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What to give for a 17 year wedding - gift ideas and congratulations


This date is not so significant, therefore there is no need for philistine and grandiose celebrations. You can invite guests home or to a restaurant. At the same time, the table must be decorated with pink accessories (napkins, tablecloths), and also do not forget about the interior - for example, you can decorate it with a bouquet of flowers and pink balloons.

But still it will be better to celebrate 17 years of marriage together, without children and parents. It can be a cute romantic dinner with rose petals on the table, bathroom or in bed, or maybe a trip to a restaurant or theater to distract from everyday life. But the best option is of course a joint trip to unknown places, of course with an overnight stay outside the house. Such entertainments will bring peppercorn and something new to the relationship, as this anniversary wills. After the holidays, you can begin preparations for the following date: 18 years - Turquoise wedding

How to note - scenario

First of all, spouses must determine exactly where they want to celebrate the seventeen years of their family. Choosing a venue for a holiday, it is worth considering such options:

  1. Home furnishings. You can celebrate a pink wedding at home if you do not plan to invite many guests. It would be a mistake to consider that a holiday in an apartment or a house is ordinary gatherings among the closest relatives. First you need to create an atmosphere of the kingdom of roses, decorating with these flowers the festive table and the room itself. Spending time with fun and usefully will help watching a video of 17 years ago, a wedding photo album, as well as a new photo shoot.
  2. Restaurant or cafe. The number of guests in this case can be any - it is all about the financial capabilities of the family. Spouses can book a table for two, having a romantic evening for themselves, and for friends, relatives, recreating the atmosphere of a wedding day. The table can be decorated with rose petals, and the room can be decorated in pink and white.
  3. A holiday in nature. Since the couple is still young and energetic, it will not be difficult for them to organize a picnic for their loved ones, giving them a thematic coloring.

When the pink wedding is celebrated, you can set the table in pink colors, and prepare pink desserts on the sweet table, for example, strawberry cocktail, meringue, cream cakes. For the decoration of the room, you can use decorative elements not only in pink, but also in different pastel shades.

Depending on the season, bouquets of roses can be supplemented with compositions of tulips, lupine, peonies, hyacinths.

Gift Ideas for Husband and Wife

As already noted, the husband should try to create a romantic mood in the morning, giving his wife a bouquet of roses. Such a gift will not leave any woman indifferent, and the correctly chosen color of roses will also tell about the feelings of the spouse.

It is not recommended to give flowers of artificially created shades, for example, blue, green, violet, black, on the anniversary of marriage, but with respect to other shades, the following should be taken into account:

  • white roses symbolize purity and innocence and can be a reminder of the times when the couple were inexperienced and young,
  • red roses - a symbol of unquenchable love and passion,
  • pink roses speak of tender love
  • beige roses will remind you of the warmth and sensuality of the relationship.

You should not be limited only to a bouquet. At a pink wedding, the husband can give his wife any gift that will be tender and touching for her.

It can be jewelry, perfumes, indoor flowers and even small pets.

A gift for a husband from his wife, of course, will not be so romantic, but he must be necessary for him. Depending on her husband’s hobbies, he can be presented with a quality fishing rod, jewelry, collection or hunting weapons.

Spouses can congratulate each other in an unusual way. You can arrange a bath with pink petals, a tourist trip, a joint rest.

Any gift will be suitable if it brings spouses joy and pleasure.

How to congratulate spouses for friends and relatives - tips

When going to a pink wedding, you need to take care of the gift and congratulations in advance. Such a romantic event requires an appropriate approach not only to the choice, but also to the design of the gift. Since the spouses are still young and in most cases adequately react to humor, they can give cool gifts, accompanying them with funny words.

Close friends and relatives of spouses who have been married for such a long time know their tastes and preferences well enough to choose a good gift.

You can consider the following options:

  1. Pictures of roses.
  2. Home textiles in pink, for example, a plaid, a set of bed linen, tablecloths, towels.
  3. Crockery decorated with painted roses.

Even if the gift does not match the theme of the pink wedding, you can make a beautiful pink package for it and present it to your spouses in this form.

Congratulations in prose, poetry

You should not start your congratulatory speech with a banal “congratulations”. There are many interesting ready-made congratulations on the pink wedding, which will be remembered not only by the heroes of the occasion, but also by everyone present.

