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How to remove or disable Adobe Flash Player


Installed a new version of Adobe Flash Player, but is it buggy? Missing sound in browser? Did Youtube videos start to slow down? Or does he even ask you to update the flash player, although you just installed it? It sometimes happens. In this case, you must reinstall Flash Player. That is, delete it, and then put in a new one. In most cases, this will solve the problem.

What if the removal of the flash player did not help? Then the last option remains. You will need to install a special utility to completely remove Adobe Flash Player from your computer. But first things first.

How to reinstall flash player?

Removing Adobe Flash Player from your computer is very simple. For this:

  1. Go to Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features (or you can open "My Computer" and select "Uninstall or Change a Program").
  2. A new window will open where all installed programs on a PC or laptop will be displayed.
  3. Select the desired line and click the "Delete" button.
  4. Done.

Please note: in the screenshot above, there are immediately 2 flash players. The first (ActiveX) is for IE, and NPAPI is for other browsers (Mozilla, Opera, Yandex). If you have the same picture, then you need to remove both versions.

A separate plugin is installed for Chrome, and it is not displayed here.

This is the standard procedure for uninstalling Adobe Flash Player. After that, install the new version again and everything should work: sound, video, games in the browser.

If this does not help, then you need to reinstall the flash player using the utility.

How to completely remove Flash Player?

The standard removal procedure leaves traces on a Windows system. To completely remove this plugin from your computer, you must use the Flash Player Uninstall utility from Adobe developers, invented specifically for such cases (link).

Run it and follow the instructions of the program - it will do everything itself.

When the removal of the flash player is completed successfully, it remains to perform a few simple steps. After all, the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller utility leaves a couple of extra folders.

To remove them manually:

  1. Press Win + R.
  2. Copy to the new window C: Windows system32 Macromed Flash .
  3. This folder will open where you need to delete the remaining files.

Repeat the same procedure for folders:

  • C: Windows SysWOW64 Macromed Flash
  • % appdata% Macromedia Flash Player
  • % appdata% Adobe Flash Player

If there is no folder, just skip it. If the files do not want to be deleted, reboot your PC or laptop and try again. Or use the Unlocker program (if any).

This is how Flash Player is completely uninstalled. You can make sure that you did everything correctly by opening this link. Click on “Check Now” and read the message.

And finally, it is worth noting regarding the flash player in Chrome.

How to remove obsolete Flash Player plugin in Chrome?

Chrome already has a built-in Flash Player. And removing it with this method will not work. It is presented as a plugin, so you can disable it by writing chrome: // plugins in the address bar.

If there are certain problems (no sound or the video slows down), try updating it manually. To do this, enter chrome: // components in the address bar, find the flash player and click the "Check for updates" button.

If it doesn’t help, reinstall the browser. But before that, I recommend reading the following article: How to save bookmarks when reinstalling Google Chrome?

That's all. Now you know how to remove Adobe Flash Player on a laptop or PC. And in two different ways. Then it remains only to install Flash Player, after which the video, audio and games in the browser should play in normal mode (without glitches and brakes).

Disable Flash in Google Chrome

In the latest versions of browsers, the flash player is always built-in and a separate installation is not required. And so there is no place to remove the flash player from. But it can be disabled in the browser settings. For example, in Chrome go to the page "Settings -> Content Settings -> Flash" or insert the address bar path:

When the option "Always ask (recommended)" is enabled, the flash player only works after your consent in a special dialogue. You can also add allowed and blocked sites manually.

Uninstall via Control Panel

Watch a video or read an article:

In the simplest case, just go to "Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs" and remove the Adobe Flash players from there:

The screenshot shows two installed versions of the player:

  • Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX - for Internet Explorer
  • Adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin - for all other browsers

Accordingly, you need to remove both components, but before that you need to close all browsers. If this is not done, then we will get a warning:

and until these browsers are closed, the program will not go any further. But such a removal does not cleanse the system completely, you need to act differently.

Complete removal of Flash Player from Windows 7/8/10

Adobe has specially prepared a utility for more complete file cleaning.

Close all browsers, run the utility and follow the wizard, which will do everything quickly and efficiently 😉 Then you need to clean some files, since uninstaller does not delete everything at all.

We call the “Run” window using the “Win ​​+ R” buttons or simply open the Windows Explorer and paste the following path into the address bar: “C: Windows system32 Macromed Flash”. When the folder opens, you need to delete all the files from there!

If it doesn’t allow you to delete, then read the article or just reboot. Then do the same for the folders:

  • C: Windows SysWOW64 Macromed Flash
  • % appdata% Adobe Flash Player
  • % appdata% Macromedia Flash Player

If some folder does not exist, then move on to the next. After clearing these folders of all files, you can consider the removal of Adobe Flash Player complete! You can always check the status on this page

This is done simply: press the “Check Now” button and see what it says:

  • Not installed - removal was successful
  • Your Flash Version: version number written - flash player installed and enabled
  • Flash Player disabled - the player is built into the browser, but is not active
  • Flash Player enabled - built-in flash works

Now you can reinstall the flash player and reinstallation can be considered complete!

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Comments (45)

Good evening.
A couple of times there were difficulties with a flash player, but everything ended well ...

Excellent article, thanks for the useful tips, such a problem often arises, now I know how to solve it.

I can’t install the flash player on the opera of the 64-bit version. I download, start the installation and ... .. everything ..., then nothing happens.

try to run in compatibility mode with Windows 7 the first revision and from the Administrator

Hello! don’t tell me how to solve such a problem in Google Chrome: if there are several flash clips on one page, then only one is loaded, if you refresh the page - the next one loads (the first one disappears), if you update again - the third one loads (the first two disappear), those. only one video is displayed (link is an example). In other browsers (IE, Mozilla) everything is fine. Thank you in advance.

yes, it works weirdly, but why - I don’t know

Have mera chrome Wind 8 deleted the old flash The new one is not installed
what nonsense How to get out of this?

