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Make Friends: Here's How to Contact Other Switch Users

Right now, the first Nintendo Switch followers are more than likely engrossed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - one of the most critically acclaimed single player adventures of all time - but sooner or later you'll want to see what your friends are up to (probably play Zelda). At the moment there are several ways to connect with friends on Switch, and even more ways on the horizon.

Keep in mind that Switch includes your friends list of 300 people.

Friends Codes

Although the president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Ayme, promised that they would not be part of the Switch’s online infrastructure, alas, the update used Switch to use an updated version of the Friend Code system to connect the account. Used on Wii systems and, more recently, in the 3DS family of systems, the friend code is a twelve-digit password that you can send to friends outside the console, which they can then enter to send you a friend request. Unfortunately, at this point you will need to exchange friends codes through text, social networks or in person to communicate with friends using this method.

Find your code

On the home page, click your account icon in the upper left corner, which is shown in the image below as the “Steve Page”.

Your friend’s code is available in two places: in the target menu (profile) and in the “Add Friend” menu. This is the code you must send to your friends so that they can find you.

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Add Friend

On the user’s page, click “Search with friend code” and enter the 12-digit user code to send a request to switch to friends.

If entered correctly, your friend’s nickname and user icon will appear and you can confirm that you want to send the request.

By returning to the “Add Friend” menu, you can check pending requests in the “Sent Friends Requests” section.

Unlike previous friend code systems, the user receiving the request does not need to know the sender’s friend code to become friends. Once accepted, the user will appear in your friend list on the user’s page.

Accept friend request

When someone sends you a friend request, a notification point is displayed next to the "Add a Friend" section on the user’s page. In the Friends Inbox folder at the top of the menu, you’ll find out that someone has added you.

Click Friend Requests to see the icon and nickname of the requesting user. From here you can accept, reject or block the user.

Add friends locally

If you have several friends for a party on the local network, you do not have to worry about friend codes to add new friends.

You can find the closest Switch players in the “Search for Local Users” section of the “Add Friends” menu on the user’s page. To find each other, you need to click on the same symbol. Our best guess is that this is a parental control feature, although not very complex.

After matching the character, find the nickname and user icon and send a request.

Please note that adding friends locally will not take effect until both users enter the online service.

Adding friends you played with

It appears that outside of this switch you can add the users you played with before. After playing a multiplayer game, go to the "Add Friends" section on the user’s page. Click on Search for the users you played with here. However, this option seems to work only for friends with whom you played on the local wireless network at this time. We participated in numerous online races in Fast RMX, but not one of the users we played with appeared here.

Add friends through Nintendo apps

Friends from the official Nintendo applications associated with your Nintendo account — Super Mario Run, Miitomo, Fire Emblem Heroes — appear in the Suggested Friends section of the Add Friends menu on the user’s page. From here you can skip the process of creating a friend’s code by simply clicking on a user and sending a request.

Share your experience on social networks

Although technically this does not bring you more friends, you can end up exchanging friend codes by sharing images on social networks. Switch has a pretty nice sharing feature that gives you the ability to add captions to images and create memes for upload to Facebook and Twitter.

On the user’s page, click “User Settings” and scroll down to the “Publish to Social Networks” option to associate your switch with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

After the link, go to the home page and select Album.

Unfortunately, Switch does not allow taking screenshots inside the album, but all you have to do is select an image, add a signature if you want, and click “Publish” to post it on social networks.

Best friends

If you especially love a particular friend, you can elevate him to the status of best friend. Go to your friends list and select one of your favorite friends. Click Best Friends.

This user now has an asterisk in the upper left corner of his icon. Unfortunately, your best friend will not be notified of their new meaning in your life, as celebrating your best friends is a one-way street. A star can come in handy if you have many friends with the same avatar.

Remove / Block Friends

If you no longer want to be friends with a specific user, you can cancel it. You can also take it one step further by blocking the user, which prevents him from adding you again.

Go to your friends list and select the friend you want to delete.

Select Remove Friend or Block. If you change your mind about blocking an old friend later, you will have to go to “User Settings” and select “Manage the list of blocked users” to become friends again.

As mentioned above, Nintendo says there are more sophisticated methods for adding friends. At some point, you can add friends using Nintendo network identifiers - user-selected names for 3DS and Wii U, which are much easier to remember and share than 12-digit friend codes - and through social networks you can connect to your Nintendo account . According to Nintendo, some games will also have in-game friend request systems to facilitate communication with those who play the same game.