In the end, there are postcards with verses for all occasions on sale, and you can easily select a beautiful text and learn it to congratulate the couple without peeping at the cheat sheet.

Original and practical gifts

A perfect gift for a pink wedding can be furniture, unless, of course, the couple needs it. You can choose as a gift figurines made of rosewood, which are used to decorate the interior.

Here they will tell you how to celebrate and what to give for the 17th wedding anniversary:

A large beautiful cake decorated with edible roses will not leave indifferent either spouses or their children.

A pink wedding is another reason for spouses to show their love and care for each other, so do not reduce the significance of this anniversary and ignore it. Did you or your loved ones have a pink wedding? What was unusual and interesting on her? Tell us about this holiday in the comments below the article.

Traditions of the 17th anniversary

This date is not widely celebrated. A narrow, family circle would be the best option. “Newlyweds” on this anniversary are also allowed privacy, for example, in order to make a romantic dinner or a trip.

Be sure to surround everything with a halo of romance. On this day, not only romantic music should be heard, but also beautiful words about love. A man and a woman need to show each other feelings of tenderness, devotion, care.

Both guests and the spouses themselves should associate their congratulations with roses. It can be verses on imitated pink petals, notes, predictions, wishes and cards in bouquets. Roses must be on the table. The tablecloth, dishes, and napkins may have a pink color. Also on this day are exchanged rings of tin.

No date is complete without gifts. First of all, it should be a bouquet of roses, the amount of which is equal to the number of years lived. They can be given as spouses to each other, as well as relatives, guests.

What to give to a married couple

If you are invited to visit spouses celebrating this holiday, you have a fairly large selection of gifts. You can visit a jewelry salon or an antique store, and pick up a gift that makes sense and has value for a couple. Show your imagination.

Was one of their first dates accompanied by nightingale singing? Order a tin nightingale figurine. Do you know anything like this? Buy a tin photo frame, and put the photo of your lovers there. Presentation option:

In extreme cases, it can simply be objects partially or completely made of tin that will complement the interior of the housing.

If you want to move away from the tin theme, you can focus on the floral or pink motifs of the holiday. Or combine them.

This can be manifested in the choice of bed linen, tablecloths, towels, sets of dishes, services. But do not forget to first get acquainted with the tastes of the heroes of the occasion, so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

A good way out of the situation could be that gift that you can simply wrap in a pink package with flowers.

Gifts of spouses to each other

First of all, on this day it is customary to give each other not only rings, but also tin spoons. An excellent gift for your loved ones will be:

  • romantic trip,
  • a set of the necessary equipment, always with a pink bow on the bandage,
  • coveted car / motorcycle (certainly within the means),
  • camping in the forest for two,
  • rose bath, rose wine and candles,
  • shopping.

You can even give an apartment repair and decorate it with roses and balls.

What to give to parents

This part is dedicated to young children of a couple who want to make their parents happy. Most likely your budget is somewhat limited, and you need to try to please both parents with one gift.

The ideal solution would be something simple, not very expensive, but pleasant, for example, a cake covered with pink cream.

What spouses give each other

According to one tradition, the couple exchanged tin rings. Why not keep this tradition? After all, traditions have been created to strengthen ties.

As with all gift-related activities, an emphasis on personality is encouraged. Order rings with warm words to each other, with nicknames that you may have given each other, with oaths of allegiance. All this will be very symbolic, touching and beautiful.

What to give a spouse

You should not make expensive material gifts, and everything connected with them.

It can be a set of tin soldiers if you and your husband are not deprived of a sense of humor. Cufflinks made of tin or pink stones will be good for a business man.

All objects having shades of pink, such as a bottle of wine or a shirt, or leather products of wine-red shades, will come to the place.

The best solution would be to give your husband an expensive hearty present. Let him know that you value him, as before, even more, because your feelings are already tested by time and life situations.

Leave him a nice note, prepare something for him that he loves, do for him what he wants to receive from you. Remember what “amenities” you previously made for each other.

What to give to the spouse

A wife is usually given a bouquet of roses, or those flowers that she loves most. For so many years spent together, you should know which ones she likes best. But if she likes pink roses - this is the best choice.

