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Choosing a wedding dress: 9 basic recommendations


Choosing a wedding dress is a responsible and troublesome business, but everything can be much simpler! Our tips will help you choose it according to figure, season, style of celebration, age and other points. You will find out what outfit is worth buying for the second wedding, how much it costs to rent and tailoring, how long it takes to make a purchase. We will tell you what dresses can be worn after painting and what is now at the peak of popularity. You can choose the most suitable option for you!

How to make the right choice, taking into account different nuances

When choosing a dress, it is necessary to take into account the time of year, the style of the celebration, especially the figures, the color type of the bride.

  • Summer light, flying fabrics and lace are welcome. Brides can choose dresses with an open back, sleeveless, short wedding dresses.
  • In the spring outfits look chiffon with satin. Brides can pay attention to transformer wedding dresses and models with delicate sleeves and an open back.
  • Fall It is advisable to give preference to chiffon, tight lace, taffeta. Long outfits with long sleeves are welcome.
  • In winter straight or slightly flared to the bottom dresses “on the floor” made of silk or satin with lace sleeves look spectacular.

1. Allow maximum time for finding a dress

Time can play a trick on you when preparing for the wedding. Most couples think that they will manage to do absolutely everything on time. But unforeseen events almost always happen. Bear in mind that since the beginning of spring there has been a stir in wedding salons. In order not to worry and not be wasted, try to do everything as early as possible. And choosing and buying a wedding dress in off-season will save money - many salons offer discounts.

2. Make a budget

The cost of the dress is an important factor when choosing. By setting the price range from and to, you can cut off options that do not fit into this framework and see only what suits you. Be prepared to consider renting or sewing a wedding dress. Very often it comes out cheaper, and allows you to get the coveted dress for less.

3. Learn the styles

To get started, get acquainted with the main styles of dresses:

  • • A-line or Princess
  • • Ballroom
  • • Direct
  • • Mermaid
  • • Empire or Greek style
  • • A short
  • • boho

The most universal of all styles is a-silhouette: such a dress will look good on a girl with any figure, in addition, it will make a full bride slimmer, a short bride taller, and an elegant bride emphasize the waist.

Large "support group" on the fitting

Choosing a wedding dress is a responsible matter. But do not involve too many in this process. Imagine how each and every one will repeat that this dress is beautiful, but it doesn’t suit you, or, even worse, opinions are divided. How not to get confused here? Enthusiastic cries and sighs of admiration can be confusing and lead away from the bride’s own wishes. Of course, a side view is important, and that is why it is better to take one or two people to try on, no more. They will be objective and put your interests first.

1. Do not indicate your budget

Describe the budget in advance: how much you spend on the photographer, how much on the restaurant, how much on the bride’s dress and groom’s costume. For example, you pledged 50 thousand rubles for the purchase of a dress. Please note that the entire outfit must be included in this money: not only the dress itself, but also shoes, underwear, a veil, jewelry - otherwise the amount may be several times higher than planned.

How to avoid? When you go into the next salon, immediately call the sales assistant the amount you are counting on.

The main rule: do not try on a dress for a million, even just out of curiosity. It is very sad to find the perfect dress that can not afford. Remain reasonable: you should not take a loan on a dress, it is better to spend more money on a honeymoon.

Buying dress too early

If you start trying on dresses a year before the wedding, the likelihood of falling in love with one of them is very high. And the thought that your only dress can be bought will not give you rest. You need to choose a dress when you already have enough money to buy it and when other details of the wedding are known. Indeed, much also depends on the place of the celebration and its style, theme! Agree, a magnificent "ball" dress will not be appropriate, for example, at a beach wedding, and a Greek-style outfit will not be suitable for a vintage ceremony.

2. Loop on one style

Do you want an off-shoulder dress like Anne Hathaway has in Brides' War? Or a mermaid dress, or very short and with a long train?

