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How to enable activex in windows 10


Asset X is a platform that helps identify the elements of utilities that can be used. Typically, these components are written in different programming languages. It was created specifically for distributing software over the global network.

This platform was introduced in 1996 by Microsoft. It is still widely used on Windows, although it is not tied to it.

Using this platform applications are being createdthat can work through a browser, through a client-server application. This platform is most often used by attackers, forcing, using controls, an inexperienced user, to download an application that is not recommended or infected with viruses to their computer.

Asset X consists of many components - buttons, windows, lists, etc., as well as uses such languageslike Delphi, C ++, .NetFramework and others that have support for the Component Object model.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main disadvantage technology is that means to use it owns browser onlyExplorer. And also there is no possibility of implementing this technology in public networks of the World Wide Web.

However there are advantages. ActiveX is increasingly being developed on intranets. In Asset X there are a lot of control tools for solving many problems, building full-featured diagrams, data tables.

What is the difference between Java and Active X

In principle, above we examined the main differences between the platform and java applets. The fact is that solving many problems with Java means would require tremendous efforts from the application developer, while using Active X technology everything is solved much faster.

Another difference of this technology is that the role of ActiveX on the Java virtual machine will be performed by any Java utility. It will be simultaneously opened independently and at the same time serve as one of the components for the platform.

Dangers of use

This platform does not introduce no limits on actions of control elements. Instead, each element should stand Developer Signature, which agrees not to include viruses and the like in the distributed utility. Therefore, if the user downloaded the component to his computer without a signature, which destroyed his system, all the blame rests entirely on his shoulders.

How to install ActiveX (for Internet Explorer)

You need to open Internet Explorer, and there go to any website using this technology. Then the user will be asked about the need to install platform elements. If you click on the inscription at the top of the page, then in the context menu there will be a request - Install ActiveX Control. Pressing the button will install the component.

ActiveX cannot be downloaded for Windows 7, 8, 10 officially because they are built into Internet Explorer.

ActiveX Controls in Internet Explorer

ActiveX controls are some kind of small application with which sites can display video content as well as games. On the one hand, they help the user interact with such content on web pages, and on the other hand, ActiveX controls can be harmful, because sometimes they may not work correctly, and other users can use them to collect information about your PC, to damage Your data and other malicious actions. Therefore, the use of ActiveX should be justified in any browser, including Internet Explorer.

Next, we will talk about how you can make changes to the ActiveX settings for Internet Explorer 11 and how to filter controls in this browser.

How to enable or disable Active X in Internet Explorer

Now go to the “Service” tab and open “Internet Options».

Then go to the “Security” tab and click on the “Other».

Scroll in the window that appears until you see the menu “ItemsActiveX". Then click on the circles as shown in the figure below.

After these changes, it is recommended to restart a computer.

ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 7)

Filtering controls in Internet Explorer 11 allows you to prevent the installation of suspicious applications and prevent sites from using these programs. To filter ActiveX, you must complete the following steps.

It is worth noting that when you filter ActiveX, some interactive site content may not be displayed

  • Open Internet Explorer 11 and click the Gear icon in the upper right corner (or Alt + X). Then, in the menu that opens, select the Security item and click on ActiveX Filtering. If everything worked out, then a checkmark will appear next to this list item.

Accordingly, if you need to disable filtering of controls, this flag will need to be unchecked.

You can also remove ActiveX filtering for specific sites only. To do this, you need to perform such actions.

  • Open the site for which you want to enable ActiveX
  • In the address bar, click on the filter icon
  • Next, click the Disable ActiveX Filtering button.

Configure ActiveX Settings in Internet Explorer 11

  • In Internet Explorer 11, click the Gear icon in the upper right corner (or Alt + X) and select Internet Options

  • In the Browser Properties window, go to the Security tab and click the Other ... button

  • In the Options window, find ActiveX Controls and their modules

  • Make the settings as you wish. For example, to enable the Auto Query ActiveX Controls option and click Enable

It is worth noting that if you are unable to change the settings of ActiveX controls, you must enter the password of the administrator of the PC

Due to the increased security, Internet Explorer 11 is not allowed to run ActiveX controls, but if you are confident in the site, you can always change these settings.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

Security Settings

In addition to the filter, you can adjust the security settings and determine for yourself which program the computer will download and which one you prohibit. To do this, go to the browser properties and security tab.

