the second impression. Thus, there can be several of them per user. What does it mean? This means that this figure can be safely divided by 3, because we are interested in requests, not impressions. In any case, if you still don’t understand what it’s about, look at these numbers and navigate them, they give an overall picture of the popularity of the phrase. If it is popular, then you can take in promotion.

And further. It’s better to type a phrase in quotation marks, we tell Yandex to show demand precisely for it, and not for all phrases where it may enter. It is also advisable to add a "!" before a word, it means that you want to know just such a word form without changing the ending, case, etc. Those. “interior door” and “interior doors” are one and the same thing, and if you type “interior door!”, the numbers will show exactly for this phrase in this declension. How many keys to dial? Take 10. To begin with, there can actually be dozens, and hundreds, and thousands.

Stage 2 - Internal website optimization

Now we need to define landing pages for promotion. Under each phrase, look for the page that matches it. On one page I recommend taking 1-4 requests, no more. Write everything to an Excel file, it’s convenient to work there.

If you create a new page for a promoted phrase, then everything is simple and easy. Just order the text (from a copywriter or on a text exchange or in the Rookee service) and specify 1-4 keywords in the technical task. The copywriter will write the text specifically for these keywords. You just have to post the text on your site.

Another tip on how to find a relevant page. To do this, in the search engine, enter the following design: "your request site: site address".

The first place in the SERP will be occupied by the most relevant page (according to Yandex). This can help you find relevant pages. Everything is exactly the same on Google.

Next begins the very internal optimization of the site pages. What is included here? The main points are three points:

    Page title enclosed in tag

Tittle (this is the inscription that you see at the very top of the browser tab),

  • Unique text including the phrases themselves.
  • These three conditions must be met for each page you promote. Optimize exactly the pages that you have chosen to promote. You do not need to shovel the entire site. But there are exceptions: for example, the same Tittle on all pages. In this situation, you already need to understand the CMS (site management system) level, something is not configured there, or it is a curve.

    I will not write down what h1 and tittle are, I still do not publish a book, but a short guide. Type in Yandex queries "h1 what is it" or something like that, and find out what's what and how to fill in these tags.

    Of course, there are other little things that you can pay attention to. These are meta tags Descriptions, Keywords. In most cases, Google actively uses the first of them to snippet the site (a fragment of text as a result of search results that appears under the blue link to the site), I also recommend filling them out, but this is not necessary.

    Of great importance is the menu structure. Please note that the promotion page should be no further than two clicks from the main page. It’s better to have a through link in the menu to this page. This is a good plus when promoting. All these alterations in terms of complexity depend on the CMS site.

    About the texts. You need unique articles with key phrases included. Go to, there you will easily find a copywriter. Give him the topic of the article with key phrases that should be included there, he writes, you are posting the article on the page you are promoting. That's all. The cost of their services is different. For a normal text, they will ask somewhere 100 - 200 rubles per 1000 characters of text. Those. for such a price you can find a normal copywriter. Usually it takes me 3000-5000 rubles to fill in a promoted website to fill out unique information. Or you can use a similar service in the same Hands. Local copywriters write great texts.

    I described the basic things that you need to spend time on. Very often this is enough to start the promotion, but not always. Pay attention also to the following points, so that, in the event of a failure to appear in the phrase in TOP10, do not rack your brains and think why it happened.

      You should know that there is no similar second site with the same contact details (phones, addresses) in the SERP. Otherwise, Yandex may accept your resource as an affiliate of another and it will be impossible to promote it on some requests. Two identical sites often happen when one of the company’s employees decided to separate and start their own business, while “taking” the site.

    Check the robots.txt file, which is located in the root of the server, i.e. in the folder where your site is located (if the file is not there, then create). It is necessary to indicate the main mirror there: for example, "Host:" and prohibit indexing of duplicate pages and any technical pages that should not be searched (for example, the CMS admin panel). Duplicate pages, by the way, are a big problem for online stores and large sites, their engines create a very large number of duplicate pages that interfere with promotion. You will find all directives on how to prohibit indexing of unnecessary pages in Yandex help:

    Often, the search engine incorrectly determines the main mirror of the site, i.e. you promote, and he took for the main mirror (i.e. from www). In this situation, you need to configure 301 redirects from one option to another. All this is done in a file that lies in the root of the site and is called ".htaccess". Just as I wrote above, do not forget to specify the main mirror in robots.txt

    Keywords in the text are sometimes highlighted with the tag "strong". This will increase their weight. But do not abuse. Typically, the "strong" tag is used 1 time per 1500-2000 characters.

  • Check that the inaccessible pages of the site give an error code of 404. Often the page is inaccessible, the number 404 is written and that such a page does not exist, but the server gives the code 200, not 404. This means that the search engine will index all these pages, which will be very bad , because they are all the same and are duplicates. It will be a plus if you design it in the style of your site and add navigation to it. This will allow the user to understand that there is no page and continue navigating the resource.
  • Most of the above will allow you to check the Rookee service, which I will discuss below.

    The Rookee service has the following tools:

      Technical audit of the site. You can conduct a free “Basic” audit, or you can order a paid comprehensive audit (it will be carried out automatically by their Rooletka service). Comprehensive audit is very useful. It allows you to check the correct design of all pages of your site from a technical point of view. The price of this audit is quite humane - from 300 to 1000 rubles and depends on the number of pages analyzed. All the new sites that I take to work I check through this resource. To conduct an audit, log in / register with the Rookee service, then select “Technical site audit” in the menu. Indicate the resource you need and click either “Order Analysis” (this is a comprehensive audit of the site in the Rooletka service - from 300 rubles) or “Analyze in Rookee”.

  • Recently, the "Showcase of Services" has appeared - this is an expanded set of analytical tools and auxiliary SEO services. All the functionality here is paid, because Experienced CEOs will work for you. Therefore, if you need help, feel free to go to this section and order. The price tag is also acceptable. I certainly don’t need it, I usually analyze and do everything for myself, but for fun, I tried it, and I liked the result.
  • Also, install the Google Analytics Google Analytics counter ( on the website. I use it and recommend it to everyone. Of the free, this is the most powerful tool. Or you can put Yandex.Metrica or LiveInternet.

    The internal optimization of the site is completed, let's move on to external optimization, i.e. to the purchase of reference mass.

    Stage 3 - Buying links

    Task: to purchase links to the promoted pages. Where to buy? In fact, there are a lot of exchanges and aggregators, I will show Rookee as an example of a link aggregator, I have been working in it for the last four years, I switched to it from

    What does it allow and what do I like?

    He purchases links according to configured rules. If the purchased link crashed from the search engine index, then it becomes useless, at that moment the aggregator itself replaces it with another, working one, which is in the index. Thus, when you have purchased thousands of links, you do not need to follow them, everything will be done automatically. Purchased and forgotten. Only replenish the balance.

    He purchases links from trust sites. More than a year ago, Ruki partnered with the famous CheckTrust SEO service, which analyzes the quality of sites. As a result, Ruki was able to offer a selection of trust donors (the site from which the link to yours is). Yes, they are somewhat more expensive, but, I think, it is better not to save on quality. Today it is important that the link is from quality sites, search engines take this into account. More information about them can be read HERE, connect HERE.