Unfortunately, when the future bride begins to try on a dress from her fantasies, it turns out that the outfit with open shoulders sits ridiculously, and the tight-fitting “mermaid tail” visually increases the hips by two sizes. So dreams are crumbling, and the girl is in a panic: well, how so?

How to avoid? Do not limit yourself to one style or style. Perhaps the dress that you did not even think about will be your best option, which will turn you into the most luxurious bride in the world.

Too many dresses you tried on

Typically, women choose between 4-5 main applicants for the role of the “same” dress. But in total, it is better to measure no more than 10-15 outfits, otherwise, as they say, your eyes will run wide. In the endless race for the perfect dress, you may simply not consider it among dozens of others, each of which is unique in its own way.

3. Try on only white dresses

Continuing the last paragraph. It always seemed to you that a wedding dress can only be white and nothing else. Know that white is not for everyone. Especially if you have too pale skin.

How to avoid? Pay attention to the dresses of cream, blue, peach, pistachio, pink tones, and if you want, then even try on a red dress. Most likely, you will immediately forget about the boiling white color and find something original.

Deceptive discounts

Do not rush to a designer dress with a big discount - many brides who dream of an expensive dress of a certain brand make this mistake. We don’t argue, you can really buy a dress for a modest amount, which actually costs two, or even three times more expensive. But before making a purchase, carefully check the goods for defects and make sure that you do not have to spend money on binder and dry cleaning. Otherwise, the whole point of the discount is lost.

4. Consult with everyone

Choosing a dress is your own business, because you are the bride here. No need to drag an entire support group with you to try on. Of course, you need an adequate view from the outside, but not hundreds of tips from girlfriends. Many conflicting opinions will only confuse you, and you will miss a good outfit.

How to avoid? Listen to the words of others, but filter the information. Talk to two of the people you trust the most. Let the dress make you happy, and not your fiance's mom.

Wrong size

Many brides plan to lose weight before the wedding and want to buy a dress one size smaller so that there is an additional incentive to lose weight. Such a decision is fundamentally wrong! In any case, buy the size that suits you at the moment.

And do not forget that the size range of various brands and brands is different. If you have always worn size 44, but a wedding dress of this size is not enough for you and the consultant in the salon advises you to take the 46th - listen. Do not attach too much importance to the number on the label, the main thing is landing. If the dress suddenly becomes too big, it is much easier to suture it than vice versa. A corset with lacing will completely solve all the problems of a small "plus" or "minus" in volume.

5. Choose a small size

Do not give up illusions: you do not need to buy a dress of the 44th size if you wear the 46th. “A month before the wedding I’ll go on a tough diet, lose weight and just fit in it!” - you think. Oh, understand that before such a crucial event you will already be on your nerves, and going hungry is not the best option.

How to avoid? Look at things realistically. Choose a dress of your size: it should not burst at the seams and too tight fit the figure. The main thing is not size, but landing.

In addition, the sizes of wedding dresses may not correspond to the sizes of everyday clothes, and almost any number can be written on the label.

Locked on one style

A very common situation is when the bride leaves the salon not at all with the dress that they dreamed about, or which, in their opinion, suits them best. It’s great to have an idea of ​​the style and style of the dress that you want. But do not focus only on such options. Experienced consultants in the salon will offer an alternative if the dress you came for is not entirely for you. Do not refuse - as they say, they do not take money for fitting. Perhaps wearing a completely different dress, you will realize that this is IT!

6. Want everything at once

You want lace, rhinestones, beads, a long veil, a diadem, a deep neckline, a large necklace and many, many flowers. Stop, stop. Everything at once is bad and tasteless. Of course, every bride dreams that her dress should be original and unique, but it is impossible to overload it with unnecessary details.

How to avoid? The same rules apply for a wedding look as for any evening look: it is best to choose only one or two bright accents. For example, lace sleeves and a long veil. Or a fluffy skirt and a diadem. In general, a little good.

Buying a dress you don't like

This can happen if you are under excessive pressure. Often, mothers who buy dresses for their young daughters dictate their rules simply because they pay. Or the bride can succumb to her friend’s very persistent persuasion and buy the dress that she liked.

