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How to Become Like a Twilight Vampire


What could attract a guy with amazing eyes and courageous appearance in this ordinary girl? Bella can not be called a model with a perfect figure. She is a simple girl of short stature with a normal appearance. Edward's beloved is the happy owner of the delightful ivory skin, which has always been considered a sign of aristocracy. Her face becomes much more expressive if you apply light makeup, however, contrary to this, she does not like to paint at all. Wonderful thick brown hair, which acquires a reddish tint in the light, as well as large brown eyes complement the image.

Strange charm and sweetness gives the girl a sweet expression that always reflects her thoughts, feelings and emotions. Her eyes are not able to lie - because Bella is very sincere and somewhat shy.

Bella looks older, despite her 17 years. She is very caring and understanding that is well seen in her relationship with her parents. Owner of a rich inner world, she attracts with her sincerity and responsibility young boys and girls.

How to become like Bella?

Many of those who love Twilight dream of becoming like Bella and finding the perfect guy like Edward Cullen. What is needed for this?

You need to be confident and have a good self-esteem. Bella is not one of those girls who are fixated on their appearance and wardrobe. And for this you need courage and confidence in your own good taste.

No need to apply bright makeup: no shadows and mascaras of “flashy” shades, tonal creams and decorative cosmetics. Naturalness is above all. The maximum that you can afford is a powder that will rid the skin of oily sheen, soft color lipstick and brownish shadows.

Bella's hair lays on her shoulders with large curls. This effect can be achieved by slightly twisting the strands into large curlers. No need to douse them with varnish or make intricate hairstyles.

A girl who wants to be like Bella needs to choose the right, natural scent. Edward has repeatedly noticed the pleasant smell emanating from his beloved. No need to use pungent odors, ideally even a deodorant should not smell. Cleanliness, freshness and a delicate, pleasant aroma is all that is required.

Bella is the owner of a terrible habit of biting her nails, so they are always short. You should not take it from her, however, neat trimmed nails will only bring you closer to the desired image. Manicure with natural shades will only decorate your hands.

Bella's gait is slightly awkward and ridiculous, but it only gives her grace. To become like this charming girl you need to learn to keep your back straight and walk naturally, without thinking about how the gait looks from the side.

Bella always wears only what she likes and what is comfortable. Therefore, you just need to be yourself and not wear bright flashy outfits. Jeans, sneakers and simple t-shirts are not only convenient, but also pretty cute.

It’s not so difficult to be like Bella Swan, it’s enough just to remain yourself and not be shy about it. Naturalness is the trump card of the heroine of Twilight.

A bit about vampires ...

In the culture of one or another people, in literature, in cinema, from time to time we encounter ambiguous and contradictory pseudo-people - vampires. According to legend, they came from Eastern European legends and, fortunately, are not full-fledged people. It is generally accepted that vampires are dead bodies that feed on the blood of animals and, of course, humans.

What are they afraid of?

Before we learn how to look like a vampire, let's get to know them better. According to legends and folklore, they hate daylight. They are simply afraid of him, because the light forces them to hide in dark shelters, in particular, in their coffins. By the way, the coffin is an invariable attribute of any vampire, according to all the same legends.

What does a vampire look like?

According to world literature and cinema, the appearance of vampires practically does not distinguish them from living people: they have no horns, wings, tails, hooves, etc. Their only difference from us is the presence of very pale skin and reddened eyes. An indispensable attribute of any vampire is fangs. As a rule, they are hidden from prying eyes. A vampire uses them only during his hunt.

How to kill a vampire?

So, now we know what a vampire looks like (photo is presented in the article) in legends and allegories. Now let's find out how you can kill him. With the onset of darkness, these creatures leave their shelters to eat! Night for them is the only time they hunt mortals. To prevent the vampire from sucking your blood, kill him first.

According to legend, these bloodthirsty creatures can be destroyed with the help of a wooden stake, carved, say, from aspen or birch. This stake is necessary to plant a vampire straight into the heart. You can scare away these creatures with the help of garlic and onions mixed together, as well as by putting crucifixes on them with Jesus Christ or sprinkling them with holy water.

