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How to make a feint - rainbow


A soccer rainbow is a beautiful feint that drives the crowd, and which, moreover, is a means of attack to push the ball forward. This is a fairly sophisticated technique that involves using the foot to lift the ball over the foot. Then you must kick the ball with the opposite heel so that the ball flies gently in an arc above your head. Read on to find out more about how to perform a rainbow.

Start with the ball between your legs. Stand shoulder-width apart. Keep the ball right between your legs so that it is centered on your body.


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A football rainbow is a beautiful and spectacular feint that can lead a crowd, so many, especially novice football players often wonder, how to learn how to make a rainbow in football. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the skillful use of this feint allows the player to push the ball forward, and at the same time introduce protection into the stupor. But, to use this technique during the game, it is important to hone the technique of mastering the ball.

This feint includes a wide range of additional tricks, so for those who want to know how to make a rainbow in footballwill have to be patient.

So, before how to learn how to make a rainbow in football, you should use your foot to lift the ball along the opposite foot, and then hit it with the heel with such force that it gently passes over you in an arc, and then correctly accept the ball and continue moving on the field.

To learn the Rainbow trick, you should first practice performing it in a static state. We place the ball between the legs, then with the help of the shock foot we roll it up onto the opposite foot. This must be done quickly, with a certain effort, otherwise it will simply fall to the ground.

Then, when you have adapted to roll the ball to the height of the knee, you should continue to move your feet so that it slightly rises into the air. In this case, you need to position the ball exactly near the heel.

At the end of the exercise, land on the shock leg, at the moment when you kick the ball with the opposite heel. If you want everything to work out, it's important to do it all at a fast pace. Remember that you need to kick the ball with a certain force so that it flies in an arc, so train until the ball begins to fall in front of you. In addition, it is important to clarify that when performing the exercise, when you are already kicking the ball with your heel, lean forward a little so that it moves in the right direction, rather than flying back.

Fint "Rainbow" is designed to run on the run, so before how to make a rainbow in footballor rather during the match, you should not take wide steps, as this will only hinder. Also, you do not need to gain strong acceleration, because at speed it is extremely difficult to make a Rainbow.

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Finally, everything is super great site))

though for a month how much I train I can’t even mint 50 times)

All will be. Keep training.

And in a month I do an average of 80-100 coinage (333 record) almost always do atv insider atv, a little crossover, htv and footstep a little bit obeyed, and also zero)))

Atv, htv know how, then it’s not already zero. Beginner 😉

Very nice welcome. Very effective, not just spectacular. I have been doing it in the game since 1987. But, unfortunately, I do not remember anyone else who would use it. Many people know how, but they don’t hone them in the game 🙁

In big football, in addition to Ocho, it was made by the Brazilian Wamberto. Of ours, I saw only once performed by Aleinikov in 88.

Cool feint. I played football, I tried, it turned out and I got a devil of problems! Only it needs to be honed.

I’m 14 years old. I’m a beginner. I can do it and every day I easily check 100 times on the right and on the left I learn a little 35 records.

Listen friend site is excellent.
In freestyle, I comparatively recently minted with 2005 constantly (a record of 735 times)
Most of all I want to make a feint when I need to throw my leg completely through the ball ...
tell me how to do it and what it's called

Very nice site only 1 minus that you can not download for free.

Maxim Ka, this trick is called ATW (Eng. Around the world), how to do it is written here

Alik, you can download for free

I got this trick literally 2 days after I saw it)))

The freestyler of me is still not good (I only do ATW from the airmuses, but I’m doing fine with the round), but I do the carretyle (well, the rainbow) even at a high speed for me (I’m not running very well). This is the most effective trick. The defender is always out of work.

I get a rainbow back.

train more))
Look at the type on the animation the ball finally flew left (which is at home)