And don't forget to shower your wife with compliments on your anniversary day, like rose petals. She will not just be pleased, she needs to hear and know that in your eyes she is still attractive and not reflectible.

Do not disregard everything that she does for you. By the way, if, before going to bed, you shower the bed with petals, this will also be good.

The main gift may be decoration. It can be smelted from both tin and precious metals. The main thing is that it would be inlaid with red and pink stones.

The choice of a gift is huge - from clothes and jewelry to a car. It all depends on how much you want to spend to please your soulmate.

Gift to wife from husband

If on a typical day they give just a bouquet of flowers, then it is advisable for a spouse to invest a small gift in this. It could be:

  • pink water,
  • movie tickets, theater tickets,
  • wardrobe with a touch of pink (pink dress, shoes, clutch, handbag),
  • certificate,

And you can give yourself as well by tying a beautiful pink bow around your neck!

Gift for husband from wife

Pink, as a gift, is not suitable for a man, except for a shirt and tie. Therefore, we give the tin:

  • pewter gifts (cigarette case, buckle, flask, box for spare parts),

  • an invitation to somewhere
  • permits.

You can give your spouse a romantic dinner in the apartment or outdoors, where he will be waiting for a covered table decorated with flowers and rose petals.

What to give parents on the 17th anniversary

A simple gift will be one that is created with your own hands. For example, a frame or album, a movie with the most interesting shots of life. For parents, you can arrange a romantic date by contacting a company or developing its plan yourself.

A date can be arranged:

And also, it would be nice to give them tickets for an interesting, invigorating quest, which will help them to become young again.

What to give friends for a 17th birthday

If you were invited to a pink-tin anniversary, then as a gift you can present a lot of useful things that meet symbolism:

  • bedding / bedspread / plaid / tablecloth, pink,
  • a picture, a portrait of "young",
  • tin horseshoe for good luck
  • a vase with a bouquet of the above flowers,
  • a set of pink incense,
  • a set of dishes, numbering 17 items,
  • two T-shirts with numbers: on the female, should be printed as a unit, on the male, sevens,
  • dishes with print wedding photos,
  • confectionery with photos of anniversaries,
  • pink drinks: wine, champagne, liquor.

You can approach the choice of a gift with more romance:

  • carriage ride
  • relaxation in a sauna / hotel / in a romantic gazebo,
  • horse riding
  • water trip
  • a trip to a theme bar (what this family loves: anticafe, retro / rock / jazz cafe, etc.).

Of course, you can also give decor elements, equipment, decorations, without forgetting to add to them the symbol of this anniversary.

Poems for the 17th Anniversary

Fantasy is important in gifts, and it would be nice to have beautiful words of congratulations for gifts.

17 years passed and did not have time to turn around,

How do you want everyone to return in their first years

But life is stubborn, calling for you,

Follow it together, with love!

Gently but surely drive each other,

And feelings of fidelity, as on the wings carry!

Here’s the anniversary again

Here comes the date again!

You hear guys!

After all, today there is a reason

To congratulate you together

Words can’t be counted for you,

Yes, this is not necessary!

Just be yourself

Like all 17 years in a row,

May the sky be blue

And feelings soar in the air!

Be faithful to each other,

Keep love and devotion!

Be called a hundred years old “Spouses”,

And take care of this title!

I wish you happiness, you are our good,

Mom, Dad, beloved and dear!

17 years of your life

An example is our family!

Wish you at least three times

17 more years to meet!

And may the wonderful phrase guide you,

Which wedding you expressed a vow!

That you commit to love

That you are committed to being around!

And you are committed to keeping faithfulness,

Look at life with a single glance!

Dear newly made newlyweds! For seventeen years you walked shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. Went through problems, sleepless nights, perhaps deprivation, fatigue, resentment, and sometimes even pain. But you have come, have come to this date, pink aroma, young, beautiful, energetic! Today you serve as an example not only to your children, but also to your friends. Looking at you, you understand that life is given only in order to love and dedicate it to loved ones! And we want to raise a glass of this rose wine in your honor! And the second bottle, we give you as a gift, but we will take a promise from you, open it only exactly after 17 years!