How to look like a vampire?

Need to watch your hairstyle. The fact is that the hair plays one of the main roles in the image of a vampire. Remember: according to legends, vampires look after their hair - they are always laid and combed. It is not necessary to have dark hair, but if you want to look like a bloodsucker as much as possible, you can dye your hair black. Hairstyle plays a special role in the vampire subculture. By the way, do not confuse Gothic and vampirism, as these are two different subcultures.

How to look like a vampire? Monitor your skin! It is not necessary that she be pale. The main thing is that its color should not be dark. If you are a “foodie” in this matter, then you can use foundation cream. The main thing is that you do not have any acne on your skin, because they are unusual for vampires.

Remember what a vampire looks like? We already told you about this: he has a "bloody" look. This should be given special attention. As a rule, the eyes of these creatures are very bright and focused (remember the hero Brad Pitt in the movie "Interview with the Vampire"). Get matching colored contact lenses. By the way, a vampire make-up for your eyes can be either light or dark. This is not important. It all depends on personal preferences.

Lips - the most striking feature in the image of a vampire. It is they who add to this creature a unique "highlight". It all depends on your skin tone and personal preferences. You can choose a bright red or bloody shade of your lips. You should not paint them black, you are not a goth, but a vampire!

Do not forget about fangs. They, of course, can not be worn, but you must certainly monitor the condition of your teeth. If possible, they should be bleached: the vampires have white teeth. If you want to make yourself vampire fangs, then there are several options. You can wear false pointed crowns, or you can use a false jaw. Some fanatics give their teeth the shape of fangs, grinding them in special clinics. It’s better not to do this, because health is more important!

None of us know for sure what a real vampire looks like, since there are still no officially registered cases of meeting with them, but we all know that their image is unthinkable without long nails. Grow them, and then gently file. Do not forget to cover your nails with clear varnish. This will make them stronger and more natural.

Method 1 Basic Vampire Makeup

  1. 1 Stick to simplicity. Make a comparison between the images of vampires in "Twilight"And in other sources. Note that vampires fromTwilight"Do not seem so monsters (like Nosferatu), do not transform before the attack (like vampires from the series"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "From dusk to dawn") And don't even have classic fangs. Tune in to using subtle touches in your makeup that will set you apart from other people.
  2. 2 Avoid tanning. The skin should remain as pale as possible. If you have already managed to tan or by yourself are the owner of dark skin (and even if you just want to look even paler than it is), use makeup. Apply a very light tonal foundation to bare skin (a tone or even two lighter than your natural tone).
    • First moisten a cotton pad with face cleanser to remove old makeup and any dirt, sweat and grease. Then rub the moisturizer in your hands and apply it on the face skin with tapping movements to keep it moisturized.
    • Take a brush to apply a tonal foundation and begin to apply makeup from the center point of the currently processed area (for example, from the center of the cheek or forehead). Move from the center to the sides, while blending the basis for its even distribution.
    • Having finished applying the tonal foundation, moisten the sponge so that with it you can shade the inhomogeneous areas of makeup more strongly. Try to just roll the sponge over the skin, and not rub it with straightforward movements.
    • Apply a little concealer to your fingertip and with tapping movements mask the dark marks on the face that are still visible through the tonal base layer.

  3. 3 Give the skin a radiance. Twilight vampires are also distinguished from all others by their radiant skin. Highlight this feature with the use of shimmering face powder. Apply it to the skin with a powder brush immediately after applying the foundation.
    • Start small. Select the area of ​​the face from which to start work and apply a little powder on it. Gradually increase the amount of powder until the desired effect is achieved. It is better to use just such an approach than to go too far with powder from the very beginning.
    • Less is better. Selectively apply powder. Start from the forehead, then add a little radiance to your cheeks if you wish.
    • Do not apply flickering powder to deep wrinkles, as it will attract more attention to them.
    • Flickering powder may remain on the brush even after you wash it, so select a separate brush for it so that you do not accidentally mix other types of cosmetics with it.