    The principle is this: you indicate the site you are promoting, the semantics for it, show which page matches which request, set a budget for each request (key phrase) and indicate the goal for each - to achieve TOP10 (or TOP3, for example). If you set a budget for the phrase 100 rubles, it cost 10 rubles. and this was enough to achieve TOP, then the remaining 90 rubles. will not be wasted. This is another good plus.

    So, register in the aggregator by reference.

    We go into your personal account and click "Add an advertising campaign:"

    After that, we go to the wizard for creating an advertising campaign:

    Here we will need to specify the domain of our site. The service will automatically check its performance. Next, select the promotion region (indicate which region the site belongs to, so that it is ranked by geo-dependent queries in Yandex) and the search engine.

    Click "Next Step".

    Now the service will automatically select queries for the site. At this step, I recommend looking at all the semantics that the service picked up, removing unnecessary phrases, and adding the keys that we made up in step 1. To do this, click on the "Add Requests" link:

    For example, I added three phrases. After adding requests for promotion, click "Create Project" and go to the interface for managing the advertising campaign. Go to the "Requests" tab:

    I think you need to consider the table with key phrases in detail.

    And so, the first column is called "TOP", the number 3 is indicated in the "round", this means that links to this request will be purchased until your site reaches the 3rd place in the search results. You can change and put 10, i.e. Your task is the top ten search results.

    Next is the "POS" column, it reports what position this request takes in Yandex.

    "Request" is actually the search phrase by which you want to be in the TOP.

    "Page" - the service automatically determines which page of your site corresponds to this key. Then he takes data from the issuance of Yandex. Those. if you go into the advanced Yandex search, there you will do a search on the site by typing a request, then the very first position will be considered relevant, and the service takes it. This page is not always the one you need to promote; check with your landing pages that you defined at the very beginning of stage 2.

    The next column is Budget. This is a monthly promotion budget, the service predicts it automatically, but, unfortunately, is not always correct. A very expensive query can get into the table, and if desired, its budget can be reduced. In general, budget assessment is a separate issue; I determine it more by eye and based on experience. Therefore, I buy links at least 3000-5000 rubles a month, depending on the competitiveness of the topic. Accordingly, based on this, you need to specify budgets. To begin with, each request can be set 100-200 rubles., Then you can still increase. At the same time, make sure that the total budget of all key phrases is at the level of 3000-5000 rubles, preferably not less. This amount is often enough to get a good effect. And if the request does not go to the desired TOP, then the budget can be increased. I have also had projects with budgets of 25,000 - 50,000 rubles. per month, but these are separate topics, individual sites and requests.

    For example, you added 10 keys with a budget for each of 100 rubles. As a result, you get 1000 rubles, which is small, so you can either increase the request budget to 300 rubles, or add another 20 phrases with a budget of 100 rubles. for each.

    "Links" - the number of purchased links for the request (so far you have 0).

    "Traffic" is the forecast of the number of visitors to the site per month when it reaches the selected position.

    Еще один важный столбец - это "Стратегия", о ней я расскажу ниже поподробней. Вы можете оставить значение по умолчанию, как и все остальное.

    Вроде все, нажимаем на "Запустить". После этого закупка ссылок началась на наши страницы. Можно ждать результат.

    Мы запустили в продвижение свой сайт. I want to note that the purchase of links will take place according to standard scenarios (strategies), with standard purchasing rules. To promote non-competitive requests, everything I wrote is enough. For specialists, there is a special section in the left-hand menu of “Strategies”, where you can create your own strategy for yourself, define the rules for removing links and the rules for generating texts for them. You don’t have to go there, you still don’t understand anything, in the default strategies all this is configured.

    Now, sometimes you will need to go to the service in the "Promotion Results" section and watch these same results. There you can see the positions held for each request, how many links are purchased, how much money is spent on each key, etc. If you see that the budget is not enough and the phrase does not rise to the desired TOP, increase the budget.

    I want to warn you against wasted money. If you have highly competitive requests like “cargo transportation”, “plastic windows”, then simply purchasing links will not help, you are unlikely to reach the TOP. At a minimum, in addition to this, it will be necessary to purchase eternal links in the service, which are placed in publications specially created for you (news and articles), they give a greater effect in terms of promotion. My words, first of all, concern the city of Moscow. In the regions there is no strong competition, there almost any request can be deduced by the purchase of conventional links (in the Hands they are called leased).

    That’s probably all. Using this guide, you can easily promote your own site by paying directly to the link aggregator for links, rather than a SEO company that would take three times as much money for such work. I wish you success!

    So, useful resources:

    Useful SEO Rookee Promotion Tools

    Here I want to talk about some of the features of the ROOKEE service and its interesting offers. This will help a lot if you are just starting your promotion or your site needs initial optimization.

    As I wrote a little higher (in the "Internal Optimization" section), the Rookee service has one section with interesting seo tools. I will highlight in it the most interesting proposals in my opinion. In order to start website promotion you need to register:

      Low-frequency promotion - This is a set of works without SEO links. When communicating with the support service, I found out that when connecting this service, the site will do internal optimization and write and post texts that will be tailored for low-frequency queries. This will allow attracting an additional and significant amount of traffic to the resource. At the same time, your site will gradually develop and acquire content. For me, this is a very useful and painless service that will not affect any consequences if you refuse it.

    SEO-Booster - This is the only service with a guarantee of the growth of positions. According to the support service, if there is no positive dynamics, part of the money will be returned. It includes both text optimization and display advertising. Those. among other things, direct interested traffic will be attracted to the site.

  • Personal manager - This is a personal manager who is assigned to you and helps with the site setup, with an advertising company, etc. I recommend ordering at the initial stage if difficulties arise. A personal manager is suitable for those who are just starting to work with promotion.
  • Now the results that I got by connecting two of these services.

    Low-frequency promotion - I managed to connect it at the testing stage. The service was connected to one of my sites (I didn’t take client ones). So, after several months of use (when texts and pages got into the index and were a little fun in the results), the result appeared. Not thousands of visits, but the plus of about 300 people with these URLs per month is good. Moreover, these are interested users with excellent behavioral. In other words, the targeted traffic went to the pages where the texts were placed. Of course, it is not surprising that targeted visitors appeared on low-frequency queries))) It is surprising that an automated service did this. Those. Rookee really works with this service.

    SEO-Booster - I also connected this service on a closed test. They made a discount for her (while there was a test) and I connected two sites. One is from Moscow (commercial topics) and the second regional site is Yekaterinburg (also commercial). Both sites are client-side. A month later, the service was not very pleasing. If there were any results for Yekaterinburg, then for Moscow everything stood still. Of course, there was media traffic, but the promised growth in positions was not observed. In the second month, the first really tangible results appeared. In Yekaterinburg, tangible positive dynamics appeared. In Moscow, too, positions have grown, but not so much so.