If you are persuaded to buy a dress that you do not like, do not give in! It’s better to choose a less expensive outfit, but buy it with your own money or take it in installments. And about the persuasion of a friend - well, it's still your wedding.

7. Choose the wrong length

It is sad if the day before the wedding it turns out that in combination with new shoes, the dress was too short or, conversely, too long.

How to avoid? Most likely, you know in advance what shoes you are going to wear for the wedding. So, try on a dress with shoes of a certain height. A long dress can be quickly hemmed in the studio, but lengthening the dress can be quite difficult or completely unrealistic.

Trying on dresses you cannot afford

If you know what your budget for a wedding dress is, then measure only those outfits that fit into it. Otherwise, the biggest disappointment may await you. There is nothing worse than falling in love with an too expensive dress: you will compare all subsequent ones with him and be upset that they are not so good.

8. Do not take into account the time of year

When you choose a dress, then you already know the date of the celebration (if not, see paragraph 9). It is very important to take into account the time of year: some models are suitable for any weather, in some it will be comfortable only in the summer, and in some - only in winter or autumn. Often, brides do not think at all about the material of the dress, and on their wedding day they only dream about getting warm sooner.

How to avoid? Will the wedding be in summer or spring? Then try to find a dress made of silk, chiffon or satin. Is an important celebration planned for fall or winter? Buy a brocade or velvet dress with a warm cape or fur coat.

9. Buy a dress a year before the wedding

Yesterday, your loved one made you an offer, and today you have flipped through a thousand pages in online stores and ran through all the bridal salons of the city. Your desire to quickly find a wedding dress is natural, but still you need to approach the choice of such an important thing wisely.

Imagine you bought your dress a year or ten months before the holiday, and five months later you saw a model in the store that is a hundred times better and even cheaper than your dress. Agree, you do not need extra disappointments.

How to avoid? Start looking for a dress when you’ve at least roughly decided on the general theme of the wedding. Take your time, but do not delay the purchase until the last (more on this in the next paragraph).

Salon selection

Before choosing a dress, you also need to choose a wedding salon. If you are looking for a particular brand or dress from a particular designer, first find out the addresses of the official representatives of this brand. Otherwise, you risk buying a fake. For the same reason, do not buy dresses "on hand" and on dubious sites.

Good luck in finding and choosing a wedding dress!

10. Buy a dress a couple of weeks before the wedding

Some girls choose dresses a year before the celebration, and others - a week. The second case is perhaps even worse than the first. If you buy a dress at the last moment, then you close your eyes to its small flaws, and you have absolutely no time to tweak the outfit in the atelier. You make a decision too quickly and in the end you get not what you wanted.

How to avoid? Reasonable time to buy a wedding dress: 5–3 months before the wedding. You will have time not only to “fit” the dress for yourself, but also to choose the right accessories for it.

11. Understand that the dress is beautiful but uncomfortable

You have found a dream dress. But it is terribly uncomfortable. You are not even sure that you can spend more than two hours in it. Brides, do not make such sacrifices! Remember that you will need to walk, dance, hug, take pictures for almost 24 hours.

How to avoid? Still, comfort is not the last criterion when choosing a dress. And if the outfit is beautiful, then make sure that it is comfortable. On this day, nothing should interfere with your absolute happiness.

12. Don't be sure that this is the perfect dress.

You have already bought a dress, and now it is hanging in your closet in anticipation of its solemn exit. But you still doubt that this is exactly what you need. “Maybe it was worth a search?” Maybe it is not as beautiful as it seems to me? ”And again stress and unnecessary frustration.

How to avoid? Just calm down and not worry. You will be the most compelling and delightful bride - and that’s the point.

Based on the style of the wedding celebration

For a wedding in the style of "classic", a fluffy skirt or A-silhouette outfit is suitable. From this article you will learn which tuple for her is better to choose, where to hold the event, what decor and outfits should be bought or rented.