Using the slider in the menu "Security level for this zone»You can set the appropriate level.

Technology in other browsers

AT Opera This technology is not supported. But there is a special plugin OperaActiveXplugin, with which you can install this platform in the Opera browser.

Also in the Google store specifically for the browser GoogleChrome There is an IETab application that you need to download and run. Then ActiveX technology will work in this browser.

To install the platform on Mozilla Firefox, it is also recommended to download the IETab application. Since Active X has no built-in platforms, all of these browsers except IE.

You can check if support really worked on a special page - if the calendar is displayed, then everything works.

Why do these items work only with Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer is a standard browser for Internet surfing, which comes “packaged” with the Windows operating system. The peculiarity of his work is that he uses the same files as the OS itself, which means that IE and Windows OS are closely related to each other. All this allows you to speed up the tool for surfing and create minimal load on the system.

ActiveX requires the same files that IE uses to work properly so that component codes are processed directly by the system. Yes, it is difficult to imagine, especially for novice users, but this is how this system works.

How to fix ActiveX errors

If the site constantly gives an error that the loading of the Active X component has not been completed, then you must first try to restart it using buttonsCtrl+F5. If that doesn't work, then add it to the safe. How this is done was shown above. Or go to the service - browser properties - click on the “other” button and find “Active X Elements” then scroll through them and mark them, which are indicated in the figure below:

If the error "Internet Explorer blocked an attempt to install ActiveX" pops up, then try lower security browser or do the following steps, which are shown in the figure below.

Open IE browser properties, go to security and click “Other”, find the item “Active X elements” and check the box “ЗActiveX controls and plug-ins».

Detailed installation instructions

In order to install ActiveX controls, you need to perform a number of operations in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open IE, look for the “Service” drop-down list in the program menu and open “Internet Options”:
  2. Next, we will see a properties window where we need to go to the "Security" tab, find the "Other" button at the bottom and click it. After carrying out these actions, a window of security settings will appear in front of you.
  3. Now you need to scroll down this list until you see the menu "ActiveX Elements and Connection Modules", after which you need to set the items according to the picture:
  4. After all these actions, click “OK” in all windows and restart IE. It is recommended that you restart your computer altogether. This completes the installation of elements.

Internet Explorer, despite all the negative feedback about it, is a pretty good tool for surfing the Internet. However, remember that it requires the configuration and installation of additional components, including ActiveX.

Install Activex in Internet Explorer

ActiveX is a specialized components, which are separate programs and applications that allow consumers to create sites of any complexity. The element can only be embedded in one browser - Internet Explorer. Specifically, the component consists of many specific applications, which can be launched only in one of the previously specified Internet browsers. Despite the fact that most modern users of the World Wide Web complain about slow loading and not the best Explorer functionality, the built-in elements can provide many advantages in work, so you need to know how to enable

Elements of the program can be launched in the Internet browser itself

Internet Explorer is the only browser that does not require additional installation. The software product intended for Internet surfing is installed on the user's computer in conjunction with the Windows OS. Its advantage over other typical programs is the use at the time of operations of files that the operating system “takes”. The joint work of Internet Explorer and Windows eliminates errors that may occur during the operation of other standard utilities. In fact, this relationship significantly speeds up the work of the web browser, while minimizing the load on the system.

Before you enable a custom component, you should be aware that certain files that are identical to those used by Internet Explorer 11 help to eliminate or fix errors in the tool’s operation. Observance of this simple condition causes direct processing of the codes of the embedded component by the operating system.

Pros and cons of the introduced product

If you install, the user of the software product will be able to:

  • create various software applications in several languages,
  • do not waste time on additional installation of many additional applications, since the components of the product are able to run directly in the web browser itself,
  • use in work a huge number of modern components that use this frame.

The main drawback of the add-in is its main advantage, since the programs used in the process of processing codes draw resources from the OS itself. In this case, various errors may appear, which are not always possible to be corrected safely.