    So traffic has changed with low-frequency promotion:

    So the position in Moscow has changed:

    So the positions in Yekaterinburg have changed:

    Bottom line: I recommend using both services. They fully justify themselves. If you do not know how to compose a low-frequency semantic core and write texts, then be sure to connect the "Low-frequency promotion." As for the SEO-Booster service, there are some restrictions for me that they did not warn me about. It works great for regional sites. For Moscow (in my opinion) the service can be activated only for low-competitive topics. For competitive topics may not fade.

    The Rookee service also offers other services in its Service Showcase. But for me they are ordinary and everyone has already learned how to do them normally. And these two in my practice are still quite unique and, most importantly, show the result.

    My experience of self-promotion site

    I took screenshots from the Google Analytics Internet statistics service of client projects that I have in progress. Some of them are my personal portals. This is a graph of traffic growth after starting work on SEO:

    This is a general screen of the list of promoted sites (all are not included in the screen):

    As you can see from this screenshot, the bounce rate for two sites is more than 77%, this does not mean poor search traffic, because the data I promote are reference books, i.e. people go to the page, see the organization’s phone number and close it, therefore this indicator is so high.

    The screen below is already from the service for one of the projects, which, incidentally, is also being promoted according to the standard scheme, as described here, the growth of positions after the purchase of links (medium-frequency queries):

    And this is the screen of my account, where I promote client sites (changed domains):

    Sign up for the ROOKEE service, and try to promote your site yourself, as I did.

    But do not forget also about internal optimization and behavioral factors. Now they are also important.

    An integrated and individual approach to the promotion of each site

    To attract visitors it’s not enough to buy a domain name, place yourself on the highest quality hosting and fill out the site with useful information. It is necessary to carry out a comprehensive and high-quality promotion of the project. Many Internet sites try to give advice on how to promote the site yourself, but these tips are not always effective, structured and really useful, because they are general in nature. The issue of promotion should always be approached not only comprehensively, but also optimally and individually. By understanding what a specific resource needs, you can achieve maximum results.

    How to increase site traffic

    Knowing how expensive the event is to contact professional companies involved in Internet promotion, each entrepreneur seeks to learn how to promote his website for free. There are several important areas of activity that, together, will help to raise the site in search engines without any investments and affect its traffic. It:

    • page relevance
    • original content
    • high quality design
    • registration in search engines,
    • registration in free catalogs,
    • social bookmarking and so on.

    Conventionally, all these methods can be attributed to internal or external optimization. Do not think that internal website optimization is less important or less useful than an attack on external resources. Just the opposite, if you take it lightly, you can put a bold cross on the site.

    Any potential buyer or client who searches for a product or service on the Internet is faced with a great many competing resources. It is necessary to make it clear that it is your project that is more valuable and ideal than others. It is even more difficult to convince the search engines through which a potential consumer comes to you, therefore all the subtleties of the question of how to promote the site yourself should be given special attention.

    How search engines work

    The promotion process is long and laborious, but worth it. In order to move in the right direction, you need to understand how search engines work. It happens as follows:

    • the user enters "keys" in the search form, i.e. words of interest to him, which are called key, which implies the necessary website promotion by keywords,
    • the search engine algorithm, which is constantly being improved and changed, selects, according to the words from its own database, the pages that match the user’s input as much as possible - searches for pages relevant to the request.

    Search engine algorithms are complicated, but you have to figure it out in order to really optimize your resource for them. The ideology of search engines is such that they can only issue decent and high-quality material that can satisfy the target audience. Forming the results for the user, search engines analyze a whole set of various factors that allow us to conclude that this particular resource is more or less important for the user than competitors' resources.

    According to representatives of Yandex, in the algorithm of the most popular search engine in Runet, factors for determining quality are about a thousand. From this we can conclude: the greater the number of such factors taken into account during optimization, the more chances your resource has to get into the top ten as a result of complex promotion. First of all, when deciding how to promote a site in search engines, you should focus on the most influential of these factors.

    Internal Optimization Tools

    Correct internal optimization, quality of site materials - 50% success. The site must comply with such characteristics as:

    • high-quality, most unique content, useful and interesting to the consumer,
    • search engine optimization of pages,
    • clear and simple structure
    • User-friendly navigation
    • their correct internal linking,
    • valid code
    • optimal and high-quality design.

    Content optimization

    Particular attention should be paid to content, i.e. site content. It should be as unique as possible. It is about 95-100 percent uniqueness. Deviation from this higher bar is permissible only in those parts of the text that cannot be unique by definition (formulas, formulations, postulates, technical specifications, names, quotes, etc.).

    In order to verify the uniqueness of the articles, the network offers many tools that should be used before publication. It can be both online services and stationary programs like the popular eTXT Anti-Plagiarism and Advego Plagiatus (it is good practice to check the uniqueness of the text in both programs). After verification, correct non-unique offers and duplicates found during verification, and calmly fill out the pages of your resource.

    Page Search Engine Optimization

    All pages of the site must be optimized for search queries that are set in advance. Having forgotten about this important part of promotion, you will miss the important part of the question of how to promote your site in search engines and doom your resource to invisibility for the target audience coming from search engines. The absence of such optimization will worsen the behavioral indicators of your project, which will immediately adversely affect the progress. To optimize pages, you must comply with the rules for creating and structuring materials, namely the presence of:

    • Title i.e. the title of the page, increasing the relevance of the page, attracting robots and users with content and keywords promoted on the page (direct entry),
    • H1-H6 - headings of levels 1-6 (respectively significance) in the content of the page containing keywords in direct and morphological occurrence (H1 is used 1 time per page),
    • the presence of keywords in the text in direct, morphological, diluted occurrences,
    • the use of highlight tags in the text to focus on certain points and increase the weight of the keys,
    • the information content of the promoted page containing 300 words or more, graphics, photos and other necessary and complementary text elements of the page.

    Website promotion in search engines: what is the point and where to start promotion?

    So, how to promote your site in search engines and what is the point of promotion? What do you need to know and do for a beginner seoshnik so that you can independently use free or paid methods to promote your Internet resource in the TOP of leading search engines such as Yandex and Google?

    In fact, the site promotion consists of two main factors, which significantly affect the ranking in the search:

    • internal optimization (preparation) - this includes many parameters from selecting key phrases to setting up redirects (this is discussed in more detail in this article),
    • external optimization (promotion) - a gradual and systematic increase in backlinks (backlinks, "backs") to the site from thematic resources, social networks, press releases, forums, white directories and other sources, thereby showing the significance of your resource in " eyes of search robots.

    All this suggests that it is necessary to carry out a number of targeted actions to improve the internal parameters of the site and increase the external link mass. And collectively, this will give a good "kick" to the site to move up in the search.

    However, do not wait for the rapid growth of positions. The reality is that achieving acceptable results will be possible no sooner than after 6-12 months. In general, you will find constant and painstaking work.

    Where to start promotion in search engines? Obviously, you need to start the promotion of the site by restoring the internal order of the web resource (we study the information by clicking on the link a little higher), and then move on to the external component.

    Further ways of promotion.

    Free ways to promote the site: self-promotion

    Be patient, because using free methods to independently promote a site in search engines will take some time, and as mentioned above, this process can take up to a year (you can forget about fast promotion in this case). During this period, the web resource should “grow” with a link, and this should happen gradually (not in bulk) in order to avoid imposing filters on search engines (Yandex and / or Google).