For a wedding in a marine style, the most suitable options are “Empire” and “Mermaid” dresses. We wrote about the design of such a celebration earlier. In that article you will find tips on choosing a transport, place of registration, decorating it, making a menu, and many more. other

Those who choose a wedding in the “retro” style will face a short outfit with lace, and the dudes should pay attention to models that have a full skirt. So that you are not mistaken in the design of this event, we have prepared a separate article for you. It is devoted to the problems of choosing a tuple, decor, outfits, accessories.

At a wedding in the style of "boho", a loose cut with embroidery, lace or lacing will be appropriate. What the design of this celebration should look like, read our other article.

Dress in the "boho" style

For a celebration in the Tiffany style, you will have to choose a straight-cut dress with a sharp silhouette. Decided to focus on such topics? Then our other article will be useful for you, which will introduce you to the intricacies of decorating a banquet hall and registration area, and creating wedding images.

Given the type of figure

Inverted Triangle Girls”(Broad shoulders, narrow hips),“ bustier ”dresses with a fluffy skirt, models with a low waist, or“ floor ”dresses with long sleeves are suitable.

Hourglass Brides (the waist is narrow, the hips and bust are almost the same) the mermaid will help to emphasize the merits.

Owners of the figure "pear" (hips wide, shoulders narrow) stylists recommend paying attention to outfits with a neckline (square or boat). It is advisable that they be generously decorated with lace and rhinestones in the neckline, have a skirt with wedges or pleated.

Girls with a circle (hips are narrow, the bust is lush, the waist is wide) it is advisable to take a closer look at the trapezoidal models with a corset and Empire-style dresses (suitable for brides in position).

Brides with a rectangle (shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same in volume) dresses with a corset and a full skirt are suitable.

In spring and summer the abundance of greenery and bright colors will emphasize a snow-white wedding dress.

Fall it is advisable to pay attention to outfits of ivory color. The fabric can be represented by satin, organza, guipure.

In winter wedding dresses of deep, saturated colors (burgundy, indigo, purple) look spectacular.

Brides of the winter color type (olive or cold pink skin, dark hair) suits of silver, white, pink colors are suitable.

"Autumn" girls (каштановые или рыжие волосы, персиковая кожа, карие, зеленые или янтарные глаза) подчеркнуть яркую внешность помогут платья персикового, золотистого и кремового оттенков.

Девушкам с внешностью типа «лето» (светлая кожа с голубоватым оттенком, светло-русые волосы, светлые глаза) советуют выбирать свадебные платья цвета молочного, сиреневого, холодного розового, серебристо-серого и шампань.

Невестам цветотипа «весна» (light skin, brown or brown hair, green, blue or light brown eyes) it is advisable to pay attention to the outfits of golden, sky blue, cream, peach colors.

What outfit to buy for a second wedding

According to tradition, if the bride gets married a second time, the dress should not be snow-white. The outfit can be any other shade (pink, peach, creamy). This is due to the fact that the bride put on snow-white vestments to demonstrate her innocence and purity.

There are restrictions on the style - most brides previously, having entered into marriage again, tried not to turn this event into a celebration and chose a model-case or low-key outfit of a closed style.

How to choose by size

Before buying, it is more correct to first take measurements of the waist, chest and hips and check the table of sizes of wedding dresses. This link can be downloaded. Also here it is in the photo:

Brides need to prepare for the fact that due to the peculiarities of the figure (a slender waist and a very magnificent bust, or wide hips and a very modest bust), finding a suitable dress will be problematic. Seamstress services may be required to fit the model.

4. Determine the type of your figure

It is very important to know your type of figure, since the style of the dress, which is ideal for you, depends on it. There are 5 types of female figures: triangle (pear), inverted triangle, hourglass, rectangle, oval (apple). Each of these types corresponds to certain silhouettes of the wedding dress.