There is also a curious question about user IDs - a separate username attached to your Nintendo account, which became available a few weeks before launch. At first it seemed that user identifiers would replace NNIDs, but given that Nintendo has plans for NNIDs in the future, it is unclear whether recently added usernames will be used to add friends on Switch.

Why did Wii U concede to competitors in the person of PS4 and Xbox, and failed to sell?

As we wrote above, Wii U was prevented by a number of factors: weak advertising, not the most sonorous name and poorly implemented unique features of iron. Due to the fact that the console sold poorly at the start, it began to quickly lose the support of third-party game manufacturers. Without the same support, the platform lost FIFA, Call of Duty and other hits, which is why the customer base narrowed even further. This was a spiral down, from which there was no return. Hits like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. helped, but not much.

What are the main features of Wii U? Why buy it?

As a rule, each Nintendo console has its own unique “feature” that sets it apart from the others. For Wii, this is motion control; for Switch, it's hybrid, which allows you to play at home and on the go. Wii U offers asymmetric gameplay when the image is transmitted both to the TV and to the gamepad, which is a hybrid of a tablet and a full controller.

In addition, the gamepad can be used to play without a TV at all in cases where someone else needs a TV. Playing it is convenient, the communication quality is good, although owners of large apartments and houses will not be able to play very far from the base.

How powerful is the Wii U?

The Wii U power issue has long been discussed by players. Simply put, the Wii U is more powerful than the PS3, but noticeably weaker than the PS4. This is the first Nintendo console with full support for Full HD images.

Despite the fact that it is only slightly more powerful than the PS3, the company managed to get the most out of it. Games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World look amazing.

Does it make sense to buy a multi-platform on Wii U, or is it suitable only for exclusives?

Not many multiplatforms came out on Wii U - basically, this happened in the first years of her life. As a rule, the attitude towards them is skeptical, although some titles received additional unique features with the help of a gamepad - for example, displaying a map during a game. You can buy (especially since these are the cheapest games), but we recommend that you pay attention to exclusives first.

What is the memory of the Wii U?

There are two types of Wii U configuration. The first - Basic - this is the cheapest option with a white model. Her memory is 8 GB. The second - Premium - is a black model with 32 GB of memory.

We strongly do not recommend buying a white model, unless the color is very soulful. 8 GB is absolutely not enough for some games.

How to painlessly upgrade Wii U to the latest version?

If you are lucky enough to take possession of one of the starting models, this means that the version of its OS is very outdated. When you turn it on for the first time (if the console is new), the console will be asked to update - it’s not worth it! We strongly advise you to purchase some kind of non-permanent game - the disk with it should already contain an update.

What games are "not old"? For example, Super Mario Maker. In general, everything that did not work out in the first 2 years at least.

Updating is not scary, but information has been received that, in the event of a power outage during the process, the console can turn into a brick. From disk - faster. Well, or an uninterruptible, of course.

Can Wii U play video or music, surf the Internet, etc.?

As is most often the case with Nintendo, its console is designed only for games. However, Wii U is much more multitasking than Switch. For example, there is an excellent (according to many - the best!) Browser.

It supports the touchscreen thanks to the gamepad, as well as bookmarks, watching videos in a separate window and other pleasant things. Users especially like to watch YouTube on it.

Every year, the browser will become more obsolete, but many still use it to find information about games and watch videos.

As for media capabilities, the Wii U is weaker than the PlayStation. There is no Blu-ray support, no DVD or CD. Only their proprietary discs for games. But you can download the application for Netflix - Switch cannot!

How reliable is the Wii U?

Nintendo's products are generally very reliable, and Wii U is no exception. The percentage of marriage is very small - less than that of Switch. The gamepad does not have a very large battery, but it is very tenacious, and is not afraid of falling to the floor.

But handle the console carefully. Every year, less and less parts, and for many it is a real exotic.

How much does Wii U cost?

The cost of Wii U now directly depends on its status in the secondary market. Each console goes through several stages, and it is most profitable to buy a set-top box immediately after the release of new items. You can soon predict the gradual rise in Wii U, but so far it is quite affordable.

The price on the secondary market is from 11 thousand rubles to 20. Carefully check it before buying - if the gamepad does not work, then it will be impossible to use it!

What colors is Wii U?

There are two bundles - a white console (8 GB of memory) and black (32 GB).

On this, in general, everything. There is one rare edition - the Nintendo Wii U Zelda Wind Waker. This is the bundle with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. The console is black, but the gamepad is decorated with curls in the style of the legendary series.

Which controllers does Wii U support?