    To promote the site yourself and without cash investments you have to:

    • "get" thematic links from more or less high-quality sites, otherwise there will be no sense, but for this,
    • check donor sites (where the back link to your resource will be placed) using a free online tool for checking trust and other indicators, for example, the service,
    • yourself (yourself) to write many unique articles, leave comments and do other work.

    #one. Link Exchange Promotion

    The meaning of promotion in this way is that you find sites on the Internet with a similar or close to your subject and agree with webmasters to exchange links. Simply put, you put a link from your site to him, and he - from his to yours.

    Schemes and types of exchange:

    • direct (as in the case above), cross and circular (when more than three sites are involved). By the way, the last two are more preferable in order to avoid misunderstandings with search engines,
    • manual (safe way) - independent search and selection of sites and automatic - programmatic link exchange (risky, not recommended).

    The method of promotion is a thing of the past, and the complexity of implementing this approach nullifies the efforts made to implement it. However, if you are interested in such a method, then building a TIC site is quite realistic.

    # 2 Promotion with the help of free catalogs of articles and sites

    Catalogs of articles. You need to write a certain number of unique articles with a link inside to your site and manually place them in free article directories, for example here (check the trust before adding):

    • and others.

    Directories of sites. It’s worth trying to add your site to some directories, which will give it a color in the form of an increase in TIC and trust from search engines:

    • Yandex Catalog is a moderated catalog, sites are accepted (not everything in a row) for free and for a fee. Before adding, check out the Yandex requirements,
    • DMOZ — международный и модерируемый волонтерами каталог сайтов с поддержкой русского и других языков. Дмоз бесплатен, но попасть сюда смогут опять же не все веб-сайты.

    Чтобы подать заявку в DMOZ, сделайте следующее:

    • правильно выберите рубрику, то есть соответствующую тематике ресурса, например, "Бизнес", затем подрубрику, допустим, "Малый бизнес", теперь в меню появится ссылка "предложить URL" (жмете сюда),
    • заполните все графы — URL, заголовок и описание сайта, ваш e-mail и защитная капча,
    • wait for approval or rejection of the application - it may take some time (a month, two ... six ... year - it is not known for sure).

    Here are a few more:,,,, and others.

    Paid directories:,,

    # 3 Website Promotion with Free Blog Hosting

    I am sure that you are familiar with such popular blog hosting services as:,,, and others for blogging and personal diaries.

    With their help, you can try to promote your site for free in search engines. How to do it? The principle is this:

    • create several blogs related to the topic of the site being developed,
    • Fill them with texts with a link inside to the promoted site,
    • From time to time, write unique thematic articles on blogs with linking.

    Just do not get carried away too much, you do not need to link to your site with each new article. To add naturalness, it will be appropriate to put links to other trust Internet resources (for example, Wikipedia, Ozone and others).

    #four. Website promotion by commenting on blogs and forums

    You can leave your link and get an additional source of traffic by adding comments on various thematic blogs and forums.

    Blogs Blogs can be nofollow and dofollow, that is, respectively, the link will not be indexed and will be indexed by search engines. Of greater interest are the latter. On the Internet you will find whole lists of such blogs. Enter in the search (in Google or Yandex): the dofollow blog base.

    Forums Links from forums are appreciated by search engines. To give naturalness to the promotion, it is better to use non-anchor backlinks, that is, without using key phrases in them, but only the URL of your site. Search the internet for topic forums to post comments.

    Important! Forums, blogs should be visited, and your comments, messages are unique and carry some meaning, that is, are useful to other users. Do not use spam.

    #5. Promotion of press releases on the Internet

    Press release - a way to announce your site, any significant event. In simple terms, this is a small news article (500-1000 characters) for publication in the media. Applicable to our niche, the reason for publishing a press release may be, for example, the opening of a new website for construction equipment, an entertainment portal, and so on.

    Where can I post a press release online? Here are a few options:


    Paid press release posting:

    # 6 Social Media Promotion: SMM Promotion

    This method does not apply to search (organic, SEO) promotion. The meaning of the method is to attract traffic to a promoted site from social networks - a huge audience of users. The method is called SMM-promotion (Social Media Marketing). Thus, you get additional traffic and increase the trust of search engines to your resource. How to organize SMM promotion? Options:

    • create and lead a thematic group in one or more social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook and others),
    • or use the search and find groups from your niche and write interesting messages in them (without using spam) with a link to your resource.

    In addition, you can install widgets for social network groups on the site, as well as the buttons "share", "like" and so on.

    Is self-promotion of a site beneficial without investing money?

    The above methods will be enough for you to start a campaign for free website promotion in search engines. But is it worth it? It is beneficial to engage in promotion without investing money if:

    • you don’t have any additional funds that you can use to promote,
    • For you, quick results are not a priority, because,
    • you have the time and desire to independently study and put into practice the intricacies of SEO and SMM promotion.

    In this case, the complexity and laboriousness of the work you are ensured to free to promote your website in the TOPs of search engines. A large amount of work will fall on your shoulders: selecting decent donor sites, writing texts for publishing press releases, comments, messages and so on, and all this will take time, patience and ... stress resistance, which not everyone can do. Therefore, it is reasonable to use paid promotion methods to achieve a faster effect and rid yourself of routine.

    Paid ways of website promotion: link and article exchanges, automated promotion

    Paid search engine promotion methods are mainly distinguished by their effectiveness. Having sent a certain budget to promotion, you can significantly reduce time costs and quickly get the desired result.

    Under this heading, we’ll look at how to promote a site in search engines using:

    • link exchanges - you will get acquainted with the types of links, promotion strategies, the best link exchanges,
    • of stock exchanges - you will find out why article promotion gives a big return and which exchanges are better to work with,
    • automated tools - consider how to automate the process of website promotion in order to simplify this task.

    # 7 Website promotion with purchased links: rental and eternal, anchor and non-anchor, strategies, exchanges

    Buying links is almost the main method of website promotion in search engines. Despite Yandex’s statements about the cancellation of the link, we can say that this is not entirely true - with the right approach, purchased links work and give a good effect. This is evidenced by many optimizer reviews on forums dedicated to SEO promotion.

    But the purchase of “backs” from explicit so-called link-washing machines - web resources that are created specifically for selling links, that is, that do not contain any useful information for visitors, can harm a promoted site in the form of a drawdown of positions in the search.

    To better understand the seriousness of the venture, let's first talk about the types of links: what are they, which ones to buy, and in what quantities?

    So, the following types of links are used for promotion: rental and eternal, anchor and non-anchor, image links. Consider them.

    # 7.1 Leased and eternal links: pros and cons, what to choose?

    Types of purchased links (by placement time): leased (temporary) and eternal (permanent, forever).

    What links to buy - rental or eternal? To answer this question, let's briefly look at their pros and cons.

    • pluses - profitable in price, a large selection of donor sites, it’s easier to manage, a wider range of opportunities,
    • cons - monthly or daily payment, possibly link blinking, for example, in the absence of money on the balance (forgot to replenish) - the link will be removed, and this is not good for SEO promotion.