Let's analyze them in more detail:

  • - Triangle: A-line dress will look good on this type of figure, in Greek or retro style
  • - Inverted triangle: since the peculiarity of this type of figure is wide shoulders, then an A-line dress with lace or closed top is best here
  • - Hourglass: fit almost any style of dress. Dresses that emphasize the waist or hips will look especially beautiful.
  • - Rectangle: in this case, the main thing is to visually reduce the waist, make it “visible”, so you can choose a dress of any style, taking into account this detail
  • - Oval: the perfect choice is a high-waisted dress or an empire-style dress

What dresses can be worn after painting

After the wedding, brides can wear short and medium length models of silk, taffeta, satin and gabardine for parties, holidays and walks. It is desirable that their finish is not too rich.

The most versatile styles:

  • case:
  • transformer,
  • short skirt bustier
  • tight straight.

White outfits are easily soiled, so after the wedding they wear dresses if they are cream, pink and any shade except white.

5. Choose a color

Choose the color of the dress, taking into account the color of your skin. Cold shades of the dress will lighten the skin, beige shades of the dress will perfectly harmonize with a light tan. For girls with fair skin, dresses in ivory and all warm shades of white are suitable. Do not be afraid to move away from the classic white color, it is not for everyone. It’s better to find exactly your shade.

6. Consider the style of the wedding

Your image should correspond to the general concept of the wedding. If you want to look harmoniously at a wedding in the style of boho, outdoors by the water, it will be rather strange to wear a fluffy princess dress. Pay attention to details: think about whether you want to see a belt, lace or embroidery on your dress. They can article with major accents in an image that emphasize the style of the wedding.

How many days to buy

Stylists do not advise making a purchase for several months - the bride can lose weight or gain weight (on nervous grounds, etc.), and then the outfit will have to be changed.

Choosing and buying a dress for six months or more before the wedding is fraught with a change in fashion trends (the actual shade, fabrics, style can change).

Please note that the dress:

  • When transporting from the passenger compartment, it may wrinkle and need to be steamed. Here is the answer to the question of where and how to do it. You can also handle this at home.
  • Requires the selection of shoes and accessories.
  • Perhaps if a girl recovers or is losing weight, she will have to suture or embroider.

The above requires additional time, so buying a dress a few days before the celebration will also bring nothing but nerves. Based on this, it is advisable to begin trying on two weeks before painting.

7. Pick up sample options

There are an incredible number of wedding dress models to make the choice in the salon easier, see photos of brides, leaf through magazines, get inspired on the Internet. The more photos you look at, the more clearly you can understand how you see the future dream dress. Evaluate not only the beauty of the picture, but also the correspondence to your type of figure, skin color, wedding style. If you are not tall, do not focus on photographs of tall brides; look for people like you.

How much is

If you plan not to buy, but to sew the bride’s dress, then you need to prepare for the fact that the services of the studio will cost at least 25,000-30,000 rubles. depending on materials, complexity of work, urgency. About 20-40% goes to pay for the services of the studio, the rest is for the purchase of fabric, accessories and decor.

Dress Styleaverage costAtelier website
A-line25 000-31 900
Mermaid32 500-39 000
Empire9072-18 900

Buying a finished wedding dress is less troublesome, and the cost depends on the designer, the relevance of the model and the pricing policy of the wedding salon. The average price of a finished outfit is 15,000-60,000 rubles. (

How much does it cost to rent a wedding dress? This can be done, on average, for 3000-30 000 rubles. The bride receives the outfit for 2-3 days. If it is spoiled (lace is torn, beads are torn off, fabric is scorched, etc.), you will have to pay for its repair (1200-2000 rubles) or reimburse the cost.

What styles are in fashion

Wedding dresses of the Empire, Mermaid, A-silhouette, Transformer, and long "floor" styles with a train are in great demand. In fashion, but not as popular as before, are classic corset models with a fluffy skirt. Quite rarely, brides prefer closed Puritan-style variations.

Here is a video in which the designer gives advice on choosing a wedding dress in practice:

Given our advice, choosing a decent option will not be as problematic as it should be!