You need to open the Task Manager and look for the process of a flash player there. then complete it

Alexei, where (or how) can you download uninstaller not through DownloadMaster? I don’t have it, and I don’t want to install it, but on some sites, including the ones indicated by you, it is suggested to upload through it voluntarily-forcibly)))

some kind of nonsense, uninstaller can be downloaded by a regular download in a browser, do not fall for advertising banners

I can’t, and it’s not the first time since (((you click on the link - a blank page appears with an inscription in the upper left corner: “the download has been transferred to the Download Master.” Sometimes a link is given below, click on it - the page “download Download Master "
This began to happen after I had a stupidity to download it from one of these pages. And then I didn’t like something, I deleted the master, but after that some more of its artifacts showed up ... and now such a Gluck (((

try to go into browser extensions and remove from there if there is one. To download without it, right-click on the links and select "Save Link As ..."

Thanks, I coped with the problem. I use a chrome browser (latest version) in which, as it were, there is already a built-in player, but when starting some video clips comp. Requires installation of the latest version of flash player. I had to install.

Alexey, tell me, please, what to do: I opened the removal of programs and found adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX and adobe Flash Player 11 Plugin there. (Once used the Explorer, now the Fox)
Uninstall both programs?

which ActiveX is needed only for the explorer, and the second - for other browsers. If there is no problem, then do not touch anything.

there is still some kind of problem - it constantly flies out, “The shock wave is not responding or is busy” and Lysanka hangs-and-and-and-and-fro ... it’s rare that one can calmly watch without hanging)).

well then uninstall it and install a new

removed from the extensions, but when trying to download Flash Player the same parsley was found))) and the Downloada download itself is also redirected ... where would you think?))))))
This is fate, you have to download it)))

Hello, Alexey! I have a question, not quite on this topic - are there more or less universal programs for the correct competent removal ... of programs (as I understand it, "Add or Remove Programs" does not always cope), that is. so that there is no residue after them, garbage on the computer. I only heard something about Revo Uninstaller and IObit Uninstaller

Well, yes, they are, those same programs

Flash Player is buggy. In YouTube, if I open the playlist, let’s say, the 1st video, I open it in full screen. After a few tracks, the full screen is removed, And transferred again to the 1st track. If you start watching let's say from the 14th movie, then open it in full screen. Anyway, after a few tracks, the full screen is removed, and transferred to the 14th track. The system of this glitch is not possible to understand.
If the videos are not opened in full screen, then on some kind of video - it is not clear on which, in an arbitrary order, there is a reset from the end, to the beginning of the video.
That is, let's say 1,2,3,4 videos were viewed normally, and the 5th video, for 5-10 seconds before the end, is reset to the very beginning.
Suppose, if you turn on the video, pause it for half an hour, then continue playing, 100% will always after some time reset to the place from which it started.
I use the browser Comodo Dragon (portable)
Completely deleted the player with the uninstall_flash_player utility.
I cleaned the folders:
C: Windows system32 Macromed Flash »
C: Windows SysWOW64 Macromed Flash
% appdata% Adobe Flash Player
% appdata% Macromedia Flash Player
Reinstalled the latest version 16,0,0,235
Nothing helps. Advise what to do?

and how does it behave in another browser?

I tested in IE11, there are no glitches. But switching to IE11 is not an option.

Choose your browser on the chrome engine. what does not suit you? Unfortunately, I won’t tell you about the Komodo account.

Andrei, you can’t remove Adobe from Chrome. You can only disable it. But how do I start? If I click the enable button, the checkbox is not checked. If I check the box, the enable button does not work. I have Adobe and the program files are initially disabled. I bought a laptop with it disabled Adobe. I didn’t check in the store. I tried to download it. I downloaded it. But only one button works in the downloaded file at startup and the program doesn’t start. And what’s interesting, after downloading, the program has downloads, and the address bar doesn’t find the downloaded program in the START menu. is there a solution?

try to completely remove chrome and reinstall

Alex, thank you so much for the valuable tips and links. All succeeded! “Fought” with reinstallation for two days, until it hit your site. Thanks again!

my adobe Flash Player 17 ActiveX is not removed, it shows that there is a conflicting application vkontaktedj. advise what to do?

uninstall this application and try again

there is a problem: when loading the yoke (any one online) a “brick” pops up. In this plugin there are security vulnerabilities to enable Fdobe Flash ”and all the death is gray. What is the problem

no problem, you need to agree and resolve

What if there is no flash player in the list of programs and components, and chrome says that it costs and needs updating?

maybe it's not chrome writing, but a third-party fraudulent application or extension. In general, chrome never writes this.

TrustedIstaller does not allow deleting files in the folders C: Windows system32 Macromed Flash and C: Windows SysWOW64 Macromed Flash ... do I have to delete it?

Alex, thank you very much for such a detailed explanation! Jot down your website 🙂

Hello! tell me how to completely remove the flash player application on the Android phone) the fact is that I have a lock on many applications, and when I go in let's say whatsapp, and this flash player with numbers appears on the screen to dial the code to unlock the application, and this happens almost in each application, that when I’m already in the application, it constantly appears for no reason to constantly dial numbers to unlock the application) before, many applications, as before, were and are under the block, but no flash player appeared Only if the entrance was in the application and everything, and now it is constantly ... ..kak clean it all from your phone, so it nemeshalo ...? Play through neudalyaetsya market, it's there and how the application is not present

the player has nothing to do with it, it's some kind of virus, put an antivirus and check the phone

I read that Adobe refused to support android (or vice versa) this fall and removed the flash player even from application stores! Basta is shorter.