Useful Tips

How to study at 5? How to study perfectly?


Of course, people attend schools, colleges, universities primarily for the sake of knowledge. However, good grades are the most obvious evidence that a person has acquired this knowledge. How to study at "5" without bringing yourself to a state of chronic fatigue and enjoying the process? The following are simple recipes, using which you can instantly forget about the "deuces".

How to study on "5": we develop intelligence

The higher the student’s brain activity, the faster and easier it absorbs knowledge. How to study at "5"? There is a wide range of games that have a positive effect on intelligence. Chess can be called the absolute champion among them. The game is able to seem simple at first glance, but it perfectly trains the logic. Puzzles that stimulate spatial thinking will also be useful.

How to study on "5" if chess and puzzles seem boring? There are creative ways to develop intelligence. For example, drawing is considered useful for brain activity. It is not at all necessary to possess the talents of Leonardo da Vinci, since everything is allowed to draw, from funny faces to landscapes. Ballroom dancing is also welcomed, as they develop the ability to analyze, because the dancer has to remember music, posture, rhythm at the same time.

Strengthening intelligence is easy when doing daily activities. To do this, just "break the template." For example, if the brush is always in the student’s right hand when brushing, it’s worth moving it to the left. Faced with an unusual situation, the brain begins to work.

A few words about motivation

How to study at "5"? Pupils and students will not receive good grades without a clear idea of ​​why they need them. There is no standard motivation suitable for each individual in nature, since all people are different from each other.

For some students, the prospect of entering a university or gaining a well-paid position becomes an excellent motivation. Others dream of getting the approval of teachers and relatives, gaining credibility in the classroom. Still others are afraid to stay in school for the second year, to be expelled from the university. Fourth, the parents promise a welcome gift for good grades. Any motivation is suitable if it is effective.

Lesson schedule

How to study perfectly? "Fives" in most cases remain inaccessible to those who get used to doing from case to case, often arranges for themselves "holidays". Therefore, you will have to work on acquiring new knowledge every day, evenly distributing the load. A simple solution - the allocation of a certain amount of time to complete homework, additional classes - say, 3 hours a day. It is definitely worthwhile to add minutes of rest to the schedule, for example, taking a ten-minute break every 45 minutes.

Many excellent students have first-hand experience of what stress is. In order not to be among such hard workers, you should not take up homework immediately upon returning from school. The best leisure options are walking, reading, watching TV. It is advisable not to rest for more than 1.5 hours, since then it will be difficult to force yourself to begin to complete the lessons.

How to study perfectly, doing homework "from case to case" or even forgetting about it? Unfortunately, this is not possible, since the implementation of homework lessons is necessary to consolidate the material taught in the classroom.

Working space

Many pupils and students complain that they cannot concentrate on their studies when they are at home. In most cases, this is due to numerous distractions. How does one or another classmate study for one 5? Probably nothing prevents him from doing. Therefore, to achieve this goal, it is enough to remove all kinds of laptops, tablets, smartphones from the desktop. It is advisable to leave only what is necessary for the work, in other words, notebooks, textbooks, stationery. Each item should have its own place, since any hint of chaos has a relaxing effect.

How to learn only five, not getting tired prematurely during the lessons? A large role is played by the chair on which the student sits, convenience is required of him, the correspondence to the table height. The manner of sitting is also important, it is desirable that the back remains straight, which does not allow excessive load on the spine.

The accumulation of the "knowledge base"

We are talking about all kinds of notes, tests, textbooks. Do not throw away materials that were used in the last school year. Often the topics of the lessons are duplicated, have a close relationship.

How easy is it to go to school? It is useful from time to time to return to the material covered, for example, to solve tasks that have already been performed, even if they seem simple, to reread the notes. This will help knowledge to be firmly in memory. First of all, it is necessary to repeat the topics, the development of which is difficult for the student.


Most schoolchildren and students do not think about how the appearance affects the grades. Teachers' perception of a responsible student always includes neat, strict clothes. Elegant suits can be worn not only on exam days, but also on weekdays. Particular attention should be paid to hair and makeup (this applies to girls). It is advisable to abandon extreme options, excesses, give preference to the classics.

A curious experiment showed that it is enough for a student or student to change ripped jeans to a strict trouser suit so that the attitude of teachers on him will improve. Subconsciously, seeing such a transformation, the teacher decides that the student has taken up the mind.

Show interest

Teachers are also people, most of them want students to be interested in their subjects, listen carefully, ask clarifying questions, possibly even beyond the program. However, excessive enthusiasm for discussion, especially if it goes far from the current topic, is not welcome, it is better to listen more and speak less. Of course, this does not apply to the situation in which the teacher asks the student a question that requires a detailed answer.

How to study for one five? The less often a student skips classes, the better are his final grades. The point is not only that you can not understand the topics that were studied in the absence of the student. Many teachers see in truancy a disregard for the subject and for themselves, which automatically provokes a conflict. Even if the lesson is missed due to illness, you should definitely study a new topic on your own and do your homework.

After all of the above, it becomes clear how one or another person studies for only five. Observing these simple rules, you can quickly forget about the time when bad grades prevailed in the diary.