    • pluses - less risk (no blinking), quality of link placement, one-time payment,
    • cons - high cost, possibly reducing the weight of the link, for example, when they are added in the form of news.

    What to choose? For the promotion of their sites with a long term, it is advisable to buy eternal links, for client - rental. Also, a combination of two types of links can bring good results.

    # 7.2 Anchor and non-anchor links, image links: which ones to use?

    And links are distinguished by content: anchor and non-anchor, image links.

    Anchor links: the link text contains a promoted phrase, an example of how to promote a site.

    Non-anchor links: the text of the link contains the URL of the site or page, as well as words of the type — here, here, link, for more details, read on, for example, (the URL of the page is registered )

    Image links: this type of link contains a graphic image (banner, picture).

    Which to use? Unchannel promotion in search engines will look like natural, you do not need to worry about possible sanctions. Therefore, sites that are less than a year old are best moved with unannounced back-ups.

    As for the anchor advancement, be very careful here. Firstly, it’s better to order such links in separate articles (see article promotion below). Secondly, to give naturalness to use modified phrases each time (changing the number, case, adding words) with the compilation of an anchor list, where you will enter all applied keywords.

    Do not forget about image links, you can buy them in order to dilute the link profile.

    # 7.3 How many buy links to promote?

    How many links to buy? Everything here is purely individual. No one will tell you the exact number of links needed to promote the site: neither pros, nor gurus, not even Yandex or Google employees.

    To roughly understand how much you need, pay attention to the following indicators:

    • The age of your site
    • his attendance
    • initial number of links.

    Example. If your site, for example, is six months old and has little traffic (50-100 unique entries per day), but not a single web resource refers to it, then the appearance of 2-3 purchased links per week will definitely not arouse suspicion among search engines. And after a couple of months, this amount can be gradually increased.

    Also, it is important to understand that you should not buy links to only one, two or three pages. You need to purchase links even to those pages that you do not promote. So there will be no "advantage" and will look natural.

    # 7.4 Purchasing Link Strategies

    • publish an SEO article on your site, that is, tailored for a specific search query or several (2-5), for example, "how to promote a site in search engines yourself", "how to promote a site in search engines for free",
    • buy on the exchanges links to a published article,
    • Check the site’s position in one to two months.

    • Fill the site with optimized articles, but don’t buy links,
    • after 3-4 months, analyze the traffic (the LiveInternet counter should be installed on your site) for clicks from the search using the necessary "keys" - for this, log in to and go to the "search phrases" section (in the left column ),
    • using the KeyCollector program (software paid), take all the statistics of your site by keywords from LiveInternet and check what positions they are in search engines - we will be interested in phrases no further than TOP-20 - so you have data on keywords / phrases and the corresponding pages on your site,
    • Now we buy reference on specialized exchanges.

    # 7.5 Link exchanges: where to buy links, what you need to know and how to choose reliable donor sites?

    Where to buy links? As a rule, purchases are made at reference exchanges. Popular back-end purchasing systems: - the largest runet exchange, here you can:

    • to purchase (manually or automatically) rental and eternal links (there is interest-free installment plan),
    • make an order for writing texts,
    • promote your site with articles
    • order automatic website promotion,
    • audit the resource
    • also, there are tools for working with contextual advertising. is a quality links service forever, in which donor sites are carefully selected by moderators. Here you can not only buy an eternal link in the guard, but also order its placement in a separate article. Exchange guarantees - for non-removal of links, indexing of donor pages, for non-dropout of pages from the index. For more information about guarantees and other advantages of the exchange, see the official website.

    What you need to know when working with link exchanges? An important step in working with reference exchanges is to look at the database of sites and filter out unsuitable sites for linking. It is advisable to do this work manually in order to select reliable donor sites. This is hard work, but with a guarantee!

    The main criteria for evaluating donor sites (tools for determining most of the parameters at the end of the article):

    • the presence of PS in the indices is a paramount requirement for the donor site, because if the web resource is not indexed by search engines (Yandex and Google), then there is no sense in it — it is important that not only the main page, but also the internal pages are in the index, and if the number of pages indexed is approximately the same as the number of pages published on the site, it’s almost perfect,
    • topics - post links in thematic articles or surrounded by thematic text,
    • hosting - do not buy links on sites with free hosting - sites / blogs with a third-level domain (Yukoz, Blogspot and others),
    • site age * - at least 1 year (the older the better),
    • puzomerki - the high rates of TIC (from 100) and PR (from 3) speak to some extent about the reliability of the donor, and the higher they are, the more expensive the link from it,
    • attendance - referring to conversions from search engines - 100 or more unique visitors per day is already good - if visually there are no counters and it is not possible to check the statistics, then do not consider the resource as a potential donor site,
    • Yandex.Direct advertising (desirable, but not necessary) - if the donor has ads from Yandex (not from Google), then this is very good, then the site was checked by moderators,
    • Yandex Catalog and DMOZ - the presence of reference donors in at least one of the catalogs listed will be an advantage,
    • spamming - if a donor site openly sells links or has a large number of outgoing links (much more than incoming), then stay away from such resources,
    • design - the appearance of the site can also tell about the seriousness of the resource.

    * - it is necessary to distinguish between "domain age" (counted from the date of registration) and "site age" (taken into account from the moment the site is indexed).

    Conclusion: the selection of suitable donors can take considerable time, but indirectly you can judge the suitability by the price per link and the higher it is, the more likely it is that the donor site is an SDL resource. But not a fact! Only careful and manual selection guarantees the high quality of donor sites.

    #8. Article promotion of the site: pros and cons, requirements for articles and donors, strategy, the best exchanges

    Ideally, links are best acquired in new articles, that is, previously unpublished ones, this way you will achieve significant SEO effect and maximum naturalness in website promotion, and you can also get targeted traffic in the appendage. True, in this case much more resources are spent, both temporary and monetary.

    So, article promotion is a promotion method in which a unique article is published on a donor site with "wired" links. Unlike the free article directories discussed above, posting for money allows you to publish texts on trust resources, the choice of which is limited by your budget.

    Pros and cons of website promotion articles:

    • pluses - SEO-efficiency, safe for the site being promoted (with a competent approach), up to 2-3 links in the text, the absence of other people's links in the text, one-time payment are possible.
    • cons - the high cost of the work (writing an article + its placement), it can be difficult to find high-quality and suitable donor sites, the SEO effect does not occur immediately, but only after a few months.

    What else do you need to know and how to successfully promote a site in the TOP of search engines using article promotion?

    Requirements for donor sites: the above requirements for donor sites for the purchase of links will be valid for this case.

    Requirements for Articles:

    • uniqueness - you cannot distribute the same article, otherwise the search engines will perceive it as spam - for each link you need a new article,
    • articles for people - texts should be literate (spelling, punctuation) and interesting - as if you were writing (ordering) for yourself (your site), as well as structured - headings, lists, paragraphing and supplemented with pictures,
    • the volume of the article and the number of links - the number of characters in the range from 2000 to 3000 will be quite enough, up to two external links (as agreed with the webmaster) to different pages of your site can be placed on such a volume, and their location should be logical and natural.,
    • optimization and subject matter of articles - texts should be optimized for certain search phrases and match the subject site of the acceptor, which will positively affect SEO and raise the TIC for your resource.

