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Rehabilitation after mammoplasty by day, restrictions on how to care


Plastic surgery is the most effective method for breast enlargement. Once in the hands of a good surgeon, a woman will receive a beautiful, elastic breast of the desired size.

But the postoperative result does not depend on the qualifications of the doctor and the quality of the work performed. An important role is played by the quality of compliance with medical recommendations during the recovery period.

Inadequate care for the postoperative scar, refusal to wear compression underwear, earlier return to physical activity and even an incorrect posture in bed lead to unpleasant consequences that can negate all the efforts of surgeons.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty every day

A woman is discharged in the normal course of her recovery the day after surgery. As a precaution, approximately 24 hours are required for the examination of the patient. It allows you to detect and prevent complications that are possible after surgery. Once at home, a period begins for a woman rehabilitation after breast augmentation. Its duration varies from a month to three, depending on the individual characteristics of the body and compliance with medical appointments.

The wound from the cut heals in a few days. For a longer time, it is necessary that the implants take root, and the chest is formed. After surgery, inflammation can occur, and improper treatment of sutures and non-compliance with recommendations of a doctor can lead to the development of infection. In order for the inflammatory process to not develop, the doctor usually recommends taking the first days of anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs with an analgesic effect. And for the healing of sutures, it is recommended to use special postoperative plasters.

Below we will consider what recommendations and at what stage usually come from a plastic surgeon to restore the body after breast augmentation:

  1. After the operation, you can’t go to bed, you can be in a reclining position or sitting. Walking on the day of surgery is possible only if the patient is well. Eating is allowed no earlier than after 5 hours, and water can be drunk after 3 hours. To reduce the risk of bleeding and relieve pain, it is necessary to apply cold from the first day.
  2. The next day, the patient is examined and a dressing is performed as necessary. If there is no need for further hospitalization, the woman is released home.
  3. The third and fourth day is accompanied by a slight increase in pain. It is necessary to monitor body temperature and, if necessary, continue to take antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. But, in general, a woman begins to recover and returns to normal life. Going to work is contraindicated so far. It is necessary to observe the home regimen with periodic walks in the fresh air. Chest from this period is recommended to bandage with specialized elastic bandages in combination with wearing compression underwear.
  4. Showering is permitted no earlier than the fifth day. after breast augmentation surgery. Before bathing, it is important to seal the seam with a band-aid to eliminate the risk of infection. It is forbidden to wash your own head in connection with the restriction of hand movements until the end of the first month. And you can take a bath no earlier than after 6 weeks. On the fifth day, the doctor usually appoints a consultation with an examination, and in the absence of complications, the patient is scheduled to visit after another week.
  5. After 7 to 10 days, the administration of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs is stopped. If side effects occur during medication, such as constipation or diarrhea, you should inform your doctor. Most likely, a woman will be prescribed a laxative or other drug to combat the disease. At this stage, swelling and bruising are still present, but a woman may already notice a slight improvement.

The final result can only be evaluated after 3 to 4 months of rehabilitation after breast plastic surgery, as by this time, the patient returns to her usual lifestyle. As a result, scars, bruises and redness have almost disappeared, only a professionally performed operation in the form of a beautiful breast is noticeable. It is only important to remember that for this it is still necessary to make efforts for the recovery time after surgery.

Hospital stay

The term of hospitalization after breast plastic surgery depends on the type of operation and the patient’s health status. A woman remains in the clinic for at least a day, with the normal course of the operation this time is enough.

Hospitalization is necessary in order to timely detect early postoperative complications, such as an undesirable reaction to anesthesia or bleeding.

The day after the breast augmentation, the doctor examines the postoperative wound, makes a dressing and gives the woman recommendations for a favorable course of the recovery period.

If, on the first day after the operation, any complications arose, then the woman remains in the hospital for as long as necessary to stabilize the condition.

Recommendations in the rehabilitation period after mammoplasty

The most popular questions that concern the recovery period are:

  • when you can start playing sports
  • how much time you can’t have sex
  • how long you need to comply with alcohol and nicotine restrictions,
  • when you can raise your hands without harming the seams and chest.

Let us examine in order what recommendations plastic surgery provides on these issues.

