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Is it dangerous to communicate with - Spirits?


incl. October 10, 2008. Posted in Ways and Techniques

Why do people read esoteric literature? For various reasons, but the main one is the desire to establish contact with something great and omnipotent. Priestly stories about the essence of God quickly become boring and do not answer all your inquiries. It remains to try to enter into negotiations with the essences of the other world. But how to do that?

To begin with, let’s figure out how your personality (soul) perceives sounds. Is it all in the ears? Words create a vibration of air. The vibration of air molecules vibrates the membrane of the ear. The membrane is connected to the cochlea, hammer and cavernous body. In these organs, the conversion of mechanical vibrations into an electrical signal occurs. This electrical signal is transmitted through gray (electric) neurons to that area of ​​the brain (body control panel) where your personality lives. Your soul cannot perceive sound mechanically; it perceives sound only as an electromagnetic oscillation.

Spirits (souls that do not have bodies at the moment) also communicate with each other by electromagnetic oscillations, and not by air shaking, like us. But the problem is that the body control panel (where your soul is sitting) is tightly closed by "doors" - blood-filled vessels. When the body dies, the bloodstream turns, the blood vessels sag and the soul leaves the body. Sometimes it happens that as a result of a head injury or a serious illness, the vessels sag, but then the person “changes his mind” to die and his soul remains in the body. As a result of this, this person becomes open to direct contact with the spirits. For example, Vanga was, as it were, a mediator, a “transmitter” of information, between the angels of people who came to her and the people themselves.

Some spirits of the highest rank (Raksha): cherubs, seraphs, Chendemons and jundemons, have special electronic devices. They apply these devices to neural circuits that transmit signals from the ear to the brain and transmit their messages using induction. It seems to a person that they are told something in his ear, but in fact a sound is born in his head. Such devices (sound cards) are of two types: stationary (embedded in neurons) and portable.

However, for some reason the Rakshas are not interested in you, but I really want to talk with my angels, what should I do? For this purpose, I offer you the following option. It is necessary to cut a circle with a diameter of about 30 cm from cardboard. The circle is divided into sectors into which you enter the letters of the Russian alphabet (if desired, hieroglyphs). You can enter numbers, although the numbers will tell you in the literal expression. Of the punctuation marks, you really only need a bullet point - it will mean the end of the sentence and conversation. In addition, you need a long and thick needle 8-10 cm long and a rope about 40 cm long.

The rope is inserted into the needle and wound around the arm. The needle point is placed in the center of your cardboard circle. To prevent cardboard from “fraying” with a needle, it is better to glue a piece of very thick cardboard, for example, from a book cover, into the center of the “magic” circle. The rope is wound around the fingers of the left hand so that the right one is free to write down what you are told. The length of the rope is chosen so that the needle is inclined to your circle at an angle of about 45 degrees.

What else is needed to communicate with the spirits. Yes, in general, nothing, from my own experience in communication I know that the spirits are deep in the drum with an external surroundings. It doesn’t matter what time of day you talk (the spirits do not sleep), whether you lit candles or not (although the open fire is pleasant to the spirits), whether you read any prayers or not (the spirits do not know deities named Christ, Allah, Buddha and so on) further, although perhaps they heard about them during life). What is really important for communication is that no one bothers to concentrate, therefore, for the first communication experiences, it is better to close somewhere alone.

Next, you place the needle with your eye over the point and ask some simple question, for example: “Does anyone want to talk to me?” If there are any (at least you are still interested), the needle will begin to rotate slowly in a circle, stopping over some of the letters, this letter must be written down and the needle will crawl on. Words will be composed of letters, words of a sentence, with frequent training, you will read “from the sheet” and no recording is required.

Some silly women evoke the spirit of Pushkin, Napoleon or Babu Yaga at these sessions, but this is all nonsense - only those who are now next to you will speak with you, that is, your angels (kind) and demons (mundane). Demons are not hell at all, they are just people who during their lifetime were not interested in anything other than “buy-sell” and as a result were assigned to demonic egregors. If you regularly read esotericism and are interested in many things, then the demon, after death, will not become almost certain. What is interesting about former priests among demons is full.