    Article Promotion Strategy:

    • firstly, "do not drive horses" - posting one or two articles a week for a young site will be considered normal,
    • secondly, - article marketing requires systematic work - do not take long breaks and sudden jumps,
    • thirdly, - do not focus only on article promotion - use other methods of promotion (paid, free),
    • fourthly, the purchase of several eternal links (1-2 pieces) for each article (see diagram below) will help to increase the effectiveness of article promotion.

    Now we will pass directly to article exchanges.

    # 8.1 Best article exchanges

    In fact, there are not so many article exchanges that would be distinguished by quality and functionality. Here are the best. is the best article promotion system with quality donor sites on board. For optimizers, the World Exchange is:

    • natural website promotion,
    • trust sites
    • article store
    • insurance articles
    • Carefree service,
    • пополнение баланса удобным способом (электронные кошельки, безналичный расчет, банковские карты).

    Примерный алгоритм работы для размещения статей в интернете через Миралинкс:

    1. Регистрация в системе → ,
    2. Подготовка статьи(ей) со вшитыми (вставленными) в них ссылками и картинками для публикации через биржу (требования смотрите выше) — тут либо пишете самостоятельно, либо заказываете на биржах контента, либо покупаете на Миралинкс,
    3. Adding an article (s) to the World and waiting for moderation,
    4. Search for suitable donor sites and post articles (s).

    1. The exchange has a search line, a detailed guide to using the system and a FAQ section.

    2. Perform all actions on the exchange on the tab "Advertiser" (which means "optimizer").

    3. Keep a record of the keywords that you used in the articles - so you won’t get confused and screw up. For this you can use Word, Excel, Notepad - as you wish.

    4. If possible, select sites that accept articles with two external links (so you will immediately “kill two birds with one stone” and save on promotion).

    5. If you use third-party texts (wrote yourself, ordered not in the World), then first you need to add them to the exchange, which means that they will undergo a strict moderation. See the system requirements for articles in the corresponding section of the Miralinks exchange.

    A little about the option "Carefree order" or "others will do everything for you." It is not difficult to deal with the exchange, it would be time and desire, but if they are not available, you can use the services of Mira and transfer the "hardships" of creating and running an advertising campaign to its experienced employees (commission - 10%).

    What is included in the "Carefree" service:

    • writing articles
    • selection of donors on the subject of your site,
    • placement of articles on donor sites.

    You just need to activate the service and set some parameters. Read more about the service on the exchange. is an exchange for conducting article marketing, which can be considered not as an alternative to the World, but as an addition. The functionality of the system allows you to promote sites:

    • on social networks (feature of this exchange),
    • articles with different types of links - anchor and non-anchor, nofollow, image links,
    • SERM articles and press releases.

    In general, Webartex is a convenient and intuitive system that even a novice will find it easy to understand.

    Conclusion: article promotion of the site requires considerable financial investments and in order not to waste money, everything must be done wisely.

    #9. Website promotion using automated systems

    If you think that independently promoting a site in the TOPs of search engines such as Yandex or Google is an overwhelming task for you (lack of time and desire to learn the intricacies of SEO), then use the professional and reliable service, which is for the lion's share of hard work will make you and put the site in the TOP according to your needs. And that’s all with your minimal participation in website promotion. In the section "automatic website promotion" this process is considered in more detail.

    The main factors affecting the price of promotion in aggregators:

    • the internal state of the site - the quality of the content (uniqueness and usefulness of the information, the flow of information, the absence of spamming with keys in the text, tags and meta tags), the logical structure of the site, the correct linking, code validity, etc. (read about the "intranet" in the section by clicking on the link in beginning of this article)
    • external link - the quality of the external link mass (lack of links from the HS and non-thematic sites),
    • subject competition - the higher the competition, the more money will have to be invested in promotion.

    By the way, the "Hands" service allows you to determine the approximate cost of promotion.

    What is required of you? If the web resource is ready for promotion, then you just have to go through a simple registration, add the address of the website to be promoted into the system, configure and launch an advertising campaign. On this your "hard" work is finished. It remains only to observe how the position of the site is growing and not to forget to replenish the budget on time.

    Useful SEO tools: personal assistants in website promotion

    Let me remind you that by adopting SEO tools, you will greatly simplify your optimization life, especially if you decide to independently promote your site in the TOP search engines. To help optimizers, many services and programs have been developed that can collect various data about web resources and present them in the form of reports.

    To order unique articles, reviews, descriptions

    On any of the exchanges, you can select and buy articles, or order new ones from copywriters.

    • - a unique content exchange with convenient catalog search,
    • - exchange of quality articles at fair prices,
    • - texts for every taste (thematic, selling, copyright posts).

    To determine the site trust and other parameters

    • - an online service will help you check a donor site for a variety of parameters (site indexing, TIC, PR, search traffic, spam, external backlinks, keywords, etc.),
    • - a free online combine for SEO-checking sites (trust, content analysis, rating, site puzomerki and much more),
    • - quality control of reference donors, although there is a limitation - it is allowed to do 500 checks for free.

    For backlink analysis (external links)

    • Yandex Webmaster - allows you to check external links to your site for free if it is added to the panel for Webmasters. Not the best method for analyzing external backs, but you won’t pay money,
    • Google Search Console - a panel for webmasters from the Google search engine, also allows you to track external links, but again, only on your site,
    • is a partially free service for the analysis of any site to an external link. It also provides website promotion services.

    Specialized services (paid):,

    Recommendations for self-promotion site

    • do not rush to advance - if your resource is not even a month old, then do not rush, you still have time to promote your website on the Internet - it is better to give up all your efforts and resources to fill in useful SEO-content in the first six months of your life - this is how search engines will see that the website is "live", and this will only play into your hands - though this is not a call to action, but only a recommendation,
    • promote your site comprehensively - do not limit yourself to one or two ways - use varieties of SEO and SMM promotion - each method has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore it is advisable to combine them to achieve a faster result,
    • stock up on the link carefully - check donor sites, create an anchor list and don't forget that building back links is a gradual process, and not a one-time process - don't allow a “link explosion” - don’t run the site through various directories,

      Tree structure and user-friendly navigation

      The correct structure and clear navigation is a well-developed information placement scheme. It is no secret that a user who finds himself on a “confused” and intuitively incomprehensible site will immediately leave it for another resource. The behavior of search engines is no different.

      Do not scatter information randomly. Be sure to consider how to optimally organize it. A tree structure is considered ideal, with sections and subsections, categories, catalogs, and so on. In addition, you need a convenient transition from one page to any other. The availability of contacts, pricing information, etc. are especially important. The reference tree structure assumes that the user will find the required data in a web project in no more than three clicks.

      Navigation is one of the behavioral factors of promotion, i.e. helps the user quickly and easily navigate the resource, improves behavioral indicators and helps to improve the position of the resource in the search engines.