Method 2 Extra Strokes to Creating an Image

  1. 1 Create bruises under the eyes. Give yourself the image of a severely emaciated person. Apply appropriate makeup from the lower edge of the eyelids to the protrusion of the zygomatic bones to create the effect of bruises under the eyes that appear due to malnutrition and lack of sleep. Use the makeup brush to do the following:
    • apply one or two matte purple shades of eyeshadow to the skin under the eyes,
    • when using several shades, start by applying a lighter as a base, and then go to a darker one,
    • do not forget to shade the shadows and do not be afraid that they will appear as spots on the face,
    • Add additional strokes with black and blue shadows if desired.
  2. 2 Make up lips. Make them look like you finally found your blood bag or sacrifice to satisfy your hunger. In this case, it is better to use a persistent red lip marker, rather than ordinary lipstick or gloss. If you have chapped or chapped lips, pre-peel the lip scrub to make it smooth. Then:
    • brush your lips with a thin layer of hygienic lipstick to moisturize your skin. Wipe off excess lipstick with a paper towel, paper towel, or clean cloth.
    • slide the permanent marker on the lips with the applicator. For a more pronounced color, apply several layers of dye,
    • since the red color imitates blood (and in this case does not serve the direct purpose of using lip macker - to improve their color), do not be afraid of uneven lip staining in order to simulate sloppy feeding.
  3. 3 Put on your contact lenses. Since the vampires from "Twilight"Very sharp, but otherwise normal teeth, forget about artificial fangs." Instead, use contact lenses to further distinguish yourself from people. First of all, you will need to consult an optometrist to give you a prescription. Even if you have perfect vision, theater lenses must exactly match the shape of your eyes. Then try to find local or online points of sale of thematic lenses from "Twilight"And get them your recipe.
    • The vampires fromTwilight»Eye color reflects their diet. Red indicates that the vampire feeds on human blood, and gold indicates that it feeds on the blood of animals.
    • In both cases, lack of food makes the vampire's eyes black.
  4. 4 style hair. Simulate an image of a vampire fromTwilight“Having a terrific hairstyle. Check out the online tutorials for creating the same hairstyles for some characters. Or follow your own instincts and create something original yourself. In any case, show your hair a completely different side of yourself than your usual daily hairstyle suggests.
    • is a great resource where you can learn how to create different hairstyles. For example, there you can find information on the hairstyles of Edward Cullen () and Victoria ().
    • Regardless of the hairstyle you choose, you should try to make your hair not fluff. The Pacific Northwest of the United States is characterized by a very humid climate, which deprives the hair of local vampires of habitual naughty and makes these creatures even more ethereal.

Method 3 Choosing Clothes

  1. 1 Dress normally. Remember that most Twilight vampires try to dissolve among humans. Forget about Dracula's cloak or similar extravagant things. Adhere to the usual modern style of clothing - wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets, sneakers and boots.
    • Since Twilight films were shot on a low budget basis, many costumes were purchased at affordable American outlets such as American Apparel, Loehmann’s and Nordstrom.
    • The site lists specific clothing models that were used when shooting movies.
  2. 2 Wear dark neutral colors. Attract more attention to your pale skin. Avoid clothing in light colors or shockingly vibrant colors. Use dark shades of neutral colors instead. To further emphasize your vampire status, choose cooler tones such as blue or gray.
  3. 3 Decide how well your clothes should fit. Since vampires live long, most of them take on an exquisitely elegant look over the years. Reflect this trait with the right selection of matching colors and clothing styles to avoid inconsistencies. However, if you want to imitate one of the stray vampires, do not be afraid of mixing and mismatches in clothes, as these film vampires steal the casual clothes of their victims as necessary.

What do you need

  • Foundation
  • Shimmering face powder
  • Matte eyeshadow
  • Makeup brushes
  • Theatrical contact lenses

Many people know that you can only turn into a vampire with the help of a bite from this dangerous creature. But there are other ways to turn a person into a vampire.

The opinion of people about vampires

People have always thought about the life of vampires. After all, these creatures have incredible power, gloomy charisma, and their life is surrounded by secrets. Some people are very afraid of them, while others adore them. Thanks to television, ghouls have become very popular.