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You, as always, go about your business, and here your daughter comes into the room where you are, modestly and obviously embarrassed, and as if by the way, asks how to find out if a guy likes you - a good question, well, peace A teenager is full of such questions.

It is interesting that adult women sometimes at first glance or purely intuitively can understand whether men like them or not, but it can be very difficult for them to explain on the basis of what they draw such conclusions.

All parents are well aware that this question really torments their daughter, so they will have to answer something. To make a mistake in this case is easy enough, because sometimes the boys just like the attention of all the girls, but there are still some common signs.

First, tell her that most likely his behavior is not too different from how she behaves, hence the following symptoms.

In the question of how to find out whether a guy likes you, his speech can also help:

  1. He often tries to call her by name or use a non-standard replacement - “sun”, “bunny”, “kitten”, as if a little flirty,
  2. Even if he used obscene words before, now he will follow his speech, trying to speak correctly.

In general, the guy will do everything to please or at least draw the attention of the girl to himself. But to know exactly whether he likes her, there is only one way - to ask him. At first, this thought will seem fantastic and terribly scary to a teenage girl, but gradually she herself will come to her.

For a very shy girl, this option may be suitable: her friend asks about it from his friend or from himself. Nothing complicated. In the next article it will be possible to find out what to do to a guy if only one thought is spinning in his head: I want to like girls, what should I do?

Let's remember, dear parents, about your doubts about these issues, how did you get out of this situation? Please share in the comments.

Sign Language

Small movements of the hands, pulling of clothes, hands in pockets - each except for usual speech, has a special sign language. It is individual, unique, in different situations it manifests itself in accordance with character, temperament, and thoughts.

Surely and for yourself you noticed how you lower your eyes to the floor or begin to stutter slightly when meeting a handsome guy. They behave similarly.

Pay attention to his movements, behavioral features directed in your direction:

  • He tries to touch whenever possible,
  • At school, suitable for any occasion,
  • Too shy to look right in the eye
  • At the same time, he constantly watches his eyes, even when talking with friends,
  • It may try to attract attention in a not always pleasant way: pulls the hair, lets go of a stupid joke, draws a caricature,
  • If the guy is brave, not shy of feelings, he will, on the contrary, help, communicate openly, take him home, seek communication outside the school.

You just need to watch for a while, evaluate whether he even knows that you are.

In this video, Melissa will talk about signs by which you can clearly understand that the boy liked you:

What kind of girls do boys like?

There is an opinion that it is necessary to comply with some standards: to have a thin waist, long legs and hair, magnificent eyelashes. Allegedly, then you can attract the attention of a guy, and if there are no such eyelashes, then walk the whole life of an old maid. This is not true.

Model standards are formed by fashion magazines for the demonstration of clothing, cosmetics, underwear. But they are not related to real life, this is only a professional indicator, it is needed to make the displayed product pleasant to consider. And different girls are cute for boys, since boys are different: tall, low, addicted and monogamous.

the main thing take care of yourself:

  1. Neat hairstyle, clean hair,
  2. Use deodorant regularly
  3. Do not wear stale clothes. It should be clean, ironed. Try to choose it harmoniously, adhere to a certain style, match the situation. The school is official, it’s comfortable on the street,
  4. Your modesty is not a fault, but a virtue. It prevents you from approaching and asking or telling directly about your feelings, but at the same time it stands out among noisy friends.

How to show the boy that you like him?

This subtle skill is to attract the attention of others when you need and for a specific purpose. It is not easy for everyone, but if you learn how to handle people, you can get what they want.

To do this, you must:

  • Learning to listen, for example, about what he is talking with friends. In conversations, phrases about girls that you like can slip through. Also about hobbies, interests. This is important, maybe you are completely different people, maybe then you should not try to get closer. If interests coincide, turn to him for help: repair a bicycle, learn to skate, advise a good fitness trainer or gym. And there act according to circumstances
  • Offer your homework help if the subject is difficult. In other matters,
  • Become a mystery, different in the crowd. Look around, which girls are mostly around: they read little books, attend cultural events a little, and possibly smoke. This is for example. Become an exception to the rule: a good, positive exception,
  • Be positive. A man with a smile on his face and a good joke at the right time attracts.

The main thing is not to become annoying, respect yourself and his opinion.

How to know that a boy likes you?

In addition to gestures and looks, there are other signs:

  • The guy listens to your advice. Friends recommend that you don’t go to this film, but you liked it, and it’s also coming,
  • Marks your photos on social networks, leaves comments. So it’s following updates,
  • He talks about his life, what he did yesterday, what successes he achieved, what doesn’t work out,
  • Do not forget to wish a happy birthday, other holidays.

But do not forget, people are different and can see the situation in their own way. Some boys show attention in illogical ways: they can bully, tease, flirt with other girls in order to cause jealousy.

Other Symptoms

  1. If a boy invites to his company, introduces his friends,
  2. Tries to look solid next: straightens his shoulders, stretches his neck,
  3. She tries to make a funny, original joke,
  4. Notices changes in your appearance: a new hairstyle, dress,

Most likely, he is in love, you can have no doubt. Unless, of course, this is elementary politeness and gallantry.

It so happens, a girl takes a well-educated young man for a boyfriend, begins to respond to signs of attention, but he did not mean anything serious. Therefore, take your time, look, it is possible that he also communicates with others. This wariness is needed to don't put in uncomfortable his position, not to fall into him herself.

What mistakes should be avoided?

In pursuit of a loved one, some girls lose their minds. Keep your mind clear:

  • Do not stop communicating with friends, do not lock yourself on the subject of adoration. Relations will develop or not, no one knows, and a good friend will be there if you yourself do not forget about him,
  • In the case of reciprocity, do not let close close. There must be limited space for the first time, let him prove his words by deeds. Not in the literal sense to demand from him exploits. Just be careful, prudent and wise. Moreover, impregnable girls attract more
  • Try to talk less about your feelings to others. You can share with one girlfriend, but do not chat on every corner. Happiness loves silence.

Everything is individual; you cannot fit all the boys into one standard of behavior. And if you are still tormented by the question of how to find out if the boy likes you, read the article again. Its main purpose is to make it clear: you cannot ask directly - observe and draw conclusions.