      Correct page linking

      This factor is extremely important for self-promotion, internal optimization. The success of the project largely depends on how true the internal linking is, which is responsible for the distribution of weight between pages. This allows you to advance due to the internal potential of the project. The essence of such a linking is to install internal links, anchors, translating to thematic pages. An extensive network, a web of links will not only distribute the weight, but also allow you to shift it in the direction of the most needed pages promoted by search queries. This is painstaking "manual" work, eliminating unnecessary expenses for promotion. Its result will be further improved by external optimization.

      Design and valid code

      Obviously, any promoted site should have a pleasant appearance and require a minimum time to load. Download speed is the main problem of many sites. An impatient user will leave the resource without waiting for the page to open if it takes more than a couple of seconds to load, and the search robot will simply reject such a resource. The result - a sharp drop in positions in search engines.

      Design optimization is understood as a pleasant appearance for the bulk of users, and not for units that, due to psychological characteristics, prefer a deviation from the norm. The task of the optimizer is to make the design as versatile as possible in order to positively influence the behavioral indicators of the resource and ensure the success of the promotion.

      External website optimization

      Being interested in how to promote a site yourself, do not miss the important point of external optimization, but remember that its effectiveness is based on perfect internal optimization. It is not recommended to purchase or negotiate free links without completing internal site optimization. Only this will achieve the maximum effect from each link. External optimization means receiving various kinds of links to pages of a promoted resource. When choosing sites where anchors will be placed, special attention should be paid to their quality.

      Ways to purchase links

      Currently, there are several ways to obtain third-party links to promoted portals. You can purchase them both for free and for free. Free, as a rule, require a lot of time labor, so they are often ineffective. Do not be afraid of the word "paid." For links, this is not too much. In addition, by independently promoting your resource, you can choose exactly what it needs, and not take it in bulk. Proper purchase of links is a very important issue that should be studied separately. In short, there are temporary and eternal links. When buying them, you need to consider many parameters, such as:

      • similar to your donor site theme,
      • the presence of content on the page where the link is, its information content,
      • the smallest possible number of neighboring external links (the ideal is one, the norm is up to three),
      • the uniformity of these links,
      • the optimal placement of the link on the page, its visibility (the footer is excluded),
      • different anchors (optimally - one link with a direct entry plus one with a non-direct one),
      • "Liveliness" of the page where the link is placed,
      • indexing the page, preferably in several search engines,
      • donor page traffic,
      • high rates of Tits and PR, Alexa Rank - up to a million,
      • the presence of inbound links to the donor site,
      • site availability in UC and DMOZ and so on.

      In addition, when creating link text, include keywords in it to promote the landing page, make the link texts different. If the created anchor is attractive to the visitor, you will get a good increase in the traffic of the promoted site.

      There is another rule for promoting links: you should buy them regularly, and not from case to case, and increase the link mass of each next purchase. Do it gradually, do not buy many links at once, especially for a young, start-up project. Otherwise, you can run into the sanctions of search engines. Great help in solving the issue of the exchange of eternal links and temporary, rented links:

      Exchange of eternal linksExchange links
      GoGetLinks - links in posts, articles and notes.
      RotaPost - links in posts and notes.
      Miralinks - article links.
      Sape - the oldest exchange
      SeoPult - link aggregator
      Webeffector - link aggregator

      Other methods of external optimization

      In addition to the links you will need to register the site in free directories both thematic and about thematic. Placing in non-thematic directories is unlikely to add traffic. Add a resource after registration. Enter as original information as possible.

      Almost every search engine also has a registration form. Filling it is extremely necessary. Add your site to the directories Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, etc. Only after that your site will be indexed by search engines and will appear in the search results.

      On the network you can find a variety of programs that help free website promotion. You will be offered:

      • do mass mailing, which includes a link to your project,
      • place them on bulletin boards,
      • automatic registration in catalogs,
      • register in search engines,
      • include in ratings, etc.

      For the free promotion of sites using the so-called social bookmarks, i.e. The site is run on social bookmarks, allowing you to get free links to the resource. To do this, you should register in such high-quality services as, BobrDobr, etc. These methods cannot be considered effective even with an integrated approach. They will require too much time and labor.

      It is quite possible to achieve high positions in extradition on your own. If you carefully approach the question of how to promote the site yourself, you will certainly succeed. It is worth remembering the need for a deeper study of each of the topics discussed above. Mistakes made during the promotion process will, at best, lead to inefficiencies in the promotion, and some of them will have to be fixed for many years.

      Where to start website promotion

      The very first step in website promotion is to register it in search engines, which will allow the latter to index your resource and link to it in the search results. This can not be done, expecting that the search engine will eventually find the service itself, as, for example, Google does. However, this increases the time to launch the project, and therefore it is better to do everything manually. For the domestic market it is enough to register in Google, Yandex and Bing. Each search engine offers a convenient registration form, which you can fill out after creating a personal profile in the system.

      To reduce time costs, it is recommended to begin the promotion of your resource already at the project development stage. At the same time, the overall complex of works is divided into two areas:

      1. Internal optimization - processing of content and its design in accordance with the requirements of search engines, as well as the creation of a convenient interface and the publication of material interesting to the visitor. This provides an influx of target audience interested in the subject of your service, services or products offered directly through search engines.
      2. External website promotion - an increase in the number of external links on third-party resources of the Internet space to ensure the influx of visitors through alternative sources. External promotion also affects the perception of your site by search engines, which increases the effectiveness of internal optimization.

      The more often the site is updated and its content is more interesting, the more often it is indexed by the system, raising the number of TOP results. Therefore, it is desirable that before registering the site in the search engines a sufficient amount of content has already been added to the resource, because if it is poor quality, the search engine will consider the site irrelevant and will not return soon for re-indexing.

      How is internal optimization implemented?

      As a rule, free website promotion requires self-preparation of content. You can also use the catalogs of finished articles, which include links to advertisers, but this will not make the site popular, and in some cases even harm indexing. Thus, it is better to prepare your own material and optimize it in accordance with the requirements of search engines and readers.

      Search Site Evaluation Criteria

      The position in which your site will be in the search results is determined by the following criteria:

      • Uniqueness and quality of content. Search engines, as well as visitors, do not like copying material from other sites, as well as grammatical and stylistic errors.
      • Key Queries. All site content should be built on the basis of a semantic core, which is selected in accordance with the requests (keys) entered by users in the search engine. Requests themselves are high-frequency (most often used by users) and low-frequency (rare). Keys can be selected both in the services of the search engines AdWords (Google), Wordstat (Yandex), and in independent online services (,, The subject matter of the texts on your sites should correspond to the keys and provide a solution to the problem on which the request was made. Keys should be distributed evenly with the obligatory presence of the main request at the top of the text. The number of queries should not be too large, otherwise you may get a fine from the search engine. Оптимальной считается частотность вхождения порядка 3% к общему объему теста, что можно определить при помощи онлайн-сервисов СЕО-анализа текста.
      • Наименование сайта и уровень доменной зоны. Если в названии сайта присутствует поисковый запрос или его вариации - это поднимет вас в рейтинге по соответствующему запросу, а потому необходимо максимально точно подбирать наименование к тематике ресурса. Также, чем выше порядок доменной зоны, тем лояльнее отношение поисковых систем.If you cannot afford paid hosting and a domain to increase the chances of getting into the TOP, choose at least the services to create sites from the search engines themselves (for example,, which is part of the Google family).
      • Meta tags - when adding text to the site, it is important to correctly fill in the keywords, description, title fields. They should include key queries and in fact constitute a brief description of the page content, which the search system takes into account and sees the user who received your link in the search results.
      • HTML markup and image attribution - text structuring (the presence of h1 headings, h2, h3 subheadings, lists), as well as image captions (alt) and videos make the material not only more understandable to the visitor, but also increase your level in the search engine ranking. Modern website admin areas allow you to format text without manually adding tags, which makes it possible to significantly reduce optimization time.

