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Features of the development of girls aged six


It’s hard to go to sixth grade. Specialty tests and large projects. Many people find this transition a bit difficult. But following some rules and advice, you can survive, and even enjoy, being in the wilds of the sixth grade. In fact, this is somewhat funny when you know what to do. Find friends, take a locker, put a code on it and become more responsible, as this is what the government is doing to help us. But remember that you do not need to change yourself for the sake of someone! So girls, read on!

Line of conduct: the right choice

At 6 years old girls, unlike boys, they already have the right to free choice of behavior. Parents allow them an order of magnitude more than they would allow a boy, relying primarily on the adequacy and responsibility of the girl, which should be an example to follow.

Using this freedom, a six-year-old baby tries to play different roles, choosing the right one for herself and watching the reaction of her parents.


Girls at school are much easier than boys - this is a fact. In the first grade, they usually have a great desire to study, be diligent and diligent, so that teachers and parents praise them. Six-year-old girls calmly and attentively listen to the teacher in the classroom, manifest themselves as focused and accurate students.

In contrast from boys, babies at 6 years old are famous for impeccable performance. They easily solve typical school tasks on the model, due to which they have the opportunity to improve their academic performance and excel in the eyes of teachers and classmates. At the same time, when it comes to solving logic problems and finding innovative solutions, a child may have difficulties.

In order to study well, it is extremely important for girls to maintain an emotional connection with the teacher. They really need the approving views and nods of the teacher when explaining the material. Focusing on his reaction, girls better absorb material.

Girls development at this age has its own characteristics, by virtue of which they demonstrate increased diligence and suggestibility. Six-year-old babies perfectly remember everything that they heard, can reproduce information on demand, but they also quickly forget it.

At school, girls of this age seek support from adults in cases where they consider themselves vulnerable. This means that it is extremely important for the girl to draw the teacher’s attention to the mistakes of her classmates so that everyone around her is as good as she is. The emotional development of a child at this age reaches its climax.

About friendships

Six-year-old girls in friendship prefer girls over boys. The thing is that the development of boys and girls at this age has some differences, so in the company of the same ones as themselves, the little ones feel more comfortable and safer. They are happy to discuss each other's secrets, support and help girlfriends, and generally value friendships very much.

There are often situations when one of the friends is completely dependent on the other, sensitively perceiving her emotions, desires. In this case, the six-year-old can survive real stress if a friend refuses friendship with her in favor of another girl.

It is important for parents to understand that the mental development of a baby at the age of 6 has its own nuances, and the strengthening of friendly ties at this stage plays an important role. In the event of problems arising from friendship, you need to try to help the girl out of the situation without stress, self-confidence and ready to establish friendly contacts in the future.

It may seem that talking about love at age 6 is inappropriate. In fact, the development of little princesses already allows them to talk, think and dream about boys - so far in a completely innocent sense, but still. That is why it is so important for parents to show sensitivity and understanding in response to the baby's feelings for a boy from class or from the yard. Relationships in children at this age if possible, they are the embodiment of innocence and are limited to friendship and the periodic exchange of gifts.

If the girl has her first love affair, then parents need to be prepared for the fact that, perhaps, the first disappointment, drama, will follow. In this case, you will definitely need to talk heart-to-heart with the baby, without ridicule and reproach, to explain that a bad experience is also an experience and that someday she will definitely meet her prince.

On the role of mother in the life of a child

If until now the functions of the mother were limited only to affection and care, then by the age of 6, the mother will need to choose a role for herself, thanks to which she will be able to grow a strong and confident woman from a tender child. So the most suitable roles for the mother of a six-year-old girl are:

A girlfriend is exactly the role that will help to establish a close emotional connection with the baby. For girls at this age, it is really important instead of reproaches to hear words of support that will strengthen their confidence that they are loved, no matter what. The mom will trust the girlfriend not only at a tender age, but also when she becomes a teenager, and then an adult girl.

Counselor is also quite an interesting and promising role. Such mothers take responsibility for the life of their daughter and try to delve into her experiences in order to give useful advice. Choosing the role of counselor for herself, mother should not abuse the trust of the child, imposing her opinion even on trifles.

Controller - usually this role is played on the mothers of girls with a masterful and stubborn character. In this case, the mother’s task is to control her daughter, not allowing her to make mistakes, both in school and in communication with peers.

Mistress - in this role, mothers will be especially useful for girls, as they will be taught to be tidy, homely and responsible. With a hostess mother for a baby at the age of 6, it will not be a problem to clean her shoes, make sandwiches for school or wash dishes after dinner.

Dad and six-year-old daughter: how are the relations

From birth to the end of life, dad plays a special role in the life of a child - for a baby, he is the main man. It is in communication with dad that the daughter forms herself conscious of herself as a future woman. Analyzing daddy's dignity, the baby from the age of 6 begins to paint for herself the image of the ideal man whom she would like to see next to herself.

It is very important for girls to hear from dad words of approval, compliments, and bathe in his admiration. Thus, they will be able to realize themselves as harmonious, holistic and successful individuals. A girl getting enough dad's affection, love and care will surely grow up an open, kind and caring wife and mother.

Sport in the life of a six year old baby

Physical development should occupy a special place in the life of a six-year-old child. It is not necessary to think that sports sections are the lot of boys, and girls need to focus on the development of creative abilities. In order for the baby to grow up healthy, purposeful and active, at 6 years old she just needs to attend circles and sections where she can strengthen not only her body, but also her will.

Right will send the child to the section to which she really has an interest. If the baby has not decided, it is possible, after observing her for some time, to identify the presence of tendencies to a particular sport. Alternatively, you can arrange a six-year-old in a section where her classmates or friends have already signed up.

Traditional at this age for girls are dancing, gymnastics, tennis, swimming. If the baby is crazy about "male" sports, then you do not need to limit her. Let him try his hand at the basketball, football, handball or volleyball sections. The main thing is that training should be a joy for the child.

In conclusion, we note that the development of a girl at the age of 6 really has its own characteristics, especially when it comes to psychology. But it’s not difficult for parents to cope with all the pitfalls in raising a baby if they show tact, patience and attention. By tracking physical and psycho-emotional development, it will be possible to make adjustments to education.