Physical activity and sex

Breast tissue after plastic surgery should be restored. The pectoral muscles cannot be often and strongly toned. This is necessary so that recovery from mammoplasty is quick. At first, the load on the hands should not be more than 3 kilograms (1.5 kilograms per arm). You can do light chores around the house or go to work from 7 to 10 days, if your activity is not related to bending, carrying weights and raising arms in the area above the shoulders.

You can return to physical activity and sport no earlier than a month later. Prior to training, you must consult a surgeon. Muscle loading is necessary gradually, starting with light fitness or small loads in the gym. When playing sports, it is imperative to use compression underwear.

Another important point is the control over the mass of your body. In the adaptation period, it is desirable to maintain weight at the same level, without a sharp set of pounds and weight loss.

For 4-6 weeks, a woman should refrain from having sex. The ban is associated primarily with hormonal changes and fairly strong physical exertion. During sexual tension and orgasm, the hormonal background of a woman changes, a large flow of blood enters the chest, which can increase swelling and pain. If medical advice is not followed, the risk of implant displacement and suture damage increases.

Why you can’t raise your hands after mammoplasty

Ladies often wonder how to behave so as not to harm the silicone breast rehabilitation process. Raising the arms above the shoulder level contributes to the stretching of muscle tissue and a significant displacement of the mammary glands. It is strictly forbidden to disturb this part of the body, and even more so to stretch it in the coming weeks.

Plastic surgery after a two-week period usually already removes strict requirements for body movements. But to prevent rupture of sutures and worsening of swelling of the breast, consultation in the clinic is necessary.

Alcohol and smoking after breast surgery

After surgery to increase the mammary glands for 1.5 - 2 months, it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol-containing drinks.

If quitting nicotine is extremely difficult, you must refrain from smoking for at least 3 weeks. Nicotine causes blood stasis in the veins, which can cause tissue necrosis or thrombosis. Also, smoking negatively affects blood circulation and wound healing.

With alcohol, everything is much stricter; the limitation period must be observed in accordance with the recommendations of the surgeon.

Reasons for banning the use of alcohol-containing products after surgery to increase the mammary glands:

  • against the background of a decrease in the immune system, alcohol can serve as a hotbed of exacerbation of chronic diseases,
  • there is a decrease in the rate of wound healing,
  • the combination of prescribed drugs with alcohol can lead to impaired functioning of the nervous system.

Massage - how to recover faster after breast augmentation

Leaving after surgery also consists in holding such an event as breast massage. It should be prescribed only by a consulting surgeon after 2 to 4 weeks. It all depends on the general condition of the woman and the healing of the sutures.

The benefits of breast massage after mammoplasty are explained by the following positive results:

  • increases the plasticity and elasticity of the skin,
  • good restoration of breast sensitivity,
  • dentures take their natural position
  • pain decreases
  • swelling is faster
  • the process of connective tissue fusion in the area of ​​the implant is prevented.

A woman can learn how to massage a breast from a surgeon. And in the absence of massage skills, you can seek help from a professional specialist. He may also be advised by a doctor.

Owners of a beautiful new breast should remember that the very long-awaited result depends on compliance with all recommendations for restoration.

Rehabilitation after breast augmentation

The entire recovery period must be strictly observed a number of rules in order to avoid displacement of implants and complications.