Before you install on your computer, a consumer should know that this component is often used by hackers and unscrupulous programmers to create viruses with malicious codes.

Application installation

You can install the component in Internet Explorer 11 in just a few minutes. To do this, first open the main browser window, find the request "Site" in the list of tabs. Users will be notified of the need to additionally install program elements. To add a software product, the user will be shown the place to be subsequently clicked on. Further it is necessary to carry out several simple procedures.

In the open web browser window, you need to find the main menu in which there is the word “Service”, click on “Internet Options”. After that, the corresponding window with the properties will open. On the "Security" tab, you must press the "Other" button, located at the very bottom of the list.

A huge list of security options with many different actions will be displayed in the security settings window open before the user. In the list you need to find the "ActiveX Elements" and enable them.

After agreeing to all the manipulations carried out by the system, confirm everything with the OK button and restart the web browser. A complete reboot of the operating system will help correct possible errors.


Installing an Activex application in a browser is quite simple, even an inexperienced user who is just starting to understand the operating principle of the OS and embedded components can handle this. It should be noted that Explorer 11 is considered a very effective tool for Internet surfing. To optimize and establish its smooth operation will help the installation of additional programs and applications.

Installing ActiveX on Windows 7

ActiveX is enabled by default in Windows, starting with the "seven". However, it happens that for some reason it stops working and users have to look for how to install Activex on windows 7.

Group Policy Editor

Another way to activate the scripting module for web pages is to use the Group Policy Editor.

  1. Open "Start" and enter the query "gpedit.msc" in the search bar.
  2. Launch the policy editor and go to Local Computer Policy → Computer Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Active X Installation Service.
  3. Find the “Installation Policy” item and right-click on it. Select "Change."
  4. Specify the Enable value and click OK.

If you want to specify specific web pages where ActiveX components are allowed to work, right-click on “Websites Allowed for Installation” and select “Change”.

Set it to Enable, and then click the Show button in the URLs field.

Enter the resource URLs and click OK to save them.

Download from the site

Sometimes you can install controls by the specific site you are visiting. Check that the page clearly says for what purpose you must add the required components.

If you doubt the decency of the site owners and are afraid that you will install malicious applications instead of controls, then it is better to immediately abandon this venture so that you do not have to remove viruses from your computer later.

Ensure that Active X components are provided to you on behalf of the verified resource. Simply put, if a site requires the installation of controls for the correct operation, then it must be the program supplier.

If you are sure that you are using a trusted portal that provides you with correctly working software, then accept the installation by clicking the “Install” button.

ActiveX - what is it? How to install an ActiveX control?

Today, if not everyone, then certainly the vast majority of users of modern computer systems know, or at least have heard, about the concept of ActiveX. What is it and why such technologies are used, we will try to figure it out. Let's look at the most basic aspects, without particularly going into technical issues.

ActiveX: what is it? Simple concepts

In order not to load an unprepared user with unnecessary technical terms, consider ActiveX technologies so that everyone understands. Actually, ActiveX elements are small programs from which a programmer or site creator, as blocks, can make up a lot of interesting designs.

Initially, it was believed that such elements (also called add-ons) were used exclusively to add certain additional features to certain World Wide Web resources and were supported only by a native Windows browser called Internet Explorer (using programs in different languages ​​in one browser regardless of the development environment).

This is partly true. However, now there are a lot of other control elements that can also be attributed to ActiveX technologies. What is it? The simplest example is the addition in the form of a Flash player from Macromedia Corporation, which stood at the origins of its creation.

Today it is the most common Adobe ActiveX Player plugin, or rather Adobe Flash Player, which can integrate into almost all browsers known today. Кроме корпорации Adobe, принявшей эстафету у Macromedia, существует еще очень много разработчиков аналогичных плагинов, но их продукция, по сравнению с этим уникальным плеером, не идет ни в какое сравнение, и поэтому является просто невостребованной.

Впрочем, и программами в обычном понимании такие элементы назвать очень трудно, ведь запустить их классическим способом (двойным кликом) просто невозможно. Их встроенные коды выполняются как раз-таки в средах интернет-браузеров.

