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Princess Diaries 2: How to Become a Queen


Lavender Lash, Audrey Kitching, Leda Monsterbanny, Diistroy, Karina Holocaust, Candy Boo, Lexi Luxheri, Katie Bebifacey, Hannah Beth, Dakota Rose, Serena Rackwell, Brookell Bones, Jen Carbstomp, Hanni Dropkik, it's only Kiki Cannibal A few stars of the scene that you may have heard of. You saw their photos, you read their twitter and profiles on “MySpace” and, at some point, you wanted to become like them. What does the “queen of the scene” mean? This is a girl who has risen above all of the unremarkable crowd of children in the scene and has become popular. Do you have something that could make you the queen of the scene?


Mia graduated from college, she is a specialist in international economics and international relations. She is 21 years old. Lily studies as a journalist, they have not seen each other for a long time, but at the right unexpected moment she arrives in Genovia. Michael is touring with a band around the country, he and Mia broke up as a couple, but remained friends. The princess lives in Genovia with her grandmother and complains only that she never fell in love.

She is facing a coronation, but an unexpected obstacle gets in her way - it turns out that Mia cannot manage the state, since she is not married. She is given a month to find her husband, or another heir, Sir Nicholas Devereaux, will take the throne. The problem is that Mia is in love with him. He only thinks of the throne.

Mie find a groom - a guy from a respectable intelligent family Andrew Jacoby. Uncle Lord tells Nicholas to flirt with Mia so that she does not marry Andrew. Nicholas is listening to his uncle. Mia is mad at him, but nonetheless, she likes him.

At the royal guard’s review, Mia, who was forced to ride a horse “in a feminine” (sideways) protocol, clings an artificial leg to the saddle. Uncle Nicholas, aware of this disguise, shows her horse a rubber snake. She is frightened and rears, her leg falls to the ground. The girl runs away in tears, Nicholas follows her.

At the reception, Mia meets Nicholas with the girl Lady Elissa, and they are trying in every possible way to cause jealousy from each other. As a result, Andrew and Lady Elissa leave together, and Nicholas and Mia kiss, then falling into the fountain.

At the parade, Miya demonstrates wonderful manners and kindness and communicates with subjects. She takes care of the children from the shelter. Nicholas is imbued with sympathy for her.

Mia invites to her bachelorette party of princesses from around the world. Nicholas realizes that he loves Mia, and offers his uncle to stop disturbing Mia and allow her to become a queen. Uncle pretends to agree. At night, Nicholas comes to Mia, and together they leave for the lake and fall asleep on the shore. In the morning she wakes up and sees that they are being filmed by journalists. She is angry, and thinks that Nicholas set up everything on purpose. All Genovia knows about Mia's shame.

Andrew and Mia understand that they don’t feel at all for each other, but, nevertheless, are going to get married. Nicholas refuses to go to the wedding, and his uncle is about to go. He leaves, and the maid, who overhears the conversations, tells Nicholas that his uncle does not intend to abandon the throne and he himself called the journalists to photograph Mia and Nicholas. Nicholas goes to church.

Mia publicly refuses to get married. Nicholas abdicates the throne in her favor. Clarissa marries Joseph, and Mia becomes the queen. In a few frames at the end, it is clear that Mia rebuilt the entire system of the government of Genovia and married Nicholas.

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  • Julie Andrews recorded a solo song for the film for the first time after a complicated throat operation in 1997.
  • Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews wore genuine Chopard jewelry. Julie Andrews says she wore a million dollar jewelry for several days.
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The amount of nonsense that the heroine commits, and all this charming Disney idiocy is atoned for only by the charming Anne Hathaway and the legendary Julie Andrews.

Such films are usually called “sugaryly sweet”, this is their main advantage and disadvantage. But such films are needed because they are about the good and the eternal, about girls, about how to be a princess, and that at seventy you can slide down a hill on a mattress like it's a snowboard and get married, even if to the cinema. Or do not get married when the whole country expects this from you.

This also happens only in the movies. But this is so sweet! In addition, each girl is actually a princess (s) someone from the Disney studio.

It seems to me that every girl, no matter what films she prefers, must have something that does not give up and makes her forget about all the hardships, be it a failed day or something else. Some kind of family, light, cheerful movie.

I have this function performs this movie.

So, the adventures of Mia Thermopolis continue - she will become the queen. Miya is a glorious girl, constantly suffering from her clumsiness and still shocking her crowned grandmother. It is possible that the heroine would have caused nothing but irritation if she had been played by another actress, but Hathaway is wonderful here. Her Mia is now different than in the previous film, really matured, but with the same temper.

Her gentlemen - the groom and the treacherous seducer - both are good in their places. Such as they should be.