  1. Washing, or rather showering is allowed on the second or third day, or after removing the drainage. Water should be close to body temperature, you can not wash with hot or cold water. Seams and chest should not be rubbed with hands or a washcloth, soap or shower gel should be with a neutral Ph. After that, it is important to lubricate the skin of the chest and sutures with a moisturizing cream with hydrolyzed proteins, while conducting a gentle stroking massage without pressure.
  2. Driving a car is advisable to avoid the first two weeks, so as not to strain your arms and chest.
  3. An important point is when you can raise your hands after mammoplasty. The first four days of movement should be soft, without sharpness and stress on the upper part of the body. This recommendation is very important in order to avoid implant displacement. Further, the body is assimilated, but try to avoid sharp rises of the body / arms and inclines for about a month.
  4. Sex after breast augmentation will have to be postponed for at least three weeks.
  5. We forget about alcoholic beverages for a couple of weeks, so that there are no unforeseen complications and excessive swelling. The same rule applies to smoking, you must at least minimize the number of cigarettes per day.
  6. Wearing compression underwear after breast augmentation - the integral first month (with the exception of visiting the shower). In the second month we wear only in the daytime, that is, except for sleep. Throughout this period, it is undesirable to try on and even more wearing new bras.
  7. Bath, sauna, hammam, hot baths are prohibited for a period of from a month to six, depending on the condition of the seams and the opinion of the surgeon. After a month, you can go briefly to warm up in the hammam, a full visit is allowed after three months.
  8. Swimming in the pool and the sea is possible after the complete removal of compression underwear.
  9. The return to sport after mammoplasty should be gradual. Starting from the third week you can go walking. After a month, you can begin to gradually increase the load on the lower body, without the stress of the upper body. After two months, you can engage in many physical activities. During this period, jogging and aerobics are included, but only after consulting a doctor. Neglecting sports recommendations is fraught with seams and bleeding, can damage the healing of scars and displace implants.
  10. Lifting weights in the first month is limited to 3 kilograms of weight, it is better to start with one and a half, from the second month you can gradually increase the load to ten pounds. If there is a small child in the family and his weight is allowed, try to be careful during his lifts.
  11. Tan in a tanning bed and under the sun to exclude for three months. This recommendation has some differences of opinion among different surgeons. At a minimum, it is necessary to wait for the complete healing of the sutures and subsidence of edema. Attend sunbathing only with SPF applied and in a swimsuit covering the seams. While the seams do not brighten, it is forbidden to expose them to the sun to avoid pigmentation.
  12. Sleeping on the back is an unbearable test for many, and most importantly, what interests women: when you can sleep on your side after mammoplasty. This pleasure try to avoid about three weeks after surgery. Some still want to sleep on their stomach, but this is prohibited for a month. Later, it is also better to sleep on your back, but coups in a dream will not be dangerous for implants.
  13. Flights by plane are possible two weeks after mammoplasty.
  14. The primary results of the increase can begin to be assessed two months after implant placement, however, the condition is fully assessed after 9-12 months.

Complications after breast augmentation

Complications for any medical intervention are divided into predictable, considered normal and those that are not normal and require a visit to the clinic and the surgeon who performed the operation.

  • Pain is present during the first five days and is well stopped by the administration of analgesics.
  • Swelling after breast augmentation - the norm, as with any medical intervention. Swelling subsides gradually over 1-1.5 months, but all individually.
  • A decrease in the sensitivity of the nipples is quite common and passes after a while on its own. An increase in breast sensitivity is also noted.
  • Bruises - caused by damage to blood vessels, ointments recommended by a doctor can be used for healing. Self-absorption occurs in approximately two weeks.
  • After installing the implants, the breast initially becomes very dense, gradually within 9-12 months it acquires softness and naturalness when feeling.

Seams after mammoplasty are almost a separate topic.

A lot of questions:

  1. Treatment with chlorhexidine or miramistin 2-3 times a day. If a gel patch or glue is applied to the seams, processing is not required.
  2. When sutures are removed after mammoplasty - the average healing time is about 7-14 days, it all depends on the particular patient. By the way, after removing the seams, you need to stick special stickers for fixing for a couple of weeks.
  3. If there is a seam discrepancy, you must immediately contact the clinic for suturing.
  4. Scars heal in a standard way, when the crusts come off, you can start applying creams for scars.

  • Asymmetry of the breast after enlargement a rare phenomenon, has various formation factors: sleep on the stomach, early exercise and sports, removal of compression underwear during the forbidden period, primary slight asymmetry, gel transmission, improper placement of implants.
    Repeated operation to eliminate differences is indicated after a minimum of six months. If there is a reason (inflammation, getting the gel into the tissue), an immediate intervention is prescribed.
  • The appearance of redness around the seam, purulent discharge, fever - are inflammatory and require an immediate visit to the attending doctor.
  • Hematomas around the implant are caused by features of the body or some diseases, in the first couple of days they are removed independently through drainage. In the further occurrence, the patients themselves are guilty of neglecting the rules of the postoperative period, like sports and wearing special underwear. Removal is carried out by selection of a puncture or by means of revision of a wound.
  • Accumulation of serous fluid - requires removal by puncture.
  • Fibrous contracture - the reaction of the body to a foreign body in the tissues. As a rule, the capsule formed around the implant is soft and does not affect the chest. In some cases, the capsule becomes dense, painful, the chest becomes dense and there is a contour or deformation of the form. To eliminate an unpleasant formation, an implant replacement is required.
  • Allergic reaction to the implant.

