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How to properly shave a man with a machine - a shaving technique for beginners


Every second man begins his day with the procedure for removing excess facial hair, in simple language - with shaving. The modern shaving tool industry offers a wide range of accessories for this, be it disposable and reusable machines, razors and electric shavers, clippers and trimmers. But most often men use ordinary machines.

You need to learn how to properly shave with a machine from a young age, since improper shaving disrupts the growth of mustaches and beards, causes irritation and inflammation of the skin, and leads to injuries, abrasions and cuts. In this regard, experts recommend that all men act according to standard instructions on how to properly shave a beard with a machine tool at home.

The advantages of this method

The shaving machine appeared in the operation of men for a long time, much earlier than modern electrical appliances. Modern stores offer a wide range and selection of machines for depilation of beards and mustaches, and stylists and barbers call the main advantages of using machines. For example:

  • High-quality and effective shaving. With this tool, a man will be able to shave the hairs under the very root, as a result of which the skin of the face will be smooth and clean. A machine blade removes keratinized layers of the skin, cleansing pores.
  • Availability. As mentioned above, you can find a razor in any store of household chemicals, cosmetics and other household goods. In addition, the machines are sold at affordable prices.
  • Ease of use. Any man can shave with a standard machine, there are no special requirements for such a procedure.

At the same time, you need to understand that you need to use the razor carefully, as there is every chance of injuring your face with blades. If it is a disposable machine, it can be used no more than 2-3 times, and for a reusable machine you need to periodically buy replaceable cartridges.

Preparatory stage

For any man, shaving with a machine tool should begin with preparatory measures, since proper preparation is 50% success. It is the face skin that needs to be prepared in order to facilitate contact of the epidermis, hairs with the machine, as well as to avoid the risks of irritation, cuts and abrasions. To do this, soften the skin using two methods:

  • wash your face in hot water for a few minutes,
  • moisten a towel in hot water and apply for a few minutes to the skin of the face.

Next, a shaving agent must be applied to the skin of the face. Shaving gel is considered the most popular, as it is suitable for all skin types, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hairs and is more than economical in consumption. For a greasy type of face it is better to choose a foam, in addition, it better fixes the bristle hairs, allowing them to be easily shaved off with machine blades.

What shaving products to use?

When shaving bristles with a disposable razor or reusable machine, a man needs to take care of the choice of cosmetics. The goal of shaving cosmetics is to moisturize and soften the skin and hairs on the face, which will allow the blades to glide as much as possible and easily shave off hairs of any thickness and stiffness. The goal of aftershave cosmetics is to prevent irritation, dryness, and the ingress of pathogenic flora into the skin.

The following types of products can be used for shaving:

  • foam - suitable for oily and normal skin, it ideally fixes the hairs of the beard and mustache, providing a razor glide and quick hair removal,
  • gel - a thick consistency allows you to cover a large area of ​​the face with a small amount of gel, the gel intensively moisturizes and softens both the skin and hairs, allowing you to safely shave them,
  • cream - this tool is more suitable for people with sensitive and dry skin, soft and oily texture deeply moisturize and cover the skin with a protective layer.

Experts advise not to save on shaving cosmetics, since the degree of invasiveness of the skin, the sliding of the blades on the face and the removal of hairs depend on it. In no case should you shave your beard and mustache on dry skin with a simple soap.

Shaving Techniques

The machine for shaving mustaches and beards can be disposable and reusable. In the first case, we are talking about plastic machines with several blades, which can be shaved 1-3 times, after which they are thrown away and a new machine is taken. A reusable razor is usually made of metal, and replaceable cassettes with blades are selected for it, which are periodically changed. The principle of shaving with such devices is very similar.

How to shave with a t-shaped machine?

A T-shaped machine is a reusable razor that requires a regular change of blade cartridges. To shave with such a machine, the same preparatory measures and a list of tools are needed. Next, you need to insert the blade into the machine, take the handle at the very end. Now the man needs to choose the optimal angle of the direction of the blades relative to the skin of the face (about 30 degrees).

Ideally, the handle of the machine should look obliquely to the floor so that the blades come in contact with the skin. Now you can shave the hairs on the skin of the face, for this you need to move the machine from top to bottom first in the cheeks, then the neck, and at the very end to shave off the mustache. If the hairs are poorly removed, you can move the blades perpendicular to the hairline. In no case should you press on the machine, as this will lead to cutting of the skin and its irritation.

After shaving the bristles and mustache, you need to wash your face with running water and inspect hard-to-reach places. If the hairs remain, there is no need to reapply the shaving product. Just wet the machine with water and remove any remaining hair. You can depart from the rules and shave off the hairs against the line of their growth in such places, for example, on the line of the chin and in the area of ​​the nose, where the face relief is observed.

