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How to learn telepathy


Telepathy (or, as it is also called, “mental suggestion”, “suggestion at a distance”, “biological information”) is a special form of communication between people or other living beings, expressed in the direct (without the participation of the sensory organs known to us) influence of the nervous mental processes of one being on the neuropsychic processes of another. The very Greek word "telepathy" means "feeling at a distance."

There are two types of telepathy: spontaneous, i.e. arising spontaneously in everyday life, and experimental, caused in subjects as a result of specially set experience.

Cases of spontaneous telepathy have been known since ancient times: they are described in fiction (L. Kuprin “Olesya”, L. Feuchtwanger “The Lautensack Brothers”, R. Rolland “Jean Christophe”, etc.), and also served as the subject of many oral stories. In 1982 in London was founded the "Society for the study of mysterious phenomena in the psyche." These days, cases of spontaneous telepathy are also being scrutinized, especially if they are documented or reported by a trustworthy person.

Telepathy includes two elements: receiving and sending mental information. It, as mentioned above, can be spontaneous and intentional. Suppose your spouse accidentally falls on the stairs, breaks his leg and is unable to move. She screams: "Help!". At the same time, it sends a powerful stream of energy that carries the same information. At work, the image of a spouse pleading for help suddenly pops up in your mind. You understand that misfortune happened, rush home and have time just in time.

This example will be the phenomenon of so-called spontaneous telepathy. Scientists believe that your consciousness and the consciousness of people close to you are supposedly tuned to the same wave. That is why relatives feel your condition like that. But I want to make a reservation, not only native blood feels native blood, there are cases when you feel that something is amiss with our friend or good acquaintance. In general, I believe that just loving a person is enough to know what is happening to him.

Arbitrary or otherwise intentional telepathy occurs when you and another person transmit mental messages to each other.

You can train your telepathy abilities. But before I tell you what methods of training exist, it’s worth talking about what are the rules for those who want to become a telepathist.

1. Telepathic abilities can only be used for the benefit of people. Using them for evil entails the suffering of the telepath and the object of his influence.

2. A person using telepathic abilities must be able to accumulate prana and have a sufficiently large supply of it in the nervous system.

3. It is necessary to be healthy both physically and mentally.

4. A positive attitude must constantly be present in your life. You need to convince yourself that in the world that you perceive with the help of the ordinary senses, everything is in the best condition, and if something absurd happens, then the time is not far off when it will disappear.

5. You need to be able to control yourself in any conditions.

6. To be able to relax, to release the body from tension is no less important than to be able to concentrate, direct and send energy to individual parts of the body or to the external environment.

The first time you need to engage in a separate room with complete silence. The room should have normal humidity, it is advisable to clean or close the water tanks, since water is an active absorber of radio waves (Patlakh VV “Training of telepathic capabilities”). Of course, you can agree with him about the “radio wave absorber”, but to be honest, I train in the bathroom (!), And the water remains on.

It is recommended to use the following yoga poses: Sukhasana - a pleasant pose, Siddhasana - a yoga adaption pose, Vajarasana - a diamond pose, Padmasana - a lotus pose.

And now we will directly proceed to the exercises.

1. Exercise. "The direction of prana to a person who is out of sight."

This exercise must be performed continuously.

Sit in one of the comfortable poses - a diamond, half-nose, or just on a chair. Remember one of your well-known friends, communication with whom and the memory of which you are always pleasant.

Your train of thought is rational, but emotional coloring is not excluded.

Now think that you can do good for the person you are thinking about, how you could help him. Think, search until you feel a slight chill in the back (tightness in the chest, chills in the whole body or the sensation that a strange warm wave has passed all over your body). Such a feeling will mean that success has been achieved.

2. Exercise. "Perception of certain information."

First you need to clearly articulate a definition of the information you are interested in from a field of knowledge that you never had any idea about. Having done all necessary for the full or partial release of consciousness, direct the thought to what you know about this object, holding it firmly in consciousness. Whenever possible, try to become aware of the process of flickering new thoughts in your field that will enrich your knowledge of the subject. In no case should not be allowed to "scatter" thoughts around the subject. Feeling a slight fatigue, slowly, gradually weaken your attention, do a cleansing breath. Tell yourself to sleep.

3. Exercise "development of telepathic capabilities."

1) One person (sender) looks at the card and concentrates all his attention, trying to transfer its image to another person (recipient).

2) The recipient makes a mark on the sheet relative to the received image.

3) When the deck ends, the sender and the recipient compare their results.

4) Then they change places. In order for everyone to feel like a sender and a recipient.

Some people are better at sending images, some are better at receiving, some are doing both with the same success. I will say to myself that I am more successful in transmitting images than in accepting them. Try yourself in this new lesson, it is quite exciting and useful.

You can use another image for sending, it can be images of animal people, objects.

You can also come up with countless similar exercises yourself to develop telepathic capabilities. Feel free to use your imagination.

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