Some other complications are extremely rare. Any changes in the breast are noticeable at the examination by the surgeon, so do not neglect the health and beauty of the form and skip techniques.

Health directly depends on patients, a call with a question to the clinic will not take much time, but it will allow you to initially consult on a worrying issue before a visit (or maybe instead).

Rehabilitation Rules

Обо всех особенностях периода восстановления и возможных рисках хирург обязан подробно рассказать еще перед операцией.

Но ни один врач не сможет заранее сказать, сколько времени уйдет на реабилитацию. Сроки зависят от индивидуальных особенностей организма женщины.

Тяжелее и дольше наступает выздоровление, если:

  • the size of the implants is too large, the chest skin is stretched while the muscle is under pressure,
  • the prosthesis is under the muscle of the gland, as a result of which its final prolapse occurs only after 3-6 months,
  • the implant is placed through axillary access (axillary region), then discomfort can be observed for more than 10 days.

On average, the main stages of rehabilitation are as follows:

  • on the first day, ice is applied to the chest to reduce swelling,
  • in order to avoid inflammatory processes, a course of antibiotics is mandatory ("Amoxiclav", "Sumamed"),
  • on day 2 after arthroplasty, the pain becomes less intense, painkillers stop taking (Ketanov, Ibuprofen),
  • on day 3, the patient is discharged from the hospital, and she can return to work if she is not associated with difficult working conditions,

Prohibitions after surgery

Any operation implies specific prohibitions for the patient related to the lifestyle during the recovery period. Mammoplasty is no exception.

To maintain health, you must follow simple rules:

  1. At least a week, and if necessary, then more, you can not have sex. This is because the excitement causes severe tension in the chest, which often leads to inflammation and divergence of the sutures.
  2. When the risk of bleeding is still great, you should avoid stress, worries and negative emotions. They speed up the heartbeat, which increases blood pressure.
  3. To prevent pressure sores, swelling does not increase, sleep on the stomach or side is prohibited.

Compression underwear

Immediately after surgery, the chest is pulled by elastic bandages. They fix glands well and reduce swelling. The next day, during the first dressing, the elastic bandages are removed, the wound is treated, a plaster and special compression underwear are put on.

High-quality compression underwear, selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body, makes it easier to postpone the postoperative period and reduce its duration by several weeks.

The composition of compression underwear includes elastane, which allows you to adjust the tension, providing the necessary support and at the same time without squeezing the mammary glands.

The functions of compression garments are as follows:

  • tissue support
  • prevention of seam divergence,
  • removal of edema from soft tissues,
  • giving the mammary glands the necessary shape.

In addition, constant compression stimulates the metabolism and regeneration of the epithelium, so that postoperative wounds heal faster.

Compression underwear should be worn for 3-4 weeks after mammoplasty around the clock, and over the next month it is necessary to wear it for a day and during physical exertion.

After removing the compression underwear, do not immediately put on a chic bra that does not fix the chest. Throughout the year you should wear underwear with a dense base, voluminous cups and wide straps.

Restriction after mammoplasty

At least six months after surgery on the chest, you must adhere to strict restrictions.

In the first weeks, you should abandon long trips, air travel.

In addition, it is important to follow recommendations for proper nutrition, intensity of physical activity and to ensure gentle breast care.

Seam processing

Postoperative sutures must be looked after until a full scar is formed.

Until the sutures are removed, the wound should be treated with antiseptics, which will be recommended by the attending physician. This measure will eliminate the risk of infection in the wound. Suppuration of the postoperative scar will lead to the fact that the recovery period will increase and as a result a rough scar will form.

Suture removal is performed 5-7 days after surgery.

Some specialists prefer the use of absorbable suture material, so the removal of sutures in this case is not required. However, after 5-7 days, a woman will still have to come for a consultation to assess the quality of healing.