Very pleased with the secondary characters - the maids of Mia, her eccentric girlfriend, a serious Internet bodyguard. Children are miracles, although they are always miracles.

Hector Elizondo is here a loyal knight of Queen Clarissa and a no less devoted friend of the young princess. It's hard to imagine Marshall films without this charismatic American. They would have lost a lot.

Of course, you can not help but admire Julia Andrews. She is always the best.

I like this film. For the grandmother and granddaughter, for the loyalty of the princess to her country. For a fairy tale.

May Fatty Louis help her!

A great continuation of a great story. Finally, I managed to see the second part of this story. Well, I once again admired my beloved Anne. In this film, Princess Mia has already grown, blossomed, prettier, and the girl’s heart is not happy. The poor thing cannot meet her love, but this thing is reparable. And the prince was found for her. As many as two. One understands her and waits at the crown, and the other wants to take her throne, but from this, perhaps, even more sweet and glorious. And how to choose here? Heart or mind? Refuse love or not?

Despite the fact that this is a fairly predictable story, it is pleasant to watch. From something, Mia cried several times more, and she became awkward two times. The film is all exactly beautiful. Cheerful, touching and sweet. By all the laws of Dicney, what else can you say?

There is something to laugh at, something to evaluate. Particularly incredible are Payne's blue eyes.

Dreams of every young princess

At first I read all the books from this series, then I watched films (it’s a pity that all the books weren’t filmed). Fairy tale. A beautiful fairy tale, which every girl dreams of. This film seemed to incorporate all the girlish dreams: hairstyles, makeup, bright dresses, balls, princes and villains. This kind and funny comedy gives the sweet hope to every little girl that she is also a princess and her own Genovia is waiting for her.

Throughout the film, we observe the transformation of the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. And if the first part was slightly delayed, the second pleased with its dynamism and rather rapid development of the plot. It was very pleasant to watch Mia, who is not an arrogant and arrogant princess, but a clumsy girl who needs to learn a lot more, and involuntarily imbued with sympathy and sympathy for her and I would certainly want to know how the story of the young princess - the future queen will end.

I watched this movie even earlier than the first part. It should be noted that the directors, actors and all the other "filmmakers" tried their best.

Ann Hathaway already looks much better than in 2001. Adult raincoats, dresses and long legs went to her advantage. It is a pity that a silly little face, something reminding me of a surprised squirrel, can no longer be fixed. In general, Ann can not be called some kind of diverse actress. All roles come down to a loser girl who is in love with a cute prince. Same story in Enchanted Ella and The Devil Wears Prada. Honestly, I'm not happy with her.

I only know Julie Andrews from the film “My Kind Of Music”. They say she sang well there. Maybe. There was no chance to see.

Hector Elizondo is for some reason called spectacular. I did not find anything spectacular in it. Simple as five cents, kid. Someone considers it beautiful, but I have a different opinion. Still, they don’t argue about tastes.

Grandfather Harry Marshall is known to all of us for our beloved Beauty. Everyone, but not me. I did not find style and sophistication in this film. Yes, and the "beauty" of Julia Roberts. So no bias.

Ask, why did I suddenly decide to look? We read under the heading "Producers": Whitney Houston. Here it is, the reason. This woman will not invest money in low-quality consumer goods. I trust Whit, so I clicked on play.

So, the story of the adventures of the American princess begins! We look that this time. In the first part, if you remember, Mia tried to become a princess (it would be more accurate to say, they tried to force her to become). At the moment, she is already aiming for the queens (fast career growth, you can’t say anything!), Because the charming granny Clarissa is losing ground and is becoming interested in cupid affairs. Too late.

In our harsh life, nothing can go smoothly. And now bad uncle ministers are forcing young Mia to marry (oh, horror!) The aristocrat-prince! Give the girl love! But you won’t go against politics, and you had to look for a purebred groom. Found it. Snotty, thin well done. But a gentleman!

Due to the age of Mia, you should not blame her for falling in love with another. Lawless Heart.Well, one cutie liked her, who so unobtrusively wanted to overthrow her from the throne. To the glory of Genovia, and he played hormones, because he could not resist the charm of our princess. She stepped so nicely on his foot, so sweetly cursed with him in the closet, and so sweetly splashed in the fountain. Romance.

But this is a fairy tale so that there is a good end. The happy love of two couples and the birth of a half brother. And they lived happily ever after and died on the same day.

Mighty film, beautiful production, sound-cutting soundtrack. Relax in front of the screen.Lovely jokes, sweet and sweet grandmother and granddaughter relationships.

