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The way you hold hands will tell the future of your relationship


Sometimes our actions speak louder than words about our close relationships.

When we hold hands, it gives us a sense of trust and a special connection with a person.

A simple gesture such as touching your hands can even reduce pain.

Often we hold hands without thinking, and this can tell a lot about how you feel about this person.

Sign language in a relationship

1. Palms pointing down

This is one of the most common ways to hold hands. Usually the one whose palm is pointing down plays a dominant role in the relationship.

It can also be interpreted as a protective gesture characteristic of men. They often resort to him, holding their partner's hand when they cross the road or pass through the crowd.

2. Threaded fingers

Pairs that intertwine fingers when holding hands tend to have a deep connection. They are no longer connected simply by physical attraction to each other, but by deeper feelings.

Thus, partners show how much they care about each other. They are able to show their weaknesses and be honest with each other.

3. Finger grip

When a partner leads you by the finger, this can mean several things.

Perhaps you are both independent individuals with your own interests and hobbies outside your relationship.

It is more likely, however, that you prefer to spend time alone and try to maintain your personality, but in general you have strong and confident relationships.

4. Hold on to the little fingers

When you hold on to one finger, this is an easy and laid-back way to communicate with your partner.

Although this method does not seem so intimate, it can be very romantic and playful.

In most cases, your partner holds on to one of your fingers, as if flirting with you.

Psychology of gestures in relationships

Also, as in the case of interlocked fingers, this position brings you closer to your partner, creating a loving and intimate connection.

This is no longer just a way to hold hands. In the case when the partner, as it were, wraps around you, he makes a protective, but laid-back gesture.

If you throw your hand over your shoulder, this means that you are proud of your relationship and are ready to protect your partner from any dangers.

6. Passive capture

With this method, you gently but firmly cover your partner’s hand with your palm or vice versa.

None of you are attached to relationships, and each of you has well-established rules and boundaries.

This is a great way to add tenderness and gentleness to a relationship without showing the relationship to everyone else.

This is one of the most regal gestures that can often be seen in wedding photographs. It demonstrates the vitality of relationships, but also strong and mutual protection.

A woman’s hand looks small and elegant in her partner’s strong hand.

There is a very healthy relationship between you, full of respect for each other, based on trust and adoration.

8. Free weave

This is one of the most confident ways to hold hands. It means that you and your partner trust each other completely and have reached the stage of emotional stability.

Although outwardly this interweaving seems relaxed, it gives you the opportunity to closely stroke the hand of a partner and at the same time passionately attract you to yourself.

9. Wrist grip

Outwardly, such a gesture seems slightly aggressive, demanding and self-confident.

However, all this is not true. On the contrary, you not only bind your palms, but also the lower part of your hands.

This gesture is more intimate and passionate and speaks of an urgent need to be together.

10. Girth with both hands

If a partner wants to completely grab your palm with his own hands, experiencing full bodily contact, this indicates his need for a very deep connection with you.

Weak fingers

This method shows that your relationship is emotionally stable and you fully trust the partner. So you show others that you are in a relationship, while leaving personal space — you respect each other's feelings and individuality.

Palm to palm

A fairly common method that shows who dominates in a relationship. The one whose palm is pointing down takes a leadership position and wants to bear responsibility in a relationship. For men, this method is characteristic when they want to protect or reassure.

Threaded fingers

You are bound by much deeper feelings than just physical attraction. You try to be honest with each other, while not hiding your weaknesses and weaknesses. Your relationship is built on trust and mutual care.

One finger grip

Your relationship is at the stage of flirting and playfulness. You are only studying each other and are in a romantic mood without serious obligations. This method is characteristic at the stage of falling in love.when there is still no deep spiritual intimacy.

Random touch

When you walk next to each other, your hands sometimes touch, but you don’t hold hands — one of you gives a non-verbal signal of sympathy. But more often such relationships do not go beyond friendship and affection and do not indicate proximity.

Hold on to fingers

He who holds the fingers shows his respect and devotion and shows his willingness to defend. The one whose hand is held shows full confidence. This way of holding hands demonstrates healthy and strong relationships.