Each spirit is a person and the manner of communication is different for everyone. Someone is silent, responds in monosyllables and speaks little, someone chatter, someone answers only in verse. Banshees (angels and demons) are weak spirits, it’s hard even to twist the needle (in fact, they control a person’s hand). But when strong rakshas (archangels, seraphim or demons) come into conversation, the needle turns like a propeller.

A person is never alone, the fact is that prana is secreted in the brain of every person - a substance that spirits feed on and use as a means of mutual settlement. Therefore, angels and demons are just collecting this prana, but they have plenty of free time, so I am sure they will chat with you with great pleasure. The main task of the angels is for you to enjoy life, in which case prana will taste sweet. Indeed, if a cow is praised and stroked, then milk will be tastier (a joke of humor).

Some comrades think: “Well, now I find out from the angels the winning code in the lottery or lottery and cut down a bunch of dough!” Do not even hope, first of all, angels and demons are just former and future people, they cannot look into the future and do not know the winning combinations. Angels cannot look into a lottery ticket and choose a winning one from them.

Spirits are energy creatures, they see letters on a monitor or TV screen, but they are not on paper (if the paint is not radioactive). If you persuade them to fly to some address, then nothing will work either, because they are not able to read the name of the street. In general, in communicating with spirits, one should be guided by the rule: “Do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask.” Spirits promise a lot, but in most cases they give out wishful thinking.

In short, do not flatter yourself that having come into contact with spirits you will become omnipotent, but the fact that you look at the world with different eyes is what I promise you. And most importantly, do not be afraid. As a rule, angels are your friends and relatives from a past life. For example, I had 4 angels at birth: my sister Mikelia, half-sister Anna, my second wife Famelia and a squire Sheridan (I was a knight in Norway). Subsequently, I quarreled with angelica Anna and she left me, Mikelia was born (got a body) in India, Famelia was born in Siberia, and Sheridan was taken to carry out one important government task. Now, I have completely different angels (not my relatives), but now I am already a completely different person, not the one that was before.

Everything that I described is called spiritualism, from the word spirit - spirit, and priests are extremely negative about this. But they can be understood, because any church positions itself as a mediator between the world of people and spirits. And if all people begin to communicate with angels directly, then the priests will lose their livelihood. Therefore, do not pay any attention to their evil grunts.
I wrote in more detail on this and many other topics in the book Asurraveda. If you have any questions write to my email, I promise to answer everyone the most tricky questions.
I wish you success in communicating with your angels!

Is connection with Spirits dangerous?

If you have already "let go" of your loved one. You have learned that he is well there and you feel a sense of regret, a light sadness that he is no longer with you, there is nothing dangerous here.

But if you cannot reconcile yourself to loss, experience a painful attachment, do not want to let it go, then here the situation can get out of control. Your energy and vitality will flow away to fuel the phantom that can exist in our world, rather in the borderline, only 40 days. Then he needs your energy. The most interesting thing is that he, too, is sick of the fact that you are so worried, “killed”, so frightening phenomena like poltergeist appear. In fact, it is a signal that we put our thoughts and feelings in order in relation to the deceased person. Otherwise, you just turn it into a ghost and you will suffer, as it is dangerous for your life.

If death was sudden and a person has unresolved problems, unfinished important things, people close to him who need his support, then his soul also cannot calm down. She needs help, show that everything is fine, that you yourself can take care of yourself, you will decide everything and you will do what you needed to. Pray for his soul.

I would also like to say that in no case can you specifically call spirits without having certain knowledge and preparation, this can be very dangerous. It turns out that a necrotic connection is formed. Through this channel, otherworldly entities can burst into your real world, which will turn your life into a nightmare.

If you are not satisfied with the received signals or you do not notice them, then you can contact the professionals.

Psychics simply act as amplifiers for the “signal” you receive. Mediums feel a person well and everything connected with him. They become, quite literally, “loudspeakers”.

The psychic just sees the undeveloped subtle world, he does not need to call spirits, he already feels them and can communicate with them telepathically.

Psychics and mediums are ordinary people, only their abilities are slightly different from the abilities of other people, they are more developed. It’s the same as someone who’s born with perfect hearing or a beautiful voice, someone develops such abilities all his life and he does it well, but someone’s not at all interested in it or in general "the bear has stepped on the ear".