  • The main controller is a gamepad. It is in every kit. This is a large tablet with all the buttons and a touchscreen. Supports vibration, has a microphone and a camera in front. It also has an integrated NFC scanner for reading Amiibo and, technically, bank cards.
  • Wii Controller Pro is a traditional “professional” controller. A standard controller with all the buttons that are inherent in its counterparts from other consoles. Reads Amiibo. Its main feature is an incredible battery. On one charge lives (real) up to 30 hours.
  • Wii Remote is a controller from an old Wii. He needs a touch bar. Works with old games and many new ones.
  • Wii Remote Plus is the coolest version of the controller for motion control. Some rare games (for example, Nintendo Land mini-games) do not work without it.
  • Wii U Smash Controller (in fact, the GameCube controller) - a special re-release of the controller from GameCube only for Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

What is the operating system of the Wii U?

Wii U runs on a proprietary OS. It is somewhat reminiscent of Wii. In general, it is very comfortable and makes a more pleasant impression than the more sterile Switch. Games can be grouped on the "desktop", and the system accurately calculates all statistics by days and months.

According to the Nintendo tradition (who died with Switch), each section of the menu has its own unique music.

What is Miiverse, and why its icon does not work?

Miiverse was a Nintendo social network. She worked on 3DS and Wii U consoles, but was canceled after the release of Switch. Many Wii U games used social media features, such as inline comments.

It was also convenient to share screenshots and in-game achievements in Miiverse. Here, many developers kept in touch with users.

How to take a screenshot on Wii U?

Taking screenshots on Wii U is easy, but not intuitive. Each time you press the Home button (a large round button in the center of the gamepad), the console saves the image. It was possible to share it in Miiverse, but not only: users went through a built-in browser to social networks like and shared them there. There is also a special hosting exclusively for pictures with Wii U.

I can't figure out all of these controllers! What controllers are needed for a comfortable game on the Switch?

Yes, when Wii U came out, many had difficulty understanding which controller to buy and why. At the same time, the Pro Controller came out after some time, in connection with which some games (for example, New Super Mario Bros. U) began to support it only after the update.

So, the console supports several controllers (which - read above). Often, one game supports three or even four options at once! If you want to play with a friend, then we recommend buying a Wii Remote Plus. Wii Remote supports many games and is required for titles with motion control.

You can buy a Pro Controller if the gamepad seems too big, or if you want to play classic things comfortably. It is supported by fewer games, but you will not regret the purchase - all the "traditional" (without motion control) games support it, and it is much more convenient to play it than on Wii Remote.

Wii Remote (without Plus) is supported in most games - but not all!

How can I expand Wii U memory?

It is known that Wii U has not enough internal memory. For this reason, many seek to expand it. This can be done using high-speed external hard drives (HDD) with its own power source. Devices up to 3 TB are supported. Nintendo officially promises devices from Buffalo, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital.

Read more about the supported models on the official website. Be careful: besides the models indicated by the company, nothing will be guaranteed to work without problems. Wii U games weigh a little, so especially capacious media can not be connected.

Does the Wii U gamepad screen support multi-touch?

No, the Wii U's screen is resistive and does not support multi-touch. You won’t be able to use your fingers either - for this there is a built-in stylus. On the one hand - a minus, because such displays have long been outdated. On the other hand, a resistive screen allows you to use a stylus, so you can draw and hit small objects. It was thanks to this display that Super Mario Maker was possible.

My Wii Remote controller is not working! What to do?

If your Wii Remote controller is active (the blue indicator is on), but the cursor does not move on the screen, then you may not have connected the touch bar. The strap is included with the Premium bundle and sold separately. You can connect both the bar for Wii U (black), and the bar from Wii (usually gray). The strap is placed on top of the TV.

How to connect Wii U to a TV?

Wii U can be connected using the following wires: HDMI, Wii AV Cable, Wii Component Video Cable.

It is preferable to use HDMI, because the only way it is possible to obtain a high definition image (HD).

Picture for clarity:

You can also use “tulips” or Component Video Cable from Wii. But the picture will be noticeably worse.

My left / right analog sticks went astray. What to do?

The neutral position for anagolovy sticks is extremely important for comfortable game. If you touch them while turning on the console or the game, you can reduce the calibration. Для возврата к норме включите консоль, верните аналоговый стик в исходное положение и одновременно зажмите кнопки А, B, Плюс и Минус на три секунды. После всё должно вернуться, но сообщения об этом на экране not появится.

На Switch выходит зубодробительный 2D платформер Fobia

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NINTENDO представляет Nintendo Switch Lite —консоль для портативного геймплея

Nintendo Switch Lite, новое пополнение в семействе Nintendo Switch, — это
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Nintendo Switch Lite поступит в продажу 20 сентября
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