9 out of 10

The dream of any girl is to marry a handsome prince, live in a palace with a bunch of servants and courtiers, rule the country and walk in chic dresses with a crown on her head and a bunch of diamonds. Fairy tale? Perhaps, but not for the main character Mia Thermopolis. In the first part we see how she turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, but only outwardly! She is clumsy and has no idea what it is to rule the great country of Genovia! But the queen, the beautiful and wise grandmother Clarice Renaldi, comes to her aid. She helps her granddaughter become a real queen, seeing in her the makings of a future ruler. Mia is smart, beautiful and incredibly kind, but she is unlucky in love, but like in any other fairy tale, the prince also could not do it.

Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews just incredibly coped with these roles. I believed that the legendary Julie Andrews is the queen. And the relationship of the granddaughter and grandmother pleases the heart. No matter how Claris scolded the awkward Mia for her punctures, she still teaches her to act with her heart, not her head.

Thanks to the creators for the tale of the magical world of the kingdom. I scoffed at Mia’s absurdity and advise those who are tired after a hard day to watch the movie and want to tune in to a pleasant wave. A share of laughter and good mood is provided to you!

For wonderful manners, a kingdom, and a grandmother-granddaughter relationship.

Little Princess Anne Hathway

I love this movie very much. For kindness, positive, humor and an interesting plot. I liked it from the very first part. Anne Hathway played a wonderful game, in the second part she already embodied the image of a sort of princess, who still remained an ordinary girl in her soul. But with all this, she understands the seriousness of what is happening and she has to make a difficult choice between duty and love. But since this film is intended primarily for a younger audience, a happy end awaits us all the same.

In general, the movie feels good. This is a children's holiday for the soul. The only negative for me (but probably not the movie itself). The fact that I now see only this heroine in Anne Hathway and I can’t take her seriously anymore, no matter how many Oscar nominations she has.

Forward to new achievements

After successful box office grossing of the first film (over 165 million dollars in proceeds versus 26 dollars invested) and a good viewer rating index (IMDb of 6.10 and 7.114 at the CP at the moment), director Harry Marshall, a special lover of family paintings, in partnership with screenwriter Shonda Rimes launched the sequel to The Princess Diaries, making the main character the queen of a fictional European Geneva. And the main participant in the events - actress Anne Hathaway - did not use the opportunity to return to the franchise, the first part of which gave her the first recognition.

So, the teenager Mia Thermopolis (just Hathaway plays it) in the final phase of the first “Diaries” nevertheless agrees to try on the crown of the princess of the tiny but proud country of Geneva and goes with her grandmother to rule the state. In the second part, Miyu is waiting for another mission in which she must decide on marriage in order to become the legal queen of Geneva. Raised in America, Mia is not quite ready for this turn of events, so she deeply thinks whether to go down the aisle. At this time, her grandmother Clarissa Renaldi (Julie Andrews) begins to look for her granddaughter worthy candidate. It seems that he is, but the backstage intrigues of a relative of the royal family, Viscount Mabro (John Rhys-Davis) lead to the breakup of the couple, because the Viscount is very cherished by the dream of seeing his nephew Nicholas Devereaux (Chris Pine) on the throne.

Of course, all these intrigues and thoughts about the future marriage of Mia come in a streamlined action of light comedy with a clear romantic bias. Even John Rhys-Davis can hardly be described as a villain in this film, he is more like a parody personality, taken from the hustle of unsightly, greedy and cunning nobles. Chris Pine does not at all act as an ardent contender for the crown. Behind all his accentuated elegant dandy, you can see a distinctive image of a good and sincere guy. You don’t even have to go to a fortuneteller to guess that according to all the notes of the genre, the characters of Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine will find happiness in each other's arms. The relationship between Clarissa Renaldi and her relentless and faithful page performed by Hector Elizondo, who constantly appears even in small roles with Harry Marshall, stands apart. Here, too, there is nothing hidden - it is noticeable to everyone that they have mutual sympathy and only social differences do not allow them to get closer at last.

The film from all angles is bright, bright, as, in general, there should be a fairy tale for children and adults. It allows you to gain confidence in a bright, good future and even look around, or maybe your princess or your prince with a bored look is wandering somewhere very close by? But, in general, this is rhetoric. “Princess Diaries 2: How to Become a Queen”, thanks to their lightness, airiness, a halo of kindness and the imminent onset of happiness, fill a positive outlook on the world. There is no particular reason to even single out one of the actors, they had not the most difficult roles and they all managed quite confidently, giving the film the same illusion of a fairy tale. The final shots with the hero of Pyne on an old bicycle and Hathaway's closing speech before the nobles of Geneva give both lyrical pleasure and some sincere openness.

If you have already seen the first part of "Princess Diaries", then take the time and look at their continuation. You should not be biased towards the film, because this is a fairy tale and nothing more, but the fairy tale teaches kindness and faith in people.