How to shave with a disposable razor?

After applying shaving products to the skin, you need to start the procedure itself, you need to shave the hairs first from the cheek area. On the cheeks of a man, the hairs are the softest and most obedient, so it is easier to remove with a razor. You need a machine tool to sweat the hairline, usually from the beginning of the bristle to the line of the chin. If the hairs are poorly cut along the line of their growth, you can much change the angle of shaving.

In inaccessible places during shaving, you can stretch the skin with your second free hand. But it is impossible to push and forcefully run the machine over the face, as this will cause severe skin irritation. Next, the hairs on the neck are shaved, moving the machine from the neck to the line of the chin in smooth, gradual movements. At the same time, the machine should be rinsed as often as possible in cold water so that the blades do not clog the blades with their hairs.

After the neck, the area of ​​the mustache begins to shave, in this area the hairs are most stiff and need intensive softening. Therefore, the mustache shaves last, so that the hairs stay as long as possible under the foam or shaving gel. To shave off the mustache, the upper lip is pressed to the teeth, as if pulling it. The direction of the machine should also be at a slight angle, but not against the direction of hair growth.

Skin and Tool Care

During shaving, a disposable and reusable razor should be rinsed as often as possible in water so as not to clog the space between the blades. Store tools in a clean and dry condition in a ventilated, dry room. For facial skin care, you must use the following types of funds:

  • cream - ideal for dry skin, as it contains nutrients that moisturize the skin intensely,
  • balm is a universal remedy for all skin types, but it is most suitable for sensitive skin,
  • lotion - liquid consistency and alcohol content will provide high-quality care for oily skin,
  • gel is a universal remedy for all skin types, which protects, moisturizes and soothes the skin after shaving.

Cosmetics for shaving and after should not only be from one manufacturer, but also preferably from one series of products from the brand. This will protect the skin and provide it with maximum comprehensive care.

Shaving with a disposable machine (safety razor) is much easier, therefore it is more suitable for beginners and young men for a safe and effective shave. But for shaving with a T-shaped machine, skills are needed for the ability to use it, so experienced men often use it. The shaving technique for both options is approximately similar, only to work with a reusable machine you need to get used to and find the optimal angle of shaving. In any case, the removal of bristles with a blade is the most effective method of all existing.

Tips for beginners

The first shave is a new lesson in life. For the first time, you can cut yourself or skip some areas of the skin. This is normal. Since you are learning to shave, you will be wrong; this is part of the learning process. With practice, the process will become simpler and more natural.

When to start shaving

One day you will notice that darker hair forms on the chin and around the upper lip. First, consult with the older men of your family - do you have enough hair on your skin to move to a new "level" of self-care.

Choose the best place

There is no better place to shave than in the bathroom and shower, where hot steam opens the pores of the skin and softens the hair follicles.

Shave when you're relaxed

Shaving is a difficult job for many guys, especially in the morning troublesome time. An alternative is to shave in the evening when you can do it at a relaxed pace.

Which machine to choose?

It is necessary to take into account each type, the cost of the razor, how it is felt on your face and how low the hair is cut off without irritating the skin.

  • Disposable razors are purchased in whole sets and discarded after five or less uses.
  • Other manufacturers sell razors with replaceable cartridges - high-quality disposable double-edged blades.

Important! Change blades or purchase disposable machines about once a week.

How often do you need to shave

Men shave their faces every one to three days, depending on how quickly facial hair grows. Some guys think that if they grow a beard, then they don’t have to shave. But regular care for growing hair is still important.

Reference! Touch the skin with your palm and feel the thickness of the hair to find out when to shave.

How to shave beginners is described in the video:

What is better to use - a manual razor or electric razor?

You will find two popular types of razors: electric and ordinary razors.

  1. Electric razor hair is removed quickly and comfortably on dry skin. But with high hairiness, the hair should be repeated three to four times a week. In addition, inexpensive electric shavers work slowly and do not cover the entire hair area in one pass.
  2. Safety razors differ in profitability, they are T-shaped, disposable and reusable. Also a great advantage of the machine: hair cuts lower. However, water, cream, or shaving gel are needed.

If your choice has stopped on the machine, buy double-edged blades in bulk and one blade separately. Typically, the blade will be a more significant investment, since the blades themselves are relatively cheap. The safety razor blade is unscrewed and the used blade cartridge is manually replaced.

What is better to use - a machine or electric razor is described in the video:

Shaving technique - step by step instructions

You will need:

  • Towel.
  • Mirror.
  • Safety razor.
  • Shaving cream and brush.
  • Capacity with warm water.
  • After shave moisturizers or talcum powder.

