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Incredibly spectacular tricks with a Zippo lighter


Getting fire from a Zippo lighter for the first time is a responsible task. It would seem, well, what’s complicated here: know yourself, flip the cap back, spin the wheel and get the flame. But, in order to ignite an accessory in accordance with all the rules (especially, for the first time), it is necessary to perform a series of sequential actions. Perhaps, some sophisticated zippos will find this instruction funny, but let them remember their “first time” with Zippo, when they excitedly held this steel beauty in their hands and did not know how to approach it.

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How to light Zippo correctly:

The first step is to purchase the accessory directly. After all, it will be difficult to ignite what is not yet available. Remember that buying a lighter without the risk of being faked is only with official representatives of the company!

So, the stylish little thing is already in your hands. What's next? Make sure that the product is fueled. If this is not so, then you need to saturate it with gasoline. To do this, it is recommended to buy original Zippo gasoline to protect the accessory from premature damage due to the use of surrogate fuel. Next, you must release the lighter insert from the body, raise the felt pad. Under it are special cotton balls, which are worth soaking in gasoline. This must be done until a flammable liquid begins to drip from the wick. After this, you need to wait a bit so that the cotton wool is thoroughly saturated with fuel, and insert the insert back into the case.

Next, you need to hold the accessory between two fingers - thumb and forefinger so that the loop of the lid abuts against the index finger.

Holding the bottom of the lighter with the middle finger, it is necessary with little effort on the body of the product and open the cover.

Using your thumb, you need to sharply scroll the wheel down.

The process has come to its logical conclusion - you got a flame!

5% Especially for readers of our blog, a 5% discount on the entire assortment of the store using the BLOG promo code

But if you are not satisfied with the banal ignition process, and you want to add cinematography to this process, then it’s worth a little work. There are several branded zippovskih tricks that will definitely set you apart from the crowd and make you conqueror of ladies' hearts:

"Burning jeans." This trick requires a Zippo lighter and jeans worn on you. With an open lighter, namely its wheel, it is necessary to hold it on the thigh with effort, having achieved fire.

"Killing fire." This trick is so named because the lighter in this case is used as a gun. It is necessary to capture it as the handle of a pistol, tightly wrapping it around the whole palm.

"King of the bar." A similar trick impresses girls. Imagine that a charming lady languidly sipping a cocktail at the bar and decides to light a cigarette, and then you fly up from under the ground to her with a burning Zippo in her hands.

“Fire strike” This trick should be performed very carefully so as not to burn the thumb. The meaning of the action is to hit the table with a lighter and receive fire. The secret lies in sleight of hand - in a split second you need to have time to light a lighter with your thumb.

Gangster Click. This technique is often used in movies about gangsters. The essence of the trick is to click the middle finger not on your palm, but on the lighter wheel, thus obtaining a flame.

Anyone can master such tricks, if he is patient. However, do not be too zealous so as not to harm yourself and others.

Zippo lighters and their features

Every owner of a Zippo lighter knows that this is an image accessory that a modern person cannot do without. A strict body, many catchy and stylish designs, unsurpassed quality and the status of a world brand attract smokers around the world.

Take the lighter in your hand, open the lid and look at those around you. Several people will definitely look at your stylish accessory.

Zippo is not just a lighter. This is an attribute of a magician, bewitching and surprising the audience. He will distinguish you from the audience and make you the central element of the brightest party.

Imagine how light and nimble finger movements can work wonders. The sound of clicks, warm flames and surprised faces - nothing could be better. Surprise your loved ones with your new hobbies.

Learn simple but very interesting tricks that you can do by picking up your favorite accessory. What tricks with a Zippo lighter can I do?

The conquest of the bar

Before showing the focus, it’s important to master the technique. The safety of people around and the safety of the bar depends on your literacy.

  • For focus, you can choose a regular table.
  • To perform a feint, you need to open your attribute and drive Zippo along the bar, previously scrolling the wheel.
  • At the end of the movement, it lights up. It looks incredibly impressive.

At first glance, the trick seems complicated. But this is not so! Try to push the open lighter several times away from you by spinning the wheel, and you will succeed.

You will learn fire control from this video:

“Pistol” is a simple and no less interesting feint. Take the lighter in your right hand "upside down." Hold the lid in your hand so that when you open the fire, it will be visible to viewers.

  • With a sharp left hand, open the attribute behind the base.
  • The flame will light up and the lighter will resemble a gun.
  • To put out the fire, you need to jerk your hand forward and your favorite accessory will close.
  • You can perform such a feint several times in a row at once. It looks incredibly interesting.

Important! You can hold a lighter not only in a fist. It can be gently clamped between the index and middle fingers. You will need a little more training to complete the trick. But it's worth it!

“Swing fire”

Want to surprise the audience? Show them how with one wave of your hand you light a flame.

  1. To do this, carefully insert a part of the wick into the slot near the latch, and then slightly moisten it with gasoline.
  2. Next, you need to light a fire. If everything is done correctly, along with the main flame, a fire will appear on the wick. It is noticeable only to you. Those around him do not see him, so for them the performance is yet to come.
  3. Close the cover. Do not be afraid! The wick does not go out.
  4. Open the lid and swing it over with your hand. Your viewers will see the flame and be surprised, because it seems to them that you lit it without touching the lighter.

Attention! Pull the wick very carefully. If you overdo it, it will burn. Unfortunately, the trick will not work.

Tricks with Zippo are easy to perform. One evening is enough to learn amazing feints.

It is important that lighters of everyone's favorite brand are absolutely safe. They are conveniently held by the hand, which means creating beautiful and unusual tricks is much easier than you think. Feel free to take your favorite lighter in your hand and try new tricks!

Top 5 tricks with lighters can be gleaned from this video:

10. Kiss of the Devil

Real fire show! Caution: requires skill.

It’s a pity that with modern flameless lighters you can’t do such tricks. But they have a ton of other, equally valuable advantages.

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