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How to dress a girl with small breasts?


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In many situations, a correctly chosen neckline makes a woman attractive and sexy. The neckline visually enlarges a small bust and adorns the chest. Despite the fact that women with fuller breasts (usually from a third size and above) are noticeably easier to open the natural area of ​​the neckline, with minimal effort, it is also available to owners of a less magnificent bust.

The right underwear

The first step to enlarge the bust is to choose the right underwear. Many girls with small breasts either do not wear it at all, or choose teenage or sports tight-fitting tops and T-shirts. And this is the main mistake. Such underwear literally presses and squeezes the chest and makes it flat.

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But the push-up bra is able to work wonders. It will not only visually enlarge the breast, but will also make it more attractive, mouth-watering and sexy. In addition, you can pay attention to bras with special foam or silicone inserts.

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An equally important role is played by materials. So, dense, simple and coarse fabrics are prone to fractures, which will make the figure look like a boy. So you definitely have to refuse such fabrics. And what kind of tissue will help make the breast more appetizing?

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  • Atlas and silk. Glare, overflows and soft and feminine folds created by such materials will add volume and thereby visually increase the bust.
  • Light and airy fabrics, such as chiffon.
  • Guipure is an ideal option for owners of a small breast, as the voluminous elements of such tissue will make the chest and silhouette as a whole more feminine.
  • Stretch fabrics, such as knitwear, stretch, viscose and others. They repeat all the bends of the body and make the image feminine and charming.
  • Textured fabrics with volumetric elements. Be sure to pay attention to them.
  • You can also choose things from knitting, especially large, curly and textured.

Colors and prints

Almost any color is suitable for a girl with small breasts: both dark and light. Light ones, as you know, add volume, and dark ones create a certain atmosphere of mystery and make the image feminine and elegant.

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It is best to give preference to noble, interesting and deep tones, such as burgundy, blue, red, brown, coral, purple, purple, beige, peach and so on. But it is better to refuse too bright and “acidic” shades, they can make the image ridiculous, and your figure - boyish.

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Print can also make a big difference. So, large patterns in this area, horizontal patterns, as well as interesting geometric ones, will help to make the breast more voluminous. A cell would also be appropriate. But vertical prints and small drawings, on the contrary, “steal” the volume.

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A correctly selected style can transform the figure beyond recognition, so it is important to find out what is right for you. Choose elegant fitted models, but avoid things too tight in the chest area, otherwise the chest may become almost flat. High-waisted empire-style dresses are just right for you.

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How and what to wear?

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How to dress if breasts are small? A few secrets, tricks and rules that will help make the décolleté zone more attractive and sexy:

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  1. If you like strapless dresses, then choose models with a voluminous upper part (for example, with elastic bands or laces above and below the chest).
  2. Pay attention to closed dresses with a high neck, as well as turtlenecks. Surprisingly, they will make breasts more sexy and feminine.
  3. Try to cover your shoulders. If they stand out strongly, then, firstly, they will make the breast less noticeable, and secondly, they will turn the figure into a boyish one.
  4. Pay attention to models with frills, ruffles, frills and other decorative volumetric details in the chest area.
  5. It will be great if in the bust area the item is decorated with stones, beads, beads or rhinestones. The bust will become attractive and begin to stand out.
  6. Models with zoning are suitable for you, in which each breast will be highlighted by a separate cut element or, for example, by a fringing.
  7. Pay attention to jackets and jackets, they will make the image feminine and emphasize the chest.
  8. Choose models with a soft, not too deep and rounded neckline. You will be surprised and find that the chest has become noticeably larger.
  9. Wear thin belts, but do not wear them on the waist, but higher, almost under the chest.
  10. Pay attention to tight-fitting skirts and high-waisted trousers, they make the figure feminine and visually lift and increase the size.
  11. Will certainly add volume patch pockets on the chest.
  12. The length of the sleeves can be any, but short sleeves or ¾ are most suitable for you. They will make the silhouette feminine and attract attention.
  13. Put on the long beads, tie them in a knot and place the knot in the neckline. Such a simple technique will help emphasize the bust. But the beads should be thin!
  14. Wear business suits and simple clothes: white blouses, classic pants with arrows, jackets and vests. Your appearance (and with it the chest) will become more solid.
  15. Attract attention to the bust will help volume embroidery. And if large elements are embroidered on the chest area, it will be even better!
  16. If you want to distract attention from the chest, highlight the lower part of the figure, wearing a short dress and bright shoes.
  17. Blouses and wrap dresses will suit you.

How not to dress?

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  1. Girls with small breasts should forget about all kinds of hoodies and shapeless things. In them, the breast can simply “get lost” and become almost invisible.
  2. Do not wear tight-fitting bustier dresses or bandeau tops. Such things will tighten the chest, because of which it will only decrease.
  3. Do not wear straight dresses. A-line models will not suit you either.
  4. T-shirt dresses categorically do not suit you, even if they are elegant, open and sexy.
  5. Do not try to draw attention to the bust with the help of a deep neckline, this will only aggravate the situation!
  6. Avoid V-shaped cutouts, they go only to owners of impressive volumes.
  7. Avoid deep neckline framed by ruffles. They will attract attention to the chest, but will not add volume, so the opposite effect will be observed.
  8. Do not wear large pendants, they will attract attention to themselves and, due to the contrast, make the bust even smaller.
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Knowing all the tricks and observing the above rules, you can increase the bust and look sexy.