Shaving Technique:

  1. Wash the face or area you want to shave with warm water. Warm water softens the hair follicles and causes the pores of the skin to open. It is favorable to carry out the procedure after taking a hot shower.
  2. Apply shaving foam (gel) to wet skin. Leave the foam on your skin for a couple of minutes. The blade should never come in contact with the skin without lubrication!
  3. Hold the correct tilt! Hold the blade with your index finger extended on top of the roller. The razor blade should be raised at a 30-degree angle.
  4. Always clean the blade! Every time before removing hair from another area of ​​the skin, dip the razor in warm water, cleaning it from cut hairs that are stuck between the blades. A clean blade is the key to healthy skin!
  5. Stretch your skin slightly. It is not necessary to stretch the skin very much, but a little tension will help to create a flat surface for easy razor gliding. The most problematic area is the chin. Paying attention to him, lift the skin of his cheek.
  6. Do not press the machine. For a high-quality light shave, always use a sharp razor. Pressure on a blunt blade improves shaving a bit, but it breaks the hair, not cuts it. Do not apply pressure to the machine.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of shaving products: soap, foam, creams, gels, lotions, antiseptics.

  • Foams and creams provide a silky feel that allows the blade to glide smoothly over the skin surface. But some creams can be highly flavored, so the choice depends on your personal perception.
  • Gels - A good choice for sensitive skin, because it contains nutrients to soothe the skin. But gels can clog the blades and may take a little longer to clean the razor.
  • Soap It has the best effect, but also greatly dries the skin.

Product selection should be tailored to your skin.

Hair direction

You will find that your hair grows in different directions and at different angles (up, down, diagonally) in different places.

The direction in which you style your hair corresponds to their growth, and in which you lift and pull back - the opposite.

Reference! The correct shaving technique is similar to a skier descending a hill with a marker flag.

Shaving against the direction of growth may be the fastest, but it is also a “short cut” for cuts, damage to the hair follicles and ingrown hairs.

How to make sure that you are following the direction of hair growth? Examine the bristles with a magnifying mirror. To avoid accidental cuts against changing growth directions, use finger-tip motions and careful razor glides.

Attention! Shaving is strongly recommended only in the direction of hair growth!

How to care after shaving:

  • Wash with warm water. Remove dead skin cells with a scrub.
  • Rinse with cold water. Water will soothe freshly shaved skin, narrow blood vessels and reduce bleeding in the event of cuts.
  • Dry your face with a clean, soft towel.
  • Use a large amount of after shave moisturizer that does not contain perfumes or other potential irritants.
  • Clean and dry the blade. This will avoid contamination, mineralization and oxidation of steel, extend the life of the blades.

Never use deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumes, alcohol-containing products on freshly shaved skin!

How to avoid irritation?

You will probably experience these itchy sensations many times when you first start shaving.

Reference! The so-called “burn” from a razor appears on the skin after a few hours, as a result of an improper procedure. This is an irritating rash, which in a mild form forms redness, and in difficult cases leads to ulcers, tubercles and nodes due to hairs ingrown into the skin.

How to prevent irritation? Use our tips.

  1. Softening. Use steam and emollients before the procedure.
  2. Exfoliation. Using a scrub, you can bring up potential ingrown hairs and remove dead cells.
  3. Use a natural soft bristle brush (e.g. badger).
  4. Choose the right razor. Some men use five-blade razors. This is overkill. If after every shave the skin is broken, then think about replacing the razor. Pick up a cartridge with one or two blades.
  5. Consider the direction of hair growth. To make several passes in the direction of hair growth is much better than one pass against it.
  6. Shave easily. Do not push on the machine.
  7. Use a sharp razor. If you cut a tomato with a blunt blade of a knife, then its peel is torn. About this happens with your face. Replace blades with new ones more often.
  8. Disinfect blade. Bacteria on the blade are one of the causes of irritation. To prevent their formation and reproduction, use ordinary pharmacy alcohol.
  9. Clean the blade before each cut.. Residues on the blade of hair and cream make it difficult to make the next clean cut. Rinse the blade after each pass.
  10. After shaving, rinse your skin with cool water. Water will immediately close the pores.
  11. Use a moisturizer or balm. Apply aloe balm or cortisone pharmacy cream to eliminate inflammation. Both of these products help prevent the formation of ingrown hair.

How to avoid irritation after shaving is described in the video:

Remember - everyone has different preferences. Thickness, growth, hair structure - all these factors are determined at the level of genetics. Вы можете знать парней, у которых едва ли растут волосы на лице.There are also many teenagers who grow a beard in their school years.

Choose the methods, tools and tools for removing unwanted hair that are right for you.