      How to make visitors linger and return to the site

      All real visitors to the site can be divided into three groups:

      • Random - those who came to the resource for the first time out of curiosity or on request from search results.
      • Regular readers - those who periodically look at the site for certain information, and sometimes to certain selected pages.
      • Subscribers (registered users) - Regular visitors with a personal account, leaving comments.

      The more regular readers and subscribers the site has, the higher its popularity, and therefore the resource interface and material quality must be built in such a way that the maximum number of users from the first group goes to the second and third. To do this, you must provide:

      • Quality and usefulness of information. Today, in order to withstand the competition, you must provide the visitor (client) with a ready-made step-by-step case to solve the problem and get an answer to the question, eliminating the need to look for additional information on other resources. Even if you are simply advertising a product, you should be provided with detailed instructions on its use and methods of purchase.
      • Convenient functionality and clear site structure. The visitor must always understand how to go to the main page and how to search for material on the site. It is also important to provide the ability to save information through the add buttons in social networks. All pages of the site should have a link (so that the visitor is not limited to reading only one article that he got from the search), while any page of the resource should not be more than two clicks from the main, and mutual linking between the two pages is not desirable.
      • Regular updates. There should be a lot of material, and it should be updated, otherwise visitors will have no reason to return to the resource.
      • Correct display in various browsers. Before starting the promotion, you need to make sure that the resource is correctly displayed in various browsers, as well as in the mobile version.
      • Attractive website design and competent selection of colors. The design of the resource should cause associations with the subject of the project.
      • Additional features. To attract visitors to register and actively visit the resource, you must provide them with advanced features (commenting, participation in communities, discounts, bonuses, obtaining additional material, compiling your own selections).
      • Fast page loading. Website design should not be too complicated, otherwise users with low-speed Internet will not be able to comfortably use your resource.

      Resource promotion methods

      In order to attract outside visitors and at the same time increase the weight of the resource in the ranking of search engines, you need to place as many active links to your site on external web sites as possible. This takes into account the fact that the higher the rating and attendance of such sources, the more effective the promotion. Therefore, you should not spend time massively distributing spam, but rather concentrate your efforts on reputable services.

      Promotion on social networks and on thematic forums

      One of the main ways to promote a site yourself, free of charge and as quickly as possible are social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, linkedin, YouTube). Their attendance by real users is very high, information is exchanged almost instantly, and most importantly, they are perfectly indexed by search engines. If you want to promote the site in social networks, you can use the following methods:

      • Register a page on a social network on behalf of a resource (company, blogger) and regularly publish links to site pages in the news feed, diluting them with independent posts on related topics. You can attract the first subscribers to the page and, consequently, to the site by holding a contest of reposts or adding your own friends.
      • Post links to site pages in comments on general posts, providing useful and relevant information in relation to the topic under discussion.
      • Distribute viral ads on your site (photo, video) among friends or in a community news feed as a member.
      • Connect social signals to an article on the site. The more ratings (likes, classes, hearts, +1) put to your material on the network, the link to which you post on social networks, the higher the search engine will rate it.

      Communication on thematic forums allows you to attract an audience of visitors to sites with a narrow focus. But it should be remembered that posting links on forums through newly created accounts leads to a ban, and therefore, if you use this method, you must first develop your profile and then carefully recommend your site to other participants.

      Registration in catalogs and bookmarking services

      There are two types of directories that you can use to promote your site for free and quickly:

      1. Link Directories - are used to promote any type of sites, increasing the weight of the resource in the search engine and attracting new users. They are white (allow free registration and do not require a back link), gray (require a back link after registration) and black (requiring a link to be added before registration, and then quietly removing a link to your resource from your directory). It is most effective to use white directories (,,, Rambler TOP 100,, since reverse linking to a directory can have a negative impact on search engine ratings.
      2. Catalogs of enterprises - such resources allow you to register the site of a company engaged in actual commercial activities (online stores, manufacturing, services). This type of resource allows you to increase the link mass to your site and additionally attracts users as advertising material. Business directories can be paid and free (Google My Business,,

      Social bookmarking services are a cross between social networks and link directories. They allow you to save links to pages of sites that are almost instantly indexed by search engines. In this case, to advance in the top of the search engine when publishing links in bookmark names, you can use low-frequency queries. In turn, tags are better to choose the most popular in the service.

      You can run through the bookmark databases yourself and completely free of charge, but in order to save time, it is better to choose the most reliable ones and, first of all, those created by the search engines themselves (,, You should not expect a large flow of visitors from this type of resource, but for newly created sites it is a very effective way to get your first readers. To make the links look more natural, it is recommended that you do not limit yourself to adding only your own sites.

      Exchange of articles and non-standard methods of external promotion

      Another effective way to promote a site for free is to publish articles on external resources of related topics. The principle is quite simple: you provide the owner of the resource with interesting and unique material that will attract its readers, and in return it allows you to place a link to your site. Such an article can be published by personal agreement or made publicly available through article directories (,,

      In addition, you can enter information about your site on a number of large portals that allow you to create open profiles that are perfectly indexed by search engines. These include:

      • Job Search Sites and Freelance Exchanges. You can register as an employer or jobseeker (freelancer) by providing links to your site in your personal profile (portfolio).
      • Free Classifieds Boards. If your site is a web site of the company, you can increase the flow of customers by regularly publishing ads on free boards. The disadvantage of this method is the inactivity of published links, and therefore such traffic will provide only visitors, but will not affect search engines.
      • Q & A services. Like forums, you can answer questions on specialized services, referring to the information on your site.
      • Email Newsletter. This method can be used when you already have subscribers or you have a database of real addresses of potential readers. It can be implemented free of charge through special services. So, for example, allows you to work for free up to 1000 subscribers, which is quite enough for a beginner site.

      If your site uses a large amount of media content (photos, videos), it can also be optimized for promotion. So in addition to attribution, copyright signs can be used that make the image unique to search engines.

      Considering how to promote the site yourself for free and quickly, many are wondering how much real time will be required. This indicator depends on the type and objectives of the resource. So, the first real readers, not from among friends, you can receive in three weeks of active advancement. At the same time, for a blog, when publishing daily from three to five posts with high-quality content, high traffic can be achieved in six months. A small commercial portal, designed for a wide audience, will require at least a year and this will be a very good indicator, subject to free promotion. But it’s unlikely that you will be able to promote a large project without investing, because you simply can’t physically manage to cover such a volume of work yourself.