The main area of ​​use of ActiveX controls (Windows 7, 8, etc.)

To make it clearer, we will consider several basic aspects of the use of such technologies. For example, they allow, as already mentioned, to integrate audio or video players into the site. In other words, you can listen to music or watch a clip directly on the site.

Note, as a rule, the program itself with the shell on the resource is not shown. Instead, either sound redirection to the audio system of the computer system is used, or a special window for viewing video is opened. It turns out that the element itself (add-in) works as if in the background, hidden from the eyes of the user or visitor to the site.

The same goes for online games. Here one of the key roles is played by the Framework platform (4th or any other version). Here it must be said that the .NET Framework is a unique development of Microsoft Corporation. However, Adobe ActiveX technologies in this case also supplement the main platform and are responsible for opening or playing multimedia elements. This combination allows you to use various elements that were originally written in different programming languages ​​(C ++, Delphi, Visual Basic, etc.).

In addition, the presence of the same "Framework 4" element (or higher - 4.5) is a prerequisite for the work of many constructive or control elements of sites, even in offline mode.

The difference between Java applets and ActiveX controls

Many people mistakenly attribute Java applets to ActiveX controls. Yes, indeed, they are very similar, but there is one main difference.

The fact is that constructs created using the Java language work on any platform and in any operating systems, while ActiveX has a narrow focus exclusively on Microsoft software products.

Caution! Viruses!

Unfortunately, there are so many viruses that masquerade as elements such as Adobe Flash ActiveX on the network. In this regard (since during use each element is downloaded directly to the browser, and therefore to the computer), it is recommended to take into account some security measures.

The fact is that most users never really read messages about the offer to download and use this or that element and simply agree by clicking the "OK" button. This is fraught with consequences.

We should also say that in most cases, even full-time antiviruses or Internet defenders are not always able to recognize such threats. So the installation of the same plugins in the form of Flash ActiveX should be done from official sources, roughly speaking, from the developer's site, which guarantees complete security in using this or that add-on.

Enabling and disabling ActiveX in Internet Explorer

Now a few words about how to properly configure the use of such add-ons in Internet Explorer.

First you need to call the browser properties menu from the Control Panel or the service section in the browser itself, and then go to the security settings. At the bottom there is a button for the “Other” security level. By clicking on it, we get into the ActiveX settings menu.

So God forbid not to catch any infection from the Internet, you need to disable the download of unsigned and the use of elements marked unsafe. Ideally, you should use the element loading mode at the "Suggest" level.

General Security Settings

Do not forget about another remedy. This is a firewall, also called a firewall. As expected, it also has its own default security settings, however, suppose online game lovers can add some executable plugins to the so-called exclusion list. Again, only under the condition of complete and absolute confidence in their safety, as well as the absence of viruses on the sites from where they are downloaded.

And disabling the firewall, as some developers recommend doing for the correct operation of an online application or game, is not recommended at all. And after all, many complain, they say, a conflict arises between the application and the firewall. But disconnect, and the consequences can not be avoided. In this case, no proactive protection from the anti-virus will help.

Using ActiveX Technologies in Other Browsers

The time when such add-ons were designed only for Internet Explorer, are irrevocably gone. Judge for yourself, because today Adobe ActiveX technology in the form of a Flash player is used in almost all browsers and even, so to speak, is an integral part of them.

Without this, it is impossible to imagine the full use of the capabilities of any Internet resource, be it music, video, three-dimensional graphics, games, online programs, etc.

However, if you look, by and large, of all the currently known ActiveX elements and downloadable plug-ins, it is most appropriate to use only a Flash player, since almost all other add-ons and elements, to put it mildly, are either simply unnecessary or cause quite big doubts about them security. After all, if you give permission to install a dubious element in the browser, you can only achieve that immediately there will be a gap in the security system, and that it will be used by viruses, trojans, worms, malicious codes or spyware.

And the most sad thing is that in most browsers there are not even settings for managing ActiveX controls, and the Windows settings used by third-party browsers have absolutely nothing to do. In other words, they do not apply to browsers.