An important point in the treatment of seams is the use of special creams. Gel Contratubex stimulates the formation of new epithelial cells, which leads to the formation of a gentle, invisible scar. Use a cream for the regeneration of the epithelium should be after removal of the sutures and wound healing.


After discharge for two weeks, physical activity is prohibited, but regular walks are necessary. Walking prevents new edema from forming.

Simple exercises for the lower body are allowed only after a month. And for the top - after another 2 weeks.

Photo: Rules for lifting things from the floor

They begin to engage in sports with light short loads.

The level of difficulty and intensity of exercise increases gradually.

Perform push-ups, pull-ups, aerobics and jogging do not begin earlier than after 8 weeks.

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To help your body recover faster, it’s important to pay attention to a balanced diet. Food should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In the diet, the presence of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, low-fat meat, eggs and nuts is mandatory.

But you should not forget about the restrictions on food and drink:

  • Do not drink alcohol
  • you need to reduce salt intake,
  • you can’t drink a lot of liquid,
  • smoking is strictly prohibited
  • Do not gain or lose weight.

If all is well, then a cool shower is allowed to take for 4 days.

But you need to avoid overheating of the chest, so the water should in no case be hot.

Touch the glands with caution. During washing, you may need help.

You can’t still raise your hands above your head, so washing your hair yourself is difficult.

Wounds do not need to be rubbed with a washcloth or towel. Dry them easily using a hairdryer. Dressings also need drying.

It is recommended to wear special compression underwear in the first month after mammoplasty around the clock, without taking off even during sleep.

After that, it is replaced with an elastic sports bra, which tightens the chest tightly.

You can return to normal linen no earlier than three months later.

Until the glands take their final shape, it is best not to wear open underwired bodices or push-ups. It is preferable to choose linen made from natural cotton.

Hazards and Complications

Many women experience nipple and breast skin soreness. Some, on the contrary, complain of hypersensitivity.

This condition is not harmful to health and is related to adverse postoperative effects. Over time, sensations return to normal, but in rare cases can remain so forever.

If you do not adhere to restrictions and prohibitions, then there is a risk of complications dangerous to health:

  • the use of a large amount of liquid, alcohol or salt, a visit to a bath or sauna leads to the fact that swelling persists longer or increases,
  • swelling and bruising go slower from overheating of the glands, improper body position during sleep,
  • smoking reduces the level of oxygen in the blood and the ability of cells to recover, which leads to longer healing of tissues,
  • nicotine and alcohol undermine the immune system and increase the likelihood of infections,
  • an undetected infectious process poses a threat to life,
  • intense physical activity increases the risk of opening wounds and causing bleeding,
  • ultraviolet light provokes pigmentation of the joints, after which it is more difficult to get rid of visible marks,
  • weight loss leads to loss of shape and ptosis of the breast,
  • increase - to the formation of stretch marks.

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Useful Tips

To facilitate the postoperative condition, you can use the advice of specialists:

  1. In the first days after surgery, severe pain is possible, and you can not do without painkillers. Discomfort intensifies towards evening and at night. During the day, the dosage of the drug can be reduced, and at night - increase.
  2. Tension from the seams will help remove adhesive tape or special protective strips - strips.
  3. For the treatment of formed scars, it is recommended to lubricate them with gels (for example, “Kontraktubeks”, “Emeran”, “Dermofibrase”). But this can only be done after wounds have been healed and the sutures removed, otherwise the scars will not dissolve but become coarser.
  4. For a long time, a feeling of tension of the skin of the glands persists, especially if the prostheses are large. For relief, you can ask the surgeon to prescribe a special massage. It also promotes speedy recovery, prevents capsular contracture from forming around the prosthesis, and relieves swelling.
  5. In order for swelling to pass faster, it is better to sleep not lying on your back, but rising on 2-3 pillows, in a half-sitting position. This posture reduces pressure on the chest and abdomen, reduces pain.
  6. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the mammary glands can swell, which causes unpleasant sensations. In this case, the antispasmodics prescribed by the doctor will help (for example, No-shpa).
  7. Heavy objects can be carefully lifted after a month only from a sitting position. In this case, the elbows must be placed close to the torso. Such a need arises if there are young children to care for. But all the same, physical exertion is best avoided.
  8. With severe pain in the chest, fever, vomiting, shortness of breath, discharge from wounds, you should immediately consult a doctor. These may be signs of infection.
  9. To avoid stretch marks, a month after the operation, you can use special lotions, gels or serums with the consent of the doctor. This will keep the skin supple and supple. Effective home masks based on mineral clay, essential oils, salon wraps with algae.
  10. If, after healing, the scars are noticeable, then it is easy to get rid of them in the beauty parlor. The specialist will individually select the appropriate method (laser resurfacing, peeling, dermabrasion, radiotherapy).

At first glance, limitations after mammoplasty may seem too strict.

But these measures are very important in order for recovery to come as soon as possible, and the end result will live up to expectations.

The most dangerous period is the first week. After that, a slow but sure recovery begins.

The more responsible the patient will be in compliance with the doctor’s recommendations, the faster she will return to her previous lifestyle.

Preventive massage after surgery

Breast massage for women with implants should be done continuously. It will prevent the formation of connective tissue around the endoprosthesis and the appearance of stretch marks.

When you can start doing massage, the doctor will say. Also, the surgeon will tell the patient techniques for massage that will not harm the chest and increase efficiency.

How long does the rehabilitation period last

The duration of the rehabilitation period after breast plastic surgery depends both on the type of operation and on the quality of the recommendations.

We highlight the following points of the rehabilitation period:

  • A return to normal life usually occurs after 2-3 weeks.
  • The appearance of the breast is restored after 1.5-2 months, when bruises and swelling go away.
  • The rehabilitation period is considered only after the restoration of the mammary glands. This is observed after 6 months, when the final effect of mammoplasty is recorded.
  • It is believed that the breast tissue itself is completely restored a year after the installation of implants.

Recommendations of doctors

Among other recommendations that should be followed in the postoperative period, we note:

  • Constant use of special creams. This is necessary so that the breast tissue receives a sufficient amount of nutrients and does not stretch.
  • You can not take a shower before the healing of a postoperative wound, otherwise you can bring an infection.
  • The first time (7 days) after surgery, you should sleep on your back, then on your side and only after a month you can lie on your stomach.
  • At the end of the recovery period, you should gradually return to sports.

The main recommendation is compliance with all the advice of a doctor. Only the attending doctor knows the characteristics of the patient, and only he can explain all the nuances of a favorable recovery after surgery.

Losing weight after

Doctors do not recommend losing weight after mammoplasty. The size of the implant is selected depending on the proportions of the body, the initial breast size and the volume of soft tissues.

Small mammary glands do not allow the installation of large implants, because they will be contoured and the breast will take an unnatural shape. With a large amount of adipose tissue, a woman has the opportunity to install large implants that will look natural.

When losing weight from the chest, fat deposits are among the first to go. This will cause the implant to contour and immediately make the breast unnatural. Moreover, this can serve as an impetus for the development of complications, in particular, the proliferation of connective tissue around the implant (capsular contracture).

In this regard, plastic surgeons recommend that women lose weight before surgery, and after breast enlargement, follow a diet and avoid sudden changes in weight.

How long do implants last? Do I need to change them?

It is believed that modern implants have a lifespan and do not need to be changed. However, 10 years after the operation, half of the women need to be repeated and the quality of the implants does not play a role here. Over time, the soft tissues undergo changes, become thinner and the endoprosthesis begins to contour. Connective tissue develops around the implant, which requires repeated surgery.

When can I return to normal life (stress, intimate life, swimming)?

You can fly a plane within 7-10 days after the operation. Heavy sports should be excluded for at least 3 months, and light physical exercises are allowed after 3-5 weeks, depending on the condition. It is recommended to swim and visit the sauna no earlier than 3 months later.

Intimate life should be ruled out at least a month after breast augmentation. During arousal, blood flow to the tissues of the gland increases, which will lead to an increase in edema and slow recovery.

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Recovery after breast augmentation surgery is a long process. In order to significantly reduce the likelihood of complications, a woman must steadily comply with all the recommendations of the surgeon.

The final result depends on how the patient will behave for the first few months.