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How to use Snapdock on your device


Social networks have become an integral part of our lives. They allow us to do many amazing things: chat with friends, make new acquaintances, look for like-minded people, learn useful and interesting information, watch the life of celebrities and share a piece of our news. Of course, this is not a complete list of all the features of social networks. Their diversity allows everyone to find a resource to their liking.

So, fans of Twitter can tell subscribers about new life events or share what they are doing at the moment. Facebook and Vkontakte will help you find friends, write messages you already have, listen to your favorite audio recordings, watch funny videos or share beautiful photos. Instagram fans can tell about their adventures in the photo report or upload a short video on any subject, and besides, evaluate the photos of their acquaintances and friends. A great alternative to Instagram is the Snapchat program. In a short time, it has become extremely popular among users. We will talk about this program and how to use Snapchat in an article.

What is an application?

Let's get it right from the start. Snapchat is one of the new social networks that resemble Instagram. The latter has a small function - to share the story. It consists in the fact that you can post a photo or video for a certain time up to 24 hours, your friends and subscribers can see it, but "snap" (in translation means "instant photo") does not remain in the gallery and simply is deleted after the specified term.

The function described above fully reveals the essence of the Snapchat social network. How to use it specifically and what are the differences from Insta? Firstly, customer focus on a younger audience. Older people would simply post a snapshot without performing any special actions with it. Secondly, your friends see the picture for 1 to 10 seconds, and after 24 hours the photo disappears.

What did the “Snapchat” interest young people in?

“Snapchat” (or “Snapchat”) became popular in a matter of days. Many thought: what is the secret of success? After all, one by one the young people were in a hurry to download the application and start using it. Moreover, the quality of images obtained through this program left much to be desired.

It all started with Snapchat's fun lenses. How to use them? Lenses are filters for photographs, with the help of which she acquired new colors. For example, the face of a dog was superimposed on the image of your face, and then you could turn into a mischievous doggie. And if you show the language, then it also appears in the doggie, and it will begin to "lick the screen from the inside."

There are a lot of such lenses: a bunny, a princess, a beauty, a panda, a bear, a doll, and many others. Every day you get 10 new lenses. The next day they are updated, some remain, while others disappear until an unknown time.

Developers offer users to buy their favorite lens in order to be able to use it on an ongoing basis. In addition to everything, you can write text or draw on the resulting photo. The social network aims to share the brightest moments of life with the help of instant photos.

Snapchat: how to use?

In order to start working with the application, just download it from the "Play Market" or "App Store" if you use "Android" or "Apple", respectively. How to use Snapchat on Android, even a child will understand.

The application is in the public domain. After downloading, you will need to go through a small registration. To do this, indicate the mail, come up with a password and enter the date of birth. How to use Snapchat on iPhone? The procedure is similar.

Lens selection

Many "users" go to the "Snapchat" solely for the sake of funny lenses. Then they save the photo to their gallery or the history of “snaps” (“Snap” also provides long-term storage of photos for personal viewing) and upload them to other social networks. For example, a filter with golden butterflies on its head gained popularity among girls, because it visually lengthened the face, corrected skin imperfections and made eyes larger. As a result, the face became visually prettier with the Snapchat lens. How to use such lenses?

We go into the photo creation mode, select the front camera function and point it at our face. After that, click on the image of your face and see that below the image of the lens appears in small circles. Just click on one of them and see how your face is transformed. The developers came up creative enough to create each of these filters.

Now you know how to use Snapchat. Share photos with friends and family!

What is the Snapchat app intended for?

For those who are looking for another tool for correspondence on the Web, Snapchat is hardly suitable. After all, this application does not even allow you to write ordinary messages and save them. If we draw an analogy with already known projects, then we can say that this is a kind of instant Instagram. The user takes a snapshot (snap) - and sends it to other users. Immediately after opening the message is deleted from their devices. You can set the time for deletion - in the range from 1 to 10 seconds. However, you can re-view the last snap on the server, but only after 24 hours.

Thus, we can say that Snapchat allows you to make an instant cut of a moment in life. And then this moment goes into the past - as in life itself.

How to install snapchat

The application installs on iPhone and Android.

  1. Go to the Play Store directory on your phone and enter the name of the application. Select the white ghost icon that appears.
  2. Click "Install", accept the conditions, wait for the full download. We are looking for a shortcut on the main display of the phone. We open.
  3. Register before using the service. Do not forget the password, it is difficult to recover it in the Snapchat.
  4. Done. Now you have access to the messenger entertainment catalog.

Download and Install Snapchat

    Of course before how to use snapchat, you need to download it. Since the program only works on the Andro OS>

Both downloading and installation do not take much time. In general, everything goes in standard mode without user intervention. Anyone who at least once downloaded and installed a mobile application on their device can easily cope in this case.

How to use the application

We will understand the basic functions.

  • At the bottom of the screen is a round button, to take a photo, you need to click on it.
  • If you need to shoot a video, hold the photo button for a long time; if you release it, the video will stop.
  • To send an image or video to friends, click on the blue button on the right, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose to whom the file will be addressed (you can select several people), click the arrow at the bottom right.
  • You can send the story you shot for review to all users who are subscribed to you. At the bottom of the screen there is a square with the “+” sign, clicking on which you can send your publication to the history, it will not disappear for a day. If this is your first time doing this, a window may appear asking you to access your geolocation, confirm.
  • When you take a photo, you can impose filters on it that will give the photo a different saturation, just swipe left or right on the screen with your finger.
  • You can't find a friend on Snapchat without knowing his nickname. This is convenient for users who do not want unnecessary people to find them on a search query.
  • Want to see someone else's snaps (photos, videos)? Subscribe to this person (or add as a friend).
  • In the photo you can add smiles, labels (right panel of the screen).
  • To apply funny masks and various effects, you need to open the ribbon below and select the ones you like.
  • When chatting with friends, you can edit their photos, add emoticons.
  • You can save the taken photo to your memories (be under the snapshot button) and see them later.
  • If you want, create a cartoon avatar for yourself. You need to go into the settings and click Bitmoji.
  • You can slow down, speed up, or show the video backwards. It is enough to remove something and move the screen to the right. There will be a list of effects.
  • To exchange faces, you need to go to the list of lenses (masks). They are located below the main masks in the form of two emoticons.
  • The gender change function is now available, it is a circle with a female face to the right of the photo button (applies to men) and a badge with a male face (applies to a female face). Snapchat's sex change is an option for what you would look like if you were a woman or a man.
  • Pictures can be shared on other social networks.. When the effect is selected, look for three dots at the top of the screen on the right. Click. Choose "export snap" and then other "applications" where you want to send the image or video file.

Every day, masks and filters are updated, so yesterday's effects may disappear, but new ones will appear to replace them.

Sent photos and messages to friends are visible only for a while, when the files are viewed, they disappear.

The life of the photo after sending is indicated at the bottom left, by default, the display lasts 10 seconds. It can be changed by pressing the timer.

Attention! Over time, new updates come to replace the old ones, and the appearance of the messenger can change, developers improve and simplify the application for users.

Key features of the messenger Snapchat

First, let's get acquainted with the main features of the SNAPCHAT:

    Adding photos and videos up to 10 seconds long,

Tap on the screen

  • Sending snaps and receiving them,
  • As well as overlaying inscriptions, emoticons in the photo.


    And the first thing that users usually start with is adding make friends. Here you can do this in several ways. For example, the system at the very first start will ask if you need to copy the contacts from the phone’s address book to your own contact list. You can also add a user if you know his name in the system. There are special tools for searching. Finally, you can receive or send special codeBy activating which, you can also add a new friend.

    How to create a snap?

    Very simple! When you turn on the application, the included camera will be available. Can be switch between the front and selfie cameras. To take a picture, you just need to to press on a big circle on the screen. And to start recording a video, you need some time hold this circle. The duration of the video can be no more than 10 seconds.

    Once the picture has been taken, you can click on the button with the image of a stopwatch. Thus, the user sets the time to view the file on the device of another user.

    The most interesting feature is the overlay on the photo of the so-called Lens - all kinds of effectsthat are superimposed on the face. At the same time, it is impossible to impose Lenses on previously taken pictures. And to activate the Lens function, you will need:

    1. Switch to selfie camera,
    2. Click on the image of your own face and hold it pressed for a while,

    Clamp A special three-dimensional grid will appear around the face. In this case, it is necessary that the face is in a fairly well-lit area,

    Grid In the list of available effects at the bottom of the screen, you can select the desired effect,


  • Once the desired effect is selected, you need to record it in the manner described above - by clicking on the large circle on the screen.
  • In order to put a smiley on a snap, a sticker, etc., you will need to click on icon in the form of a smiley.

    If you click on the bottom button "Download", then the snap will be saved on the device. If this is not done, then the sent file will be deleted immediately after sending.

    Well, to send it to friends, you need:

      Press the button "Send" in the lower right corner of the display,

    Submit Then the system will ask you to mark the friends to whom the snap is intended,

    Choose Friends Once the recipients are selected - you can click the send button again - and the snap will go to the devices of the marked users.

    Send photos

    If you also select"Save to History", then within 24 hours after sending the snap all users who have access to your account will be able to view photos and videos from personal History.

    If you know how to use Snapchat, you can not only have fun laying out your own and browsing snap other users, but it’s also likely to make interesting new friends.

    First inclusion and registration of a new user

    It is also logical that before using Snapchat, you will need to create a new account. This is done quickly and easily. You will need to come up with a username (it must be different from the names of other users) and a password. It is also recommended that you enter your mobile phone number and mail address so that you can reset your password. But this stage can be skipped.
    At the final stage, you will need to pass a test against bots - mark the desired image on the captcha. Done! You can start using Snapchat. The program will also offer to scan the device’s address book to find users who already have Snapchat installed, but you can skip this step with peace of mind.

    How to use Snapchat app

    And now you can go directly to the question - Snapchat how to use. The program does not have an official crack, but the user interface is very simple and intuitive, so anyone can quickly figure out what's what. To make a snap (as the message is called here), you need:

    • Run the application - everything is clear with this,
    • The built-in camera is automatically activated. You can switch between the front and main cameras by clicking on the image of the camera in the upper right corner of the screen,
    • You can set the focus if you click on any point on the display - this will be the focus point,
    • By clicking on the circle at the bottom of the display, a picture is taken,
    • To record a video (lasting no more than 10 seconds) - you need to hold this circle pressed for some time,
    • Special effects can be applied both in real time and after the picture is taken. Access to special effects is a long press on the screen. A menu will open in which you can select the available effects,
    • You can also make a photo caption by clicking on the image of the letter T,
    • You can draw something with your finger on the screen if you click on the picture with a pencil in the upper right corner,
    • To add a filter to the finished snap, you just need to swipe right with your finger on the screen,
    • You can access the settings by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen,
    • Next, you will need to choose the time that snaps will exist on the destination device. To do this, click on the image of the alarm in the lower left part of the screen,
    • If you don’t like the snap, you can delete it by clicking on the cross in the upper left corner,
    • If you like it, you can send the snap by clicking on the arrow in the lower right corner of the display. A contact list will open where you can select one or more friends,
    • It remains to click on the arrow again - and the snap will be sent.

    In general, nothing special is complicated how to use snapchat, no. And